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Vinyl Underground

Collection/gallery of colored Vinyl Records, shaped Records, and picture discs.
Score: 17.44 Category: Music\Collecting

Vinyl Record Collectors

Information on the history, technology, and care of Vinyl Records.
Score: 15.40 Category: Music\Collecting

Soft Cell Homepage

Fan site features links, pictures, and the latest news.
Score: 14.02 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Soft Cell: An Unofficial Site

Offers discography, videography, bibliography, galleries, press articles, reviews and interviews.
Score: 13.60 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Database of auction prices of rare Vinyl Records.
Score: 12.14 Category: Music\Collecting

Buyer of rare and collectable Vinyl Records, compact discs, and ...
Score: 11.41 Category: Music\Collecting

Vinyl Vulture

A group of collectors show off their latest finds, present ...
Score: 11.30 Category: Music\Collecting

MacGregor, Scott

Canadian guitarist Records Soft new age solo projects. Photo, audio.
Score: 11.17 Category: Music\Instruments

Record Collectors Guild

For and about collecting Vinyl Records, with a rapidly growing ...
Score: 10.70 Category: Music\Collecting

RealAudio disco, house, and dance music from the '70s and ...
Score: 10.47 Category: Music\Collecting

Jazz Collector

Website and newsletter focused on the market for Jazz Vinyl ...
Score: 10.31 Category: Music\Collecting

Soft Rock 106.5

WBMW. Southeastern Connecticut's Soft Hits Station.
Score: 9.85 Category: Radio\Regional

Cellular Phone Repair Training Schools

Cellular Phone Repair Training offered by Cellular Repair School is ...
Score: 8.52 Category: Education\Schools and Academies

Leader Print - Printing in London

We produce full colour, digitally printed banners at low prices. ...
Score: 8.52 Category: Design\Interior Design

Saint Seiya

Manga and Cell images.
Score: 8.25 Category: Animation\Anime

Scott Anderson, Jeffrey

Author of the novel Sleeper Cell.
Score: 8.16 Category: Literature\Genres

The Cell

Official site with plot and character information.
Score: 8.16 Category: Movies\Titles

Association of Vogue Picture Record Collectors

A site devoted to collectors and enthusiasts of Vogue picture ...
Score: 8.16 Category: Music\Collecting

Witchwood Records Official Site

All Strawbs Records are now released by Witchwood Records and ...
Score: 8.11 Category: Music\Styles


Provides ringtones, wallpapers, and news alerts for use with Cell ...
Score: 8.08 Category: Television\Programs

Cell Perfect Files

Image gallery, and movies in RealVideo.
Score: 8.08 Category: Animation\Anime

Paula Temple

International Techno DJ. Online realaudio DJ mixes available. Records for ...
Score: 8.03 Category: Music\DJs

4 Player Records

A producer and DJ collective from Europe that produces and ...
Score: 7.99 Category: Music\Styles

Paul Solarski Rare Records

Buying collections and accumulations of Records from 1890-1968 with an ...
Score: 7.94 Category: Music\Collecting

Damiani, Stephen

Works in acrylics that combine Cell biology with abstract impressionism.
Score: 7.91 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Initial D Ring Tones

Songs from the series in keypress format for Nokia Cell ...
Score: 7.83 Category: Animation\Anime - Anime Collection

Featuring animation Cell scans and captures from many popular series.
Score: 7.83 Category: Animation\Anime

Avenue Canyons

A graduate student in the Molecular and Cell Biology department ...
Score: 7.75 Category: Online Writing\Journals

Torture Cell

Brutal Winston-Salem, North Carolina band. Site contains show dates, biography, ...
Score: 7.59 Category: Music\Styles

Rawhide-Buckskin Records

Dance Records for square dancing, karaoke sing-a-longs, round dancing, callers ...
Score: 7.58 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Kramig records

Kramig Records is one of the most innovative labels around. ...
Score: 7.43 Category: Music\Styles

Idol Numbers

Listing of each contestant's landline and Cell phone voting numbers ...
Score: 7.34 Category: Television\Programs

Nitro Records

The Offspring's front man, Dexter Holland, started Nitro Records in ...
Score: 7.31 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Railing Dynamics, Inc.

Railing Dynamics, Inc. (RDI) is a company that produces Vinyl ...
Score: 7.25 Category: Crafts

Early Recorded Sounds and Wax Cylinders

Antique phonographs, early sound recording methods, wax cylinder Records, excerpts ...
Score: 7.08 Category: Music\Collecting

ElChae's Vinyl Lounge

MP3 downloads.
Score: 7.04 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Spoon Records and Official Can website

Spoon Records website, also home to Can (legendary German band ...
Score: 6.99 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Prawn Song Records

Official site of Les Claypool's label Prawn Song Records.
Score: 6.99 Category: Music\Styles

Directory of record stores that offer new or used Vinyl.
Score: 6.96 Category: Music\Collecting

Lee, Dale

Biography, Vinyl collection, and chart from the DJ.
Score: 6.96 Category: Music\DJs


Corset in various styles and fabrics including Vinyl and Velvet.
Score: 6.89 Category: Design\Fashion

Vinyl Rotation

Exhibition of record covers and single sleeves.
Score: 6.89 Category: Music\Collecting

Curveball Records: The home of "Passenger"

Curveball Records: The home of Passenger, A vehicle for Eclectic, ...
Score: 6.82 Category: Music\Styles

Cooking Vinyl on the WWW

Oysterband's record company with a biography of the band.
Score: 6.81 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

The Endless Groove

Archives of an ezine for the Vinyl record collector and ...
Score: 6.81 Category: Music\Collecting


Collection of Tasmanian music recorded on 7" Vinyl during the ...
Score: 6.81 Category: Music\Collecting

The Jethro Tull Archive

Information about CDs, Vinyl, video and promotional items.
Score: 6.74 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Red Vinyl Fur

Northwest UK based 4 piece all-girl band. News, information, and ...
Score: 6.60 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Wax Factory Record Pool

Advance Vinyl from major and independent labels. Membership information.
Score: 6.60 Category: Music\DJs

Vinyl Cartel

Urban DJ record pool, servicing the UK and Europe. Charts, ...
Score: 6.60 Category: Music\DJs

Gloria Estefan Vintage Vinyl

A site dedicated to the early releases of Miami Sound ...
Score: 6.60 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Creative Graphix

Airbrushing, vehicle graphics, freehand oils and acrylics, Vinyl and painted ...
Score: 6.60 Category: Illustration\Airbrush

WBNZ Frankfort

99.3 FM. Soft rock.
Score: 6.60 Category: Radio\Regional

Star 99.9

WEZN. Soft and Contemporary.
Score: 6.60 Category: Radio\Regional

Green Vinyl Dream

Biographies, pictures, show dates, MP3s and lyrics from the Los ...
Score: 6.54 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

The Prince Pages

Worldwide discography including cover versions, promos, Vinyl, CDs, books and ...
Score: 6.54 Category: Music\Bands and Artists


Continuous Soft hits.
Score: 6.53 Category: Radio\Regional

WSRT Gaylord

106.7 FM. Soft rock.
Score: 6.53 Category: Radio\Regional

KAAP-FM (99.5, Wenatchee)

"Apple FM"; Soft hits.
Score: 6.53 Category: Radio\Regional - Radiohead Discography

Includes images and track lists for CDs, cassettes, Vinyl, DVDs, ...
Score: 6.47 Category: Music\Bands and Artists


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