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Super Phil

Comic strip about the adventures of a Super Hero school ...
Score: 16.76 Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels


Comic about tiny beings who live beneath the quantum barrier. ...
Score: 13.00 Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels

Man-Man 2.0 Comics

The adventures of a new kind of Super Hero. By ...
Score: 12.53 Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels

Features the Biblical fantasy Cain, the horror/adventure Genxorcists, the Super ...
Score: 12.48 Category: Comics\Online

Smith, Lee - Shawawa Vision

Fantasy and Super Hero character designs by Lee Smith.
Score: 11.74 Category: Visual Arts\Thematic

Super Vista Corp

Makers of Super Dimension-70 (SDS-70) large format advanced film based ...
Score: 10.10 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Super 8mm Militia

Intended for those with a serious interest in Super-8. Has ...
Score: 10.10 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

MovieStuff Transfers

For those shooting stop motion using Super 8 film format, ...
Score: 8.53 Category: Animation\Stop-Motion

Super Teacher Worksheet

Since 2007, we at Super Teacher Worksheets have been dedicated ...
Score: 8.05 Category: Education

Nobody's Hero

Ongoing musings from a South Carolina Baha'i.
Score: 7.26 Category: Online Writing\Journals

Kamikaz Comics

Specializing in 3-D comic Hero statues.
Score: 7.26 Category: Comics\Retailers

Dead Baby

Follows the tasteless adventures of a rather unfortunate anti-Hero.
Score: 7.18 Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels

Hero Realm

Offers comics interviews, reviews, upcoming titles and news.
Score: 7.03 Category: Comics\Magazines and E-zines

Zombie Masters Romero and Fulci

A newly re-animated Hero and the calamity that follows his ...
Score: 7.03 Category: Literature\Genres

Love Story Hero

Biography, show details, pictures and mp3 downloads.
Score: 7.03 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

A Hero: Robert De Niro

Includes a biography, filmography, pictures, and movie posters.
Score: 7.03 Category: Entertainment\People

Dread Man

A New York state trooper becomes a action Hero. By ...
Score: 7.03 Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels

Bret's Journals

A chronicle of an anti-Hero's life through a series of ...
Score: 6.96 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Dream of the Lizard

A martial arts/fantasy film in which the Hero is sent ...
Score: 6.89 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Hypocritical Hero

A comedy-parody comic that takes place in another dimension and ...
Score: 6.82 Category: Comics\Manga

Golden Rock

A brave Hero, a perilous adventure, a grand plot, and ...
Score: 6.75 Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels

Includes information on every Super Sentai Season.
Score: 6.72 Category: Television\Programs

Bell's Super Lube

Valve oil manufacturer.
Score: 6.72 Category: Music\Instruments

Penny, Evan

Canadian Super-realist sculpture.
Score: 6.72 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Super 70's Disco Dynamo

Boogie and funk band.
Score: 6.72 Category: Music\Styles


Super Audio CD format reviews and news.
Score: 6.65 Category: Music\Reviews

Super Hair

An opinion on celebrity hairstyles. Allows for interactive participation.
Score: 6.65 Category: Design\Fashion

Super Eggplant

Adventures in knitting, sewing, baking, and life.
Score: 6.65 Category: Crafts\Weblogs

Sum 41 Super Fans

Photos, lyrics, videos, and links.
Score: 6.65 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Your Super Star

Pictures of famous singers and movie stars.
Score: 6.65 Category: Entertainment\People

Working Class Hero

A tribute to John Lennon. Contains biography, photo album, music ...
Score: 6.62 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Mermbut Comics

Features Fables, Super Mort, Twins and Gags.
Score: 6.58 Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels

Zagari, Mike

Comic Hero style illustrations using computer generation and tradition mediums. ...
Score: 6.56 Category: Illustration\Cartoons

The Comic Hero

Comic and animation related statues and busts.
Score: 6.51 Category: Comics\Retailers

Ballinger, Richard

Children's entertainer and comedy magician, Weston Super Mare.
Score: 6.51 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Atomic Flea

Their all-new Super-secret web hideout. Minneapolis Counter Revolution.
Score: 6.51 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

The unlikely Hero Leonis is given the duty of returning ...
Score: 6.48 Category: Comics\Online

Mr Nice Cartoons

The satirical cartoon Hero fighting the forces of modern rudeness..only ...
Score: 6.48 Category: Animation\Web

Neal's Defense

An on-line comic about our Hero Neal and his job ...
Score: 6.48 Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels

Super Furry Animals

Official site includes news, reviews, and gig information.
Score: 6.44 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Dangerous Moments Super Stunts

Photo gallery of stunt events and show information.
Score: 6.44 Category: Performing Arts\Stunts


The "Omnipedia database", downloads (Super SP Bros. games), images, Mediaflash ...
Score: 6.44 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

In Real Life

Following the adventures of Mario, Mega Man, and Link when ...
Score: 6.44 Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels

Stupid Todd

Stick cartoon shorts include The Face, Mean Cat, and Super ...
Score: 6.44 Category: Animation\Web

Sweet Deadly Dreams

A film about an ex-military Hero named Taylor who untangles ...
Score: 6.43 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Super Note

Japanese rock band presents music samples, biographies, background and a ...
Score: 6.38 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Flicker Festival

Bi-monthly non-competitive Super-8 and 16mm short film festivals with chapters ...
Score: 6.38 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

The Legion of Super-Heroes Online Companion

Includes character biographies, story lines, and covers.
Score: 6.38 Category: Comics\Titles

Jinmen Juushin

Projects include Future-Retro Hero Story, Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi ...
Score: 6.37 Category: Comics\Manga

Henshin Justice

A message board to discuss Power Rangers, Super Sentai, and ...
Score: 6.31 Category: Television\Programs

Ultra Caligula's Super Movie Zone

Alphabetized short reviews, with features on personalities associated with cult ...
Score: 6.31 Category: Movies\Genres

The Hero in the 21st Century

An original doujinshi based in the world of Inuyasha. Site ...
Score: 6.28 Category: Comics\Manga

Tiny Hero Productions

Michael Chekhov acting technique, inspired acting, workshops on clowning and ...
Score: 6.27 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Krystal Super Fans

A brief fan site with background information, images, tour dates, ...
Score: 6.25 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

The Super Saiyan Princess

Polls and quizzes, contest, links, brief character profiles, episode summaries, ...
Score: 6.25 Category: Animation\Anime

De La Rosa, Oscar

Unofficial site for the lead singer for the double Grammy ...
Score: 6.25 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Schwartz, Jennifer Woolcock

Artist, who amongst other projects, takes a tongue-in-cheek look at ...
Score: 6.19 Category: Visual Arts\Performance Art

Wes Bay Films

Featuring the animated series The Little Guy, The Super Jeffie ...
Score: 6.13 Category: Animation\Web


A podcast devoted to Power Rangers, Super Sentai, other tokusatsu, ...
Score: 6.13 Category: Television\Programs

Shooting 8mm

Online community for Super 8 filmmakers. Includes manual database (currently ...
Score: 6.13 Category: Movies\Filmmaking


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