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International Native American Flute Association

The mission of INAFA is to encourage the primary continuation ...
Score: 16.33 Category: Music\Instruments

Native American Flute Making Classes

Classes teach students to build a Native American flute tuned ...
Score: 15.56 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

American Indian ceremonial pipes and sculpture

Traditional Native American art by Choctaw artist, Argus Dowdy
Score: 15.05 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Nighteagle Flute Company

Modern techniques are employed when making Nighteagle flutes in order ...
Score: 15.03 Category: Music

Raye, Marina

Native American flute music by the artist referred to as ...
Score: 14.60 Category: Music\Styles

Native American Playwrights

Site provides information on Contemporary Native American Theatre and an ...
Score: 14.34 Category: Literature\Cultural

Mirabal, Robert

Performer, songwriter, flutist, vocalist, drummer and author from the Taos ...
Score: 14.23 Category: Music\Styles

Donald Ahdunko

Traditional recordings of Native American music.
Score: 14.11 Category: Music\Styles

Native Roots

An Albuquerque based Native American reggae band dedicated to the ...
Score: 14.03 Category: Music\Styles

Native Art Network

Native American fine arts of the United States and Canada ...
Score: 14.01 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Native American Mysteries

Reviews of Native American-themed mystery novels written in the style ...
Score: 13.75 Category: Literature\Genres

Jim Tomeo - Native American Art

Jewelry, Sculpture, Paintings, and Traditional Indian Arts.
Score: 13.53 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal


A collection of Traditional Native American pottery. Sorted by nations, ...
Score: 13.53 Category: Crafts\Ceramic Art and Pottery

Bruce Barry

Native American artist. Colourful Traditional icons and mixed media paintings.
Score: 13.53 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Native American Indian History

A collection of links to Native American etext.
Score: 13.49 Category: Literature\Genres

Dustyn Medicine Wolf

Traditional Native American dance and music performances, history, stories, and ...
Score: 13.26 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Anderson, Jack

Crying Raven Studio - Paintings, including murals, and prints of ...
Score: 13.19 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Annual Native American Art Show

Featuring the artwork of Native American artists from Montana and ...
Score: 13.09 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Electronic Text Center: Native Americans

Largest collection of 19th- and 20th-century Native American literature available ...
Score: 12.98 Category: Literature\Cultural

International Native American Flute Association

The mission of INAFA is to foster the preservation, appreciation ...
Score: 12.91 Category: Music\Musicology

Andrews Pueblo Pottery

Traditional Native American art: katsinas, pots, Zuni fetish carvings, baskets, ...
Score: 12.87 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

WindDancer, Ed

Native American flutist, Traditional dancer and storyteller. Site offers musical ...
Score: 12.87 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Oyate Native American Music

Music clips of Native American pieces that have been performed ...
Score: 12.85 Category: Music\Styles

Art of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest Coast

Traditional and contemporary Native American totem and wildlife art.
Score: 12.73 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Spirit Songs Native American Flutes

Hand-crafted Native American flutes. Includes a brief history of flutes, ...
Score: 12.71 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Nakoma's Native American Arts and Crafts

Native American creator of art prints and crafts.
Score: 12.69 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Native American Jewelry-Fetishes-Pottery

Traditional art from Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico. Featuring the Weahkee ...
Score: 12.63 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Spotted Eagle, Douglas

Native American flute player and performer. World renowned as a ...
Score: 12.57 Category: Music\Styles

Native American Creation Stories

An introduction to, and collection of, Native American creation myths; ...
Score: 12.56 Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales


Contemporary Fine Art, Artifacts, Traditional Native American Art available for ...
Score: 12.43 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Aoki, Brenda Wong

Storyteller and performer of original as well as Traditional Native ...
Score: 12.39 Category: Performing Arts\Storytelling

Native Origins

Information on Native American arts, crafts, poetry and protests.
Score: 12.29 Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales

Yahoo! Groups: Native Ar

Native American mythology, folklore and stories.
Score: 12.28 Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales

Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers

An organization for Indigenous Native American and non-Native writers, storytellers, ...
Score: 12.27 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Eagle Dancer Gallery

Texas retailer of Native American and Native-themed art and jewelry.
Score: 12.23 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

American Passages - Unit 1. Native Voices: Authors

Unit 1 of American Passages Literary Survey: Native Voices syllabus. ...
Score: 12.12 Category: Literature\Authors

Reading into Native American writers (

Article with section on Alexie's views on "English-only" upbringing in ...
Score: 12.12 Category: Literature\Authors

Red Thunder, Native American Rock

Red Thunder blazes a trail into the Indian rock territory, ...
Score: 12.09 Category: Music\Styles

Pottery by Native American Women

An art gallery that highlights pottery artwork from Native American ...
Score: 12.09 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Native Radio

Native American artist information and music broadcasts available in RealPlayer, ...
Score: 12.05 Category: Music\Styles

Scott Loomis's Native American Flute Forum

An information and forum page for Native American flute players, ...
Score: 12.02 Category: Music\Instruments

Gary Natomagan: Select Language

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan artist combines Traditional Native themes to Canada's north, ...
Score: 12.00 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

StrongHeart Singers - Native American Singers and Powwow Drum

StrongHeart Singers. Native American music tapes of powwows, drummers drumming, ...
Score: 11.99 Category: Music\Styles

Canadian Native Art

A site about Canadian Native art, especially contemporary Ojibwa art ...
Score: 11.92 Category: Visual Arts

Flying Eagle Westcoast Native Art Gallery

Traditional west coast style Native art by "K-" (W.L. Kuhnley), ...
Score: 11.76 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Mitch Battese, Native American Artist

Of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribe in Kansas. His work ...
Score: 11.72 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Touching Stone Gallery

Santa Fe, N.M gallery brings together quiet Japanese aesthetics and ...
Score: 11.66 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Laruel Seth Gallery

Santa Fe, NM gallery offering Southwestern Art. Featured works include ...
Score: 11.59 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Native Echo Flutes

Gallery of Native American style flutes hand crafted from exotic ...
Score: 11.50 Category: Music\Instruments

Native American Art Secrets

Nice source of information on the cultural background for the ...
Score: 11.49 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

First Nations Broadcasting

Native American and Alaskan news and music via Real Player. ...
Score: 11.49 Category: Music\Styles

Internet Public Library: Native American Authors

Information on more than a hundred Native authors, organized by ...
Score: 11.49 Category: Literature\Cultural

Etext of Native American Novels from U. of Virginia

A collection of online novels and stories by European and ...
Score: 11.49 Category: Literature\Genres

Native Am Radio Stations list

Information page covering ten states with Native American radio frequencies ...
Score: 11.47 Category: Music\Styles

Native American Church Art

Online gallery of fine and ceremonial peyote religious art, including ...
Score: 11.44 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Yah-Ta-Hey Gallery

New London gallery specializing in Native American Art offering sculpture, ...
Score: 11.34 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Art By Old Bear Grinning

Traditional Native carvings by west coast Native artist, Old Bear ...
Score: 11.32 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Native Nations Dance Theater

Upcoming Native American Indian events, photos, news, trading post and ...
Score: 11.28 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Multicultural Art

Specializing in original paintings, fine art prints, sculpture and exhibitions ...
Score: 11.25 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Native American Pottery - Hand Crafted clay and metal

Using earth, fire, water and air, Ed Gray has interwoven ...
Score: 11.20 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal


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