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Metropolitan Opera Guild

Supports the Metropolitan Opera in New York and encourages the ...
Score: 18.26 Category: Music\Styles

Metropolitan Opera

(NY) Complete information, history, and other Opera resources
Score: 13.96 Category: Music\Styles

Metropolitan Opera History

A history of one of the world's leading Opera companies.
Score: 12.65 Category: Music\Styles

ChevronTexaco Opera Information Center

Developed by the Metropolitan Opera Guild. Includes radio broadcasts, station ...
Score: 12.25 Category: Music\Styles

Eastern Metropolitan Opera

Schedule and past performances. Melbourne.
Score: 11.84 Category: Music\Styles

Izotov, Eugene

Principal oboist of the Metropolitan Opera. Biography, sound files, press ...
Score: 11.24 Category: Music\Instruments

Morris, Kenneth

Biography, performances, repertoire, pictures, and RealAudio clips for this tenor ...
Score: 11.24 Category: Music\Vocal


Opera news, features, Opera reviews, interviews of leading Opera stars ...
Score: 11.05 Category: Music\Styles

American Ballet Theatre

Annual 8-week season at the Metropolitan Opera House. Schedules, dancers' ...
Score: 11.02 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Metropolitan Opera History

Profiles of famous Met singers, such as Mathilde Bauermeister, Celestina ...
Score: 10.91 Category: Music\Directories

Howard Hanson

Biography, discography and information about the premier at the Metropolitan ...
Score: 10.81 Category: Music\Composition

Lucia di Lammermoor: Synopsis

Act by act overview provided by the New York Metropolitan ...
Score: 10.77 Category: Music\Styles

La Bohème: Synopsis

New York's Metropolitan Opera provides an act by act summary ...
Score: 10.77 Category: Music\Styles


Metropolitan Opera broadcasts database including a complete radio/television program list, ...
Score: 10.70 Category: Music\Styles

Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions

Event held annually at fifteen locations in the US and ...
Score: 10.50 Category: Music\Resources

Opera Volunteers International

Opera Volunteers International is a nonprofit, volunteer-led service organization. We ...
Score: 10.44 Category: Music\Styles

Hand, Frederic

Guitarist and composer, serving as the (New York) Metropolitan Opera's ...
Score: 10.21 Category: Music\Instruments

Opera Factory

Training company for developing Opera singers presents Opera and Opera ...
Score: 9.91 Category: Music\Styles

Washington Metropolitan Youth Orchestra

Schedule and audition information. Sponsored by the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic.
Score: 9.63 Category: Music\Styles

Southland Opera

An ambitious community outreach Opera company in Southern California; breathing ...
Score: 9.42 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre


Australian magazine offering articles on Opera and plot summaries of ...
Score: 9.42 Category: Music\Styles

Opera Smackdown

Streaming broadcast of Opera music who has been listening to ...
Score: 9.39 Category: Music\Sound Files

Central City Opera

Historic 1878 Opera House,Opera performed in English.
Score: 9.39 Category: Music\Styles

All about Opera, with links to Opera houses, Lieder, and ...
Score: 9.33 Category: Music\Styles

US Opera: Gallantry

Opera by Douglas Moore. Offers information about the Opera including ...
Score: 9.31 Category: Music\Composition

White Horse Opera

Stages Opera sung in English. Includes its schedule, history of ...
Score: 9.16 Category: Music\Styles

Opera Brava

Professional Opera company specialising in touring Opera, corporate events, and ...
Score: 9.16 Category: Music\Styles

Opera South East

Opera sung in English, plus concerts. Site provides schedule, photo ...
Score: 8.85 Category: Music\Styles

Center for Contemporary Opera

(NY) Dedicated to the creation and performance of contemporary American ...
Score: 8.72 Category: Music\Styles

Opera Reviews @

Opera reviews from the Royal Opera House, The Coliseum and ...
Score: 8.59 Category: Music\Styles

OPERA America: The Service Organization for Opera

National service organization based in New York supports Opera and ...
Score: 8.53 Category: Music\Styles

A&A Tickets Online: Venice Opera Tickets

Venice Opera Tickets is your gateway to superb Opera and ...
Score: 8.51 Category: Entertainment

San Antonio Metropolitan Ballet

San Antonio Metropolitan Ballet is a pre-professional company dedicated to ...
Score: 8.33 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Impressionist and Postimpressionist Masterpieces: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Annenberg Collection of Impressionist and Postimpressionist Masterpieces features fifty-three ...
Score: 8.25 Category: Art History\Periods and Movements

New England Marionette Opera

New England Marionette Opera Theatre, Peterborough, NH, (90 minutes from ...
Score: 8.20 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Opera Holland Park

Official website of London summer Opera festival.
Score: 7.93 Category: Music\Styles

Opera for the Young

(Touring) A professional Opera company performing in schools throughout the ...
Score: 7.93 Category: Music\Education

Lowell House Opera

Photos from the March, 2000 production of Beggar's Opera.
Score: 7.93 Category: Literature\Authors


Details of the Opera-L mailing list and how to subscribe, ...
Score: 7.93 Category: Music\Styles

Opera Jamboree

Articles, reviews, and recipes, all related to the joy of ...
Score: 7.93 Category: Music\Styles

Stories of the Operas: Die Fledermaus

A synopsis of the Strauss Opera from Opera News.
Score: 7.93 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Martinez Opera

(CA) Regional Opera company in northern California area
Score: 7.92 Category: Music\Styles - Opera

Opera reviews, graphics, schedules, links.
Score: 7.92 Category: Music\Styles

North Star Opera

Group of UK singers, available for concerts and Opera performances.
Score: 7.92 Category: Music\Styles

Opera at Bearwood

Grand Opera group. Information on production and bookings.
Score: 7.92 Category: Music\Styles

Opera Omnibus

Presents grand Opera, in English, in the Haslemere area.
Score: 7.92 Category: Music\Styles

Portland Opera Repertory Theatre

(ME) Production of major Opera and other events
Score: 7.92 Category: Music\Styles

Los Angeles Opera

List of performances of artist at the Opera house.
Score: 7.92 Category: Music\Vocal

Pittsburgh Opera

(PA) Eighth-oldest Opera company in the U.S. Major works presented ...
Score: 7.91 Category: Music\Styles

The Opera Schedule Server

Globally searchable user-updated database for Opera schedules.
Score: 7.91 Category: Music\Styles

Cleveland Opera

Presents Opera, operettas, and musicals at the State Theatre in ...
Score: 7.91 Category: Music\Styles

Festival Mozart Open

Classical Opera, chamber Opera, puppets and visual theatre.
Score: 7.91 Category: Music\Composition

California Opera Association

Non-profit organization dedicated to artistic education and enrichment in Opera.
Score: 7.91 Category: Music\Styles

Opera Ebony

(NY) African-American Opera company. Information about artists, tours and projects.
Score: 7.91 Category: Music\Styles

The Santa Fe Opera

Over 2,000 seat open-air amphitheater offers Opera each summer.
Score: 7.91 Category: Music\Styles

New York Grand Opera Company

(NY) Performances, repertoire. Free Opera in Central Park
Score: 7.91 Category: Music\Styles

Wozzeck: Expressionist Opera

Discussion of the story, dramatic themes, music, and history of ...
Score: 7.91 Category: Music\Composition

Copley, John Singleton - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Learn about the renowned American portraitist John Singleton Copley and ...
Score: 7.90 Category: Art History\Artists

Opera della Luna

(UK) A chamber Opera company producing a wide variety of ...
Score: 7.89 Category: Music\Styles

The Royal Opera: Opera Synopses

On ongoing collection, starting with the 2001/2002 season in London, ...
Score: 7.89 Category: Music\Styles


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