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How To Do Magic Tricks

Learn easy card Tricks, coin and street magic Tricks, levitation ...
Score: 11.80 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Mentalism and Mind Reading

Home of cool mentalism and magic Tricks.
Mentalism Knowledge is ...
Score: 11.26 Category: Entertainment


Over 50 single and double diabolo Tricks, Tricks for three ...
Score: 11.23 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Dave Barnes: 2 Diabolos

Tips on how to begin, glossary of Tricks, movies of ...
Score: 11.23 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

The Magic Tricks Archive!

Magic Tricks Archive: a collection of free and easy to ...
Score: 10.87 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Mighty Tricks

Features a lot of magic Tricks. Dedicated to magic Tricks, ...
Score: 9.67 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Free Magic Tricks

Offers free magic Tricks including card Tricks and coin magic, ...
Score: 9.54 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Practice Not Included

Resource for learning sleight of hand in card Tricks. Invented ...
Score: 9.41 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Magic School

Magic School providing magic lessons in how to do magic ...
Score: 9.35 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

I Saw That!

Original close-up and stand-up magic, books, and Tricks with presentations ...
Score: 9.32 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Genii, The Conjurors' Magazine

News from the magic world, reviews of Tricks, tapes and ...
Score: 9.26 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Tricks Tutorials

Provides forum, tutorials, pictures and video clips for performing acrobatic, ...
Score: 8.83 Category: Performing Arts\Acrobatics


Louisville magician MagicTom entertains at Kentucky trade shows. See a ...
Score: 8.82 Category: Performing Arts\Magic


Online community of meteor and poi spinners. Discussions regarding moves ...
Score: 8.82 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Gafney Photo Tips and Tricks

Basic photography learning with easy to follow tips and Tricks.
Score: 8.81 Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Tricks With Hats

Provides instructions for many hat-manipulation Tricks, with mpeg video clips ...
Score: 8.79 Category: Performing Arts\Circus


High tech site featuring 'extreme' magic Tricks, teaching videos. Learn ...
Score: 8.72 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

California Clown School

Professional training in clowning skills to use for entertaining children, ...
Score: 8.67 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Lance Burton: Master Magician

Learn secrets behind Burton's magic Tricks, join his fan club, ...
Score: 8.63 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the Trade presents Philip DePalo. A comic juggler ...
Score: 8.30 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Black's Magic & Street Magic Magazine

A Portal featuring 'extreme' magic Tricks, DVDs, and download instruction ...
Score: 8.07 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

T.A. Hamilton Magic Supplies

Professional magic catalog of Tricks, illusions and magician supplies. Free ...
Score: 7.96 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Hats And Rabbits

Magic Tricks, card Tricks: news for magicians, magic entertainers and ...
Score: 7.93 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

JK's Contact Juggling

How to, Tricks, reviews, and links.
Score: 6.26 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Real Magic Online

Tricks you can do on your computer.
Score: 6.26 Category: Performing Arts\Magic


Resource for inspiration, patterns, tips and Tricks.
Score: 6.20 Category: Crafts\Knitting

Magician's Network

Talk about magic with other magicians and learn many Tricks ...
Score: 6.13 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Mind Ellusions

Free magic Tricks for an aspiring magician.
Score: 6.13 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Professor Wonder

Ideas for balloon animal crafts and magic Tricks.
Score: 6.13 Category: Crafts\Personal

Simeon's World of Magic

Internet magician offers online Tricks.
Score: 6.07 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Diabolo Trix

Description of basic through advanced Tricks and a message board.
Score: 6.07 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Stitchers Needle

Offers instructions, patterns, tips, and Tricks for crafters.
Score: 6.07 Category: Crafts\Needlework

Tricks of the Trade

Children's and close-up magician. Site also has other acts available ...
Score: 6.07 Category: Performing Arts\Magic


Magic resource with Tricks, videos, chat, auctions, links, and shops.
Score: 6.00 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Clown Kevin

Games, magic Tricks, secrets, tips, skits, and links.
Score: 6.00 Category: Performing Arts\Performers

I Forge Iron

Blacksmithing reference of how-to blueprints, tools and Tricks of the ...
Score: 6.00 Category: Crafts\Metal Craft


Pen spinning Tricks with photos and videos, different techniques, notation, ...
Score: 6.00 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Photo Quickies

A collection of tips and Tricks for beginner and amateurs ...
Score: 5.94 Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Magic Hat

Free Tricks, reviews and articles. Also features a monthly newsletter ...
Score: 5.94 Category: Performing Arts\Magic


Tricks, book and video reviews , photos, and links to ...
Score: 5.94 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Stupid Fan Tricks

News, weekly guest list, contests, biography, and quotes.
Score: 5.94 Category: Television\Programs

Trick Magic

Free online Tricks with illustrations. Related articles, links, downloads.
Score: 5.94 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

The Vanishing Rabbit

Free Tricks, and links to magician's sites, clubs, magazines, and ...
Score: 5.94 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Monty's World of Magic

Variety of Tricks and supplies for all ages. Calendar of ...
Score: 5.94 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Street Magic

Offers Tricks and tips, downloadable videos, free newsletter, and a ...
Score: 5.94 Category: Performing Arts\Magic


A rest-stop for aspiring playwrights. Tips, Tricks, and techniques. Articles, ...
Score: 5.88 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Songwriter's Tip Jar, The

Focused solely on the creative side of songwriting with tips, ...
Score: 5.88 Category: Music\Songwriting


Over 100 videos of devilstick Tricks for all levels of ...
Score: 5.88 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Aldridge, Clarke

Close-up Tricks with cards, coins, keys and other small props. ...
Score: 5.88 Category: Performing Arts\Magic


A community site for devilstick jugglers. Topics include news, Tricks, ...
Score: 5.88 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Contact Juggling

Workshops, essays, FAQ, links, and video and written instructions on ...
Score: 5.82 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Berks Quilters Guild

Provides information about meeting schedule, activities and shows, as well ...
Score: 5.82 Category: Crafts\Quilting

Achilles, Karl

Tricks, illusions and escapes in the tradition of Houdini. Customized ...
Score: 5.82 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Schneider, Jason

A mix of magic and sideshow acts, including fire eating, ...
Score: 5.76 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Balloon Tales

Online guide to comic book lettering and production. Features tips ...
Score: 5.76 Category: Comics\Resources

Smith, Darren

Evangelist and Christian illusionist, performances range from card Tricks to ...
Score: 5.71 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Watson, Malcolm

Stand up and close up magic, biography and booking. Sample ...
Score: 5.71 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Quark Vs. InDesign

Provides timely and unbiased information on both products. Includes news, ...
Score: 5.71 Category: Graphic Design\Resources

Juggling World

Juggler and equipment supplier. Listing biography, booking information, guestbook, Tricks, ...
Score: 5.71 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

KG and the Ranger

Classic cowboy songs, harmony yodeling, rope Tricks. Audio clips, album ...
Score: 5.71 Category: Music\Bands and Artists


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