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Hopgood, Roger

A collection of experimental series including Bosson Heads, Pattern and ...
Score: 8.79 Category: Photography\Photographers


An overview of SymmyS, a new movement in poetics and ...
Score: 8.22 Category: Literature\Poetry

North, Jenna

Explore the mixed media assemblage paintings by the artist Jenna ...
Score: 8.12 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

An Evolution in Thought

A tremendous evolution of thought occurred within my own thinking. ...
Score: 4.75 Category: Genres\Literary Fiction

McFerron, Mike

Includes biography, list of Works, links, and samples of his ...
Score: 4.64 Category: Music\Composition

Hebrew Calligraphy Gallery

Works by Izzy Pludwinski. Biography and Works for sale.
Score: 4.64 Category: Visual Arts\Calligraphy

Bonner, Jonathan

Sculpture, installation, site-specific Works and Works on paper.
Score: 4.64 Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Tracy Hickman's Worlds and Works

Official site with information about the author and his Works.
Score: 4.64 Category: Literature\Genres

Home Page

Works by this Israeli poet, and translations of the Works ...
Score: 4.64 Category: Literature\Poetry

Zautashvili, Gela

This Georgian artist, who sometimes Works in Austria, shows abstract ...
Score: 4.63 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Noordegraaf, Arnoud

(1974- ), The Netherlands. Biography, Works, sound files, and video ...
Score: 4.63 Category: Music\Composition

Complete Works of Frank Miller

Catalog of Works, with cover art, descriptions, articles and interviews.
Score: 4.62 Category: Comics\Creators

Waldheim, Kjersten

Works in a variety of techniques, including pastels. Offers a ...
Score: 4.62 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

The searchable discography and database of his recorded Works Works.
Score: 4.62 Category: Music\Composition

Andreu, Mariano

Information on the life and Works of the Catalan artist, ...
Score: 4.60 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

California Chamber Opera

(CA) - produces and commissions new Works, new translations of ...
Score: 4.60 Category: Music\Styles

Works for Children & Adults, 1800-1872

Anthology of early American Works, with summary. Some text available ...
Score: 4.60 Category: Literature\World Literature

Duckro, Rebecca S.

Includes an author biography, information about published Works and Works ...
Score: 4.60 Category: Literature\Genres

Berlioz, Hector

Includes biography, catalogs of musical and literary Works, of Works, ...
Score: 4.60 Category: Music\Composition

Haynes, Douglas

Canadian painter, whose abstract Works are inspired by the Works ...
Score: 4.60 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Komodo Dragon Island

Introduction to the Works of G.E. Patrick Collins, including Works ...
Score: 4.60 Category: Literature\World Literature

McClymont, Alistair

UK-based artist Works in sculpture, photography and video. Abstract Works. ...
Score: 4.60 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Haas, Ana-Francisca

Ink Works by this artist who prefers to be called ...
Score: 4.57 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Barthelmes, Andrew

Showcases watercolor and colored pencil Works covering mainly portraiture, animals ...
Score: 4.57 Category: Illustration\Illustrator Portfolios

Ferguson, Robert

These Works are done on location and echo the Works ...
Score: 4.57 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Caffarel, Christine

Works in metal and mixed media; figurative Works, with lanky ...
Score: 4.57 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Mauriks, Adrian

Monumental Works, abstract forms, in architectural and natural settings; completed ...
Score: 4.57 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Owens, Chris

Produces customizable Works of multimedia collage. Includes artist profile, gallery ...
Score: 4.55 Category: Visual Arts\Collage

Baldwin, Barry

A range of sculptural Works by the Californian artist from ...
Score: 4.55 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Peter Greenaway

Examines the cinematic Works of the English artist. Includes feature ...
Score: 4.55 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Ellis Parker Butler

Biography, reading room of online Works and bibliography of published ...
Score: 4.52 Category: Literature\Authors

Arndt, Lanell

Presents Works by a native Texan who Works primarily in ...
Score: 4.52 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Sesow, Matt

The latest paintings and short film Works of contemporary American ...
Score: 4.52 Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Thornburgh, Rebecca McKillip

Children's book illustrations, published Works, portfolios of finished art and ...
Score: 4.52 Category: Illustration\Children's

Klarwein, Mati

Works by the late German-born artist, including landscapes, portraits, visionary ...
Score: 4.52 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Hunt, Peter

Sample Works, biography, and details about a new book are ...
Score: 4.52 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Micheal O'Siadhail (*1947)

The Irish poet's homepage with publications, selected criticism and commentary, ...
Score: 4.52 Category: Literature\Authors

Accorsi, Franco

Offers gallery of Works by artist known for his space-abstract ...
Score: 4.52 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Gunderson, Keith

A gallery of selected Works. Well known for his landscapes ...
Score: 4.49 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

A Dose of Architecture

John Hill, an architect who lives and Works in Chicago, ...
Score: 4.49 Category: Architecture\News and Media

Pogrebinsky, Alexander

Portraits, figurative Works, still lifes, landscapes, illustrations, and other Works ...
Score: 4.49 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Blue Roses Productions

Dedicated to presenting the Works of Tennessee Williams, and nurturing ...
Score: 4.49 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Kibby, Kim

Online showcase of Works by this graphic designer and oil ...
Score: 4.49 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

The Lost Books Club

Publisher of forgotten Works of American Literature, created to resurrect ...
Score: 4.46 Category: Movies\Titles

Czaplinski, Frank

Dusseldorf-based artist shows abstract Works in painting, fresco, and mixed ...
Score: 4.46 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

McGinnis, Joy

Primarily sunlit portraits, figurative Works, still lifes, and landscapes in ...
Score: 4.46 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Weevers, Peter

A selection of the artist's illustrations including Works from Alice's ...
Score: 4.46 Category: Illustration\Illustrator Portfolios

Wold, Erling

Works include opera and other music for instruments, voices, dance ...
Score: 4.46 Category: Music\Composition

The Mastersingers

Community chorus based in Paoli whose mission is the study ...
Score: 4.46 Category: Music\Styles

Zadkine, Ossip (1890-1967)

Research Center dedicated to the French/Russian sculptor; includes sculpture, Works ...
Score: 4.46 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Cooman, Carson P.

American composer who has composed a variety of Works in ...
Score: 4.46 Category: Music\Composition The Works of Christopher Angel

Ranma, Tenchi Muyo, Sailor Moon, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Ah! ...
Score: 4.46 Category: Animation\Anime

Labra, Ximena

Art and design to play and enjoy. Conceptual and installation ...
Score: 4.46 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Symphonic Fairytales

A Danish project with ten specially commissioned orchestral Works based ...
Score: 4.46 Category: Literature\Authors


Contains the full text of a number of English-language Works ...
Score: 4.46 Category: Literature\Electronic Text Archives

Holofcener, Lawrence

A sculptor in bronze who Works in both the USA ...
Score: 4.46 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Evans, Les

Pen and inks by self-taught fantasy artist. Includes a biography, ...
Score: 4.46 Category: Visual Arts\Thematic

Oscura Press

It is not the mission of the Oscura Press to ...
Score: 4.43 Category: Genres\Literary Fiction

Helmuth, Eric

Listing of Works, picture, short biography, commissions, recordings, sound clips, ...
Score: 4.42 Category: Music\Composition

The Wolfe Pack

Fan organization. Includes biographical data and pictures, listings of his ...
Score: 4.42 Category: Literature\Genres


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