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Jamis' Musical Lyrics and Analysis

Top Ten Most Romantic Songs, Most Angry Songs, Most Depressing ...
Score: 18.68 Category: Music\Lyrics


Over 50.000 Songs. Lyrics Archive A-Z. Billboard Top 50. Muchmusic ...
Score: 12.72 Category: Music\Lyrics

MBG Top 40

Weekly chart site with the Top 40 singles, covering the ...
Score: 12.71 Category: Music\Charts

Top 10 Songs

Weekly rankings of the Top downloads from online song retailers.
Score: 11.48 Category: Music\Charts

Top 40 Hit

Monthly-updated Top 40 singles chart with Songs from serveral genres ...
Score: 11.25 Category: Music\Charts

Only Christmas Movies

Learn the Top Ten Christmas movies with all the actors ...
Score: 11.16 Category: Movies\Titles

Extra TV

Entertainment news, celebrity gossip, and Top Ten lists.
Score: 10.68 Category: Entertainment\News and Media


Allows members to vote for their Top Ten favorite movies ...
Score: 10.68 Category: Movies\Reviews


News, release dates, conventions, Top Ten lists and columns.
Score: 10.56 Category: Animation\Anime

The Box Set

News, reviews, editorials, newsletter, and Top Ten lists.
Score: 10.56 Category: Movies\Home Video

The Best Of Gillian Anderson

This site has the Top Ten pictures, fan fiction and ...
Score: 10.46 Category: Performing Arts\Acting


Edinburgh club devoted to this type of music. Provides Top ...
Score: 10.46 Category: Music\Styles

New Movies

Information, photographs, reviews, and downloads for Top Ten films at ...
Score: 10.46 Category: Movies\Reviews

Praslowicz, K.

Gallery of black and white photographs, links, and user-rated Top ...
Score: 10.35 Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Joey the Film Geek

Current and past reviews, commentary on cinema, and Top Ten ...
Score: 10.35 Category: Movies\Reviews


Live stream and monthly Top Ten, as well as archives ...
Score: 10.24 Category: Radio\Internet

Absolute TRL

Information on the host, daily Top Ten, records, previous results, ...
Score: 10.14 Category: Television\Programs

Science Fiction Review Site

Sci-fi and fantasy book reviews, Top Ten lists, and short ...
Score: 10.14 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy

Happy Songs

Interactive chart of the Top 100 happy Songs.
Score: 10.11 Category: Music\Charts


Top Ten Billboard-charting composer Gary Lamb's CDs of original instrumental ...
Score: 9.94 Category: Music\Sound Files

Ten's Sensualist Art

Ten is Jan Ten Broeke. His art is based on ...
Score: 9.90 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Go Song Lyrics

Lyrics to latest Songs. Includes Top 100, search, and latest ...
Score: 9.80 Category: Music\Lyrics


Book reviews, interviews with authors, Top Ten monthly reads, editorials, ...
Score: 9.74 Category: Literature\Reviews and Criticism

Scary Horror Movies

Showcases horror film information and descriptions as well as Top ...
Score: 9.69 Category: Movies\Genres

KX 96 FM - Durham

Durham's station for country music. Includes updates on traffic situations, ...
Score: 9.50 Category: Radio\Regional

Romance Notes

Top Ten Romance Books list and reviews, plus love poems ...
Score: 9.41 Category: Literature\Genres

Unified Culture

DJ collective based in the Southwest US. Includes news, event ...
Score: 9.39 Category: Music\DJs


A cyberspace lovesong to the best of popular fiction and ...
Score: 9.37 Category: Literature\Reviews and Criticism


Provides the MP3 files for the Top 40 Songs in ...
Score: 9.35 Category: Music\Sound Files

Top 50 UK Singles

Find the voters choice for best Songs by year.
Score: 9.26 Category: Music\Charts

Rock 100.3 FM, The Bear

Edmonton station provides concert news, Rock Top Ten and concert ...
Score: 9.19 Category: Radio\Regional

WZLX 100.7-FM

Classic rock station. Includes interviews (Real Audio format), a Top-Ten ...
Score: 9.16 Category: Music\Styles

Mark Wenzel

Maniacal mischiefmaker on the prowl. Whether before an audience of ...
Score: 9.04 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Breakup Songs

From funny breakup Songs to sad love Songs, moving-on Songs ...
Score: 8.99 Category: Music\Lyrics


Israeli trance resource site. Artists database, music reviews, interviews, music ...
Score: 8.97 Category: Music\Styles

About.com: Dance Music

Weekly guide to dance music with artist and DJ interviews, ...
Score: 8.97 Category: Music\Styles

Bucks County Blues Society

(PA) Website contains information on upcoming society shows, society history ...
Score: 8.91 Category: Music\Styles

Desert Island Lists

Share your Top 10 Songs and memories with others, search ...
Score: 8.70 Category: Music\Charts

Alive N Kickin'

New York Tri-state area night club and wedding band, playing ...
Score: 8.61 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Bulgarian Dance Top20

Weekly Top 20 dance Songs in Bulgaria.
Score: 8.42 Category: Music\Charts

World of the Beatles novelty songs

This site offers you several compilations of Songs ABOUT the ...
Score: 8.32 Category: Music\Trading

Seventies Dance Music

Disco Hit Parade showcasing 131 Top Songs with album cover ...
Score: 8.29 Category: Music\Styles

Guitar On the Spot

Shows how to play guitar and compose Songs, solos, progressions, ...
Score: 8.26 Category: Music\Instruments

International Lyrics Provider

Songs in the alphabetical order of artists, whole albums, Top ...
Score: 8.21 Category: Music\Lyrics

Music of Lebanon.com

Offers Lebanese and Arab music. Various full-length Arabic Songs old ...
Score: 8.10 Category: Music\Styles

Hit lyrics

Lyrics from the charts: Billboard Top 100, UK Top 75, ...
Score: 8.08 Category: Music\Lyrics


The average hitlist of The Netherlands, composed out of the ...
Score: 8.02 Category: Music\Charts


RealAudio disco, house, and dance music from the '70s and ...
Score: 7.98 Category: Music\Collecting

Chartster Rap and Rock

Charts for the Top Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, Rhythm and ...
Score: 7.88 Category: Music\Charts

Oriental Tunes

Selections of Top oriental music videos and Songs from North ...
Score: 7.86 Category: Music\Music Videos

Jane Rollason

A warm welcome to my new website. I hope you ...
Score: 7.77 Category: Crafts\Quilting

Vocal Singing Lessons

My singing goes back to the 1970′s. I played drums ...
Score: 7.77 Category: Music\Vocal

Acid Eaters

Dutch punk-rock band dedicated to playing Ramones Songs and turning ...
Score: 7.61 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Moulton, Kevin

Classical and Irish tenor who performs concerts and events featuring ...
Score: 7.58 Category: Music\Vocal

WODZ Oldiez 96

Oldies music, news, car cruising and jamming at Saturday night ...
Score: 7.46 Category: Music\Styles


Dutch Top 100 and Top 40, as well as mp3 ...
Score: 7.46 Category: Music\Charts


Top-Fashion-designers is the only online directory dedicated specially to fashion ...
Score: 7.45 Category: Design\Designers

Jessica's Top 40

Personal Top 40 singles chart counted down on the radio ...
Score: 7.45 Category: Music

Top 10

Compilation of the Top 10 albums from 1970 through 1989. ...
Score: 7.35 Category: Music\Charts

Wmac studios

Features the Top 20 rap and hip hop lyrics. There ...
Score: 7.11 Category: Music\Lyrics


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