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More Short Stories

More Short Stories is a website by Short story writers ...
Score: 14.85 Category: Literature\Short Stories

Schwab, Helmut - American Short Stories and Others

Short Stories set mostly in America. Includes four Stories by ...
Score: 12.65 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Rogers, Bruce Holland

Short, Short Stories, available by email subscription. Sample Stories available ...
Score: 11.68 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Short Stories by George Sweeney

Short Stories by George Sweeney. The Stories include drama, suspense, ...
Score: 11.63 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Bruce Holland Rogers

Short-Short Stories and flash fiction that originally appeared in traditional ...
Score: 11.52 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Mackintosh, Nicol - Short stories, verse and dialogues

A collection of light verse in a number of forms, ...
Score: 11.10 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Indian Short Stories in English

E-Katha publishes contemporary Short Stories which reflect Indian culture and ...
Score: 11.00 Category: Literature\World Literature

Four Square Less One: A Short Story Collection

A collection of fifteen Short Stories by Trevor Hopkins (author ...
Score: 10.96 Category: Literature

Tazim Elkington's Short Stories & Poems

Here you will find a collection of Tazim's most inspiring ...
Score: 10.50 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Palter, DC

I have put my Short Stories here for you to ...
Score: 10.43 Category: Genres\Literary Fiction

Bewildering Stories

Bewildering Stories features experimental writing in science fiction, fantasy and ...
Score: 10.21 Category: Literature\Genres

Short Story Alley

Amateur writers can submit their Short Stories and poems. If ...
Score: 10.00 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Hardluck Stories

Short Stories, interviews, and reviews of hardboiled and noir fiction.
Score: 9.87 Category: Literature\Genres

Yours Completely

Contains novels, Short Stories, hosted Stories, tips, quizzes, and links.
Score: 9.87 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Hernandez, Arturo - Stories Bizarre

A collection of poems and Short Stories.
Score: 9.87 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre


Poems, Short Stories, opinion essays and paintings.
Score: 9.82 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

One Minute Stories

A new, very Short story every day (almost). Odd, oblique ...
Score: 9.78 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Surprising Stories

Fanzine featuring SF-related Short Stories, poetry and articles from published ...
Score: 9.78 Category: Literature\Genres

Obscure Thoughts

Includes novels, Short Stories, links, and authors' information. Also features ...
Score: 9.73 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Zoetrope: All-Story

Short-fiction magazine founded by Francis Coppola. Features online submissions and ...
Score: 9.73 Category: Literature\Magazines and E-zines

Debauchery's Reward

A collection of bizarre and tasteless Short Stories, that claims ...
Score: 9.73 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Plastic Surgery Short Stories

Short Stories about the light and dark sides of plastic ...
Score: 9.71 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Tainted Playground

A collaborative work of several people who all have different ...
Score: 9.66 Category: Education\Magazines and E-zines

Sergio Troncoso

Links to his Short Stories and essays. Biographical information and ...
Score: 9.61 Category: Literature\Authors

Insolent Rudder

Short fictional flash Stories submitted by various writers. Includes archive ...
Score: 9.61 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Strauss, Kevin

Folktales and nature Stories for children and adults. Program descriptions, ...
Score: 9.48 Category: Performing Arts\Storytelling

Keir Overton's short stories

Selected Short Stories and essays by Keir Overton.
Score: 9.48 Category: Genres\Literary Fiction

The Writing Site

For fiction writers. Professional help for Short Stories and novels; ...
Score: 9.38 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Pira Sudham: Stories from Thailand

His novel and Short Stories provide insights into Thai life, ...
Score: 9.24 Category: Literature\Authors

Broken Stories

Short Stories.
Score: 9.20 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Short Stories By Brian Strader

Summaries of Short Stories by Brian Strader.
Score: 9.01 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Matt McHugh - fiction

The full text of the Short Stories on this site ...
Score: 8.85 Category: Genres\Literary Fiction

Short Story Time

It's our goal to get them to fall in love ...
Score: 8.80 Category: Literature\Short Stories

Flask and Pen

An online literary magazine that accepts both fiction and non-fiction ...
Score: 8.68 Category: Genres\Literary Fiction

Cadenza Magazine Short Story Competition

Seeks original, unpublished Stories, not exceeding 4,000 words. Open theme ...
Score: 8.56 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Salter, C.B.

Various Short Stories.
Score: 8.46 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Nice Stories

Story archive with several categories of user submitted Short Stories, ...
Score: 8.43 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre


Short Stories and blogs.
Score: 8.37 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

You Had To Be There

A site for publishing Short Stories.
Score: 8.37 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Moffat, Camille

Short Stories.
Score: 8.37 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Hurvitz, Andrew B

Short Stories.
Score: 8.37 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

The Vat

A collection of poems and Short Stories.
Score: 8.27 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

McDuffie, James

Contains poetry and Short Stories.
Score: 8.27 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Angie's After Thoughts

Short Stories and poems.
Score: 8.27 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

The Best of the West

Various Short Stories with a western theme.
Score: 8.27 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Chris Blaine, Author and Biographer

The literary works of Chris Blaine, including fictional novels, children's ...
Score: 8.27 Category: Literature\World Literature

Bechko, Peggy

Peggy is a multi-faceted writer who enjoys changes, frequently. Some ...
Score: 8.24 Category: Genres\Westerns

Cotto, Melvin

Short Stories, some in English and some in Spanish.
Score: 8.19 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Martin Balmer

Short Stories and some personal information.
Score: 8.19 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Clusker, Andrew

Short Stories and personal information.
Score: 8.19 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Friday 12pm

Short Stories and poetry by various authors.
Score: 8.19 Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Baker, TJ

Information, as well as poems and Short Stories by the ...
Score: 8.19 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Kozzi, Jeff

Short Stories, novels, and excerpts.
Score: 8.19 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Ali-Coleman, Khadijah

Poetry and Short Stories.
Score: 8.19 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Shamel, Kevin

Contains Short Stories, a biography and a blog.
Score: 8.19 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

LeRoux, E.V.

Writes thrillers. Brief biography and Short Stories.
Score: 8.19 Category: Literature\Genres

Out Of My Mind

A fan's selection of his original SF Short Stories.
Score: 8.19 Category: Literature\Genres

ST's Perch

Poetry, Short Stories, quotes, as well as webrings.
Score: 8.19 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Jennings, Joe - Living In Sanity

Several Short Stories.
Score: 8.19 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Enchanted Words

For the readers of poetry and Short Stories.
Score: 8.19 Category: Online Writing\Poetry


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