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Biggar Puppet Theatre and the Purves Puppets

Scotland's only permanent Puppet theatre. Information on Puppet Shows, workshops, ...
Score: 17.27 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Do it Yourself Foam Latex Puppet Making 101

This video or DVD tutorial is available for purchase which ...
Score: 14.62 Category: Animation\Stop-Motion

Small World Puppets

Offers mobile Puppet theater and workshops. Descriptions of Shows including ...
Score: 14.56 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Puppet Tales

Offers story telling and Puppet Shows for 4-8 year-old birthday ...
Score: 14.56 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Atlanta Puppet

Professional Puppet Shows and workshops for schools, festivals, fairs, malls, ...
Score: 13.88 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

P&T Puppet Theatre

Puppet Shows in the San Francisco Bay area, San Jose, ...
Score: 13.81 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Punch and Brodie Puppet Productions

Puppet characters are available for business conferences, corporate communications, theme ...
Score: 13.32 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Transformed Puppet

Transformed Puppet, aliencow Puppet show, the shat, corpsy and other ...
Score: 13.32 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

The Puppet Forge

Puppet fanatic Gordon Smuder offers Quicktime presentations of Puppet performances ...
Score: 13.27 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Dandelion Puppets

Puppet Shows, children's entertainment, and wildlife Shows with an educational ...
Score: 12.64 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Clark, Eugene

Magic Shows, educational assembly programs, corporate events, birthday parties, libraries, ...
Score: 11.76 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Nick Barone's Puppets

Nick Barone Puppets provides Puppet Shows and professionally built puppets ...
Score: 11.49 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Living Daylights

Puppet Shows and stilt characters.
Score: 11.32 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

The Drawbridge Puppet Theater

Puppet and marionette performances, gifts and workshops.
Score: 11.16 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Curious Moon Puppet Theatre

Georgia-based Puppet company that provides programs and workshops for all ...
Score: 11.06 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Robert Rogers Puppet Company

Professional Puppet troupe provides its history, current repertoire and gallery ...
Score: 11.06 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Illinois' Punk Rock Access

Listing of punk rock bands and upcoming Shows in Illinois.
Score: 10.62 Category: Music\Styles

Jim Gamble Puppet Productions

Extensive repertoire of original state-of-the-art productions, each with its own ...
Score: 10.44 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Kelly, Kevin

Magic and Puppet Shows for adults, families, and children in ...
Score: 10.42 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

The Puppet People

A professional touring Puppet company based in New York, utilizing ...
Score: 10.41 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

ModularHose: Armatures

A modular, poseable hose system that can be adapted and ...
Score: 10.41 Category: Animation\Stop-Motion

Andrew Kim

Creates Puppet and mask plays, pageants, parades with theaters and ...
Score: 10.41 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Puppet Master

Includes detailed information and news about the Puppet Master movies ...
Score: 10.40 Category: Movies\Titles

Friends Puppet

Offer character education Puppet adventures in Vancouver, Washington. Children will ...
Score: 10.34 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Burt the Raccoon Puppet Show

Educational children's entertainment suitable for school Shows, libraries, nature centers ...
Score: 10.32 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Bennett, Wanda

Scotland-based commercial artist Shows works in basket weaving, fabric and ...
Score: 10.22 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Mountain Marionettes

A full time, professional Puppet company, specializing in fast-paced marionette ...
Score: 10.12 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Lambert Puppet Theatre

The only purpose built Puppet theatre in Ireland. The theatre ...
Score: 10.09 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Miss Carol's Magical Puppetime

These delightful and interactive Puppet Shows combine puppetry with music, ...
Score: 10.03 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

From Art to Finished Puppet

An Interview with head of the Puppet department on Tim ...
Score: 10.01 Category: Animation\Stop-Motion

Carousel Puppets

Puppet Shows for all occasions. Large and colorful marionettes and ...
Score: 9.93 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

I Burattini di Mario Magonio

Information about the Puppet Theatre of Mario Magonio, of Genoa, ...
Score: 9.92 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

The Kids on the Block Puppet Program

Hands-On Education is the premier presenter of The Kids on ...
Score: 9.84 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

The Sound of Illinois Barbershop Chorus

Meeting Tuesdays in the Bloomington Consistory, they are one of ...
Score: 9.73 Category: Music\Vocal

Puppet India

A site dedicated to the puppetry art form in India. ...
Score: 9.69 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

At Last, Foam Puppet Fabrication Explained!

Article from Animation World Magazine. An overview of the general ...
Score: 9.61 Category: Animation\Stop-Motion

Puppet House Performing Arts Theatre

Performing arts theatre and Puppet museum in Branford CT. Originally ...
Score: 9.35 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry


Metal and rock band from Illinois. Upcoming Shows, song list, ...
Score: 9.31 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Selander, Jeff

Illinois-based watercolor painter Shows representational works. Prints.
Score: 9.31 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Belletynee, Eric

From Illinois performing traditional style Shows. Includes publicity photo and ...
Score: 9.21 Category: Performing Arts\Comedy


Illinois Christian rock band. Sound bites, pictures, news, and upcoming ...
Score: 9.21 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

University of Illinois at Chicago

For more than a century, the University of Illinois at ...
Score: 9.18 Category: Education\Cultures and Groups

University of Connecticut Puppetry Program

The University of Connecticut offers the only Puppet Arts Training ...
Score: 9.18 Category: Performing Arts\Education


Chicago, Illinois pop trio. Photos, lyrics, art work, biography, and ...
Score: 9.12 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Soker, Dina

Illinois-based painter Shows works focused on color. Abstracts and floral ...
Score: 9.12 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

ADF Partytime Magic Andy

Based in Lisburn, we are Northern Irelands premier supplier of ...
Score: 9.04 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Hot Rocks

Tribute show based in Illinois. Includes upcoming Shows, photo album ...
Score: 9.03 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Innocence Lost

Algonquin, Illinois nu-metal band. News, biography, upcoming Shows, pictures, guestbook, ...
Score: 9.03 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Little Stage Puppet Theater

Located in city of Monrovia area, it Shows children's plays, ...
Score: 8.97 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Special Order

Hard rock band from Woodridge, Illinois; includes biography, audio samples, ...
Score: 8.94 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Jan's Clan Puppets

Jan's Clan is one of Chicagoland's most unique and fun ...
Score: 8.86 Category: Performing Arts

Anderson, Stephen W.

Illinois artist Shows portraits, fantasy tableaux, and figurative scenes. Folk ...
Score: 8.85 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Lord Blasphemer

Thrash death metal rock band from Chicago Illinois. News of ...
Score: 8.85 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Anthony, James

Strolling magic to full stage Shows, primarily working in Wisconsin ...
Score: 8.85 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Heart of Illinois

Sweet Adelines chorus from East Peoria, Illinois.
Score: 8.70 Category: Music\Vocal

Entertainment Ave: The BoDeans

Review of a concert at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, ...
Score: 8.69 Category: Music\Styles

Missing 55

The 1998 Illinois District High School Champion quartet from Chatham, Illinois
Score: 8.69 Category: Music\Vocal

Quad City Music Guild

Community theater group performing in Moline, Illinois. Company history, current ...
Score: 8.68 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre


A barbershop quartet from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ...
Score: 8.63 Category: Music\Vocal

Anime Association of Northern Illinois University

[DeKalb, Illinois, USA at Northern Illinois University] Location, club history, ...
Score: 8.58 Category: Animation\Anime


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