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Detroit record Label focused on a minimal electro style. MP3 ...
Score: 10.88 Category: Music\Styles

Product Design, Industrial Design and Concept Design

We are a Product Design Consultancy offering Product design, development ...
Score: 9.41 Category: Design\Industrial

4AD: Piano Magic

News, biography, and Label discography; from their recent record Label.
Score: 8.79 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

4AD: Red House Painters

Label discography, profile, images, and music video from their record ...
Score: 8.73 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Jaeger, Stefan

Website of Germany based freelance Product designer, who provides Product ...
Score: 8.69 Category: Design\Industrial

4AD: Mountain Goats

Label site includes news, profile, images, Label discography, and tour ...
Score: 8.68 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Cityslang: Notwist

Record Label's page dedicated to the band, including tour dates, ...
Score: 8.40 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Westwood, Vivienne

Red Label, Gold Label, Man, and Anglomania collections galleries plus ...
Score: 8.34 Category: Design\Fashion

Business Week: Sopranos Product Placements

Index of articles discussing Product placements found in the show.
Score: 8.29 Category: Television\Programs

Stanford Product Design

The program at Stanford University that teaches art to engineers ...
Score: 8.27 Category: Design\Industrial

3D Product Modelling studio

3DYantram a Product Modeling Design Studio - our Designer expert ...
Score: 8.14 Category: Animation

Bandai Entertainment

New release information, Product announcements, company news and information, Product ...
Score: 8.03 Category: Animation\Anime

New York Post: Indiana Jodie and the Temple of Product Placement

How much of the budget was provided by Progresso soup ...
Score: 7.95 Category: Movies\Titles

Product development

Bangkokian provides the integrated Product development system. With approach of ...
Score: 7.85 Category: Design\Industrial

PER Design

PER Design is an award-winning Product design group, based in ...
Score: 7.76 Category: Design\Industrial

Blu Bac Records Official Website

Indie record Label based in Cleveland, Ohio's. Information about the ...
Score: 7.74 Category: Music\Women in Music

Beyond the World Music Label

Article by scholar Jocelyne Guilbault (UC Berkeley) looking at current ...
Score: 7.61 Category: Music\Styles

Digital Printing Custom Product Labels

Go digital with white ink printing on clear custom Product ...
Score: 7.48 Category: Design

ATCR: A Trance Communication Release

Oxford based Trance Label. Artists include Pulser, Insigma, Goldenscan, DJ ...
Score: 7.38 Category: Music\Styles

Backdropsource - Photography Backgrounds, Backdrops stands, Lighting accessories

Backdropsource is an online seller of Photography Backdrops backgrounds, Complete ...
Score: 7.33 Category: Photography

Freelance Graphic & Web Designers

A well conceptualised and designed brochure / poster / logo ...
Score: 7.27 Category: Graphic Design\Graphic Designers

BBC News - Britney Label Settles Online Lawsuit

"The independent Label behind Britney Spears settles its infringement lawsuit ...
Score: 7.18 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Furniture Design, Product Design And Woodworking

Art and Design Department of Northern Michigan University offers four-year ...
Score: 7.07 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Barcode Generator & Card Label Designing Solutions

Barcode Generator & Card Label Designing Solutions for all types ...
Score: 6.91 Category: Art History

Barcode Label Maker Software

Professional version of Barcode Label Maker Software empowers users to ...
Score: 6.84 Category: Graphic Design

Specialist award winning food photographers - London and Budapest

Paul Williams studio has been photographing professional photography for 25 ...
Score: 6.75 Category: Photography

Construction and Building Material

McGraw-Hill Construction's Sweets Network helps contractors compare a wide range ...
Score: 6.67 Category: Architecture\Directories

Windsor Exports

Windsor Exports is part of Eastman Group, Founded in early ...
Score: 6.59 Category: Illustration\Historic Illustrators

Nancy's Knit Knacks

We offer a wide variety of unique products for fiber ...
Score: 6.47 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Factory One: Graphic Design Company

Factory One is Sydney based leading Graphic Design and Printing ...
Score: 6.46 Category: Graphic Design

Online music for mind body and soul

Contentio Music is an online independent record Label and store ...
Score: 6.29 Category: Music

Roland UK

Product gallery and e-shopping.
Score: 5.94 Category: Music\Instruments


Official Label's website
Score: 5.90 Category: Music\Bands and Artists


Official Label site.
Score: 5.90 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

BossArea - Product Reference

Descriptions of the available pedals.
Score: 5.88 Category: Music\Instruments

Pressure Sounds

Dub + Roots Label
Score: 5.84 Category: Music\Styles

Illusive Records

Freestyle record Label.
Score: 5.84 Category: Music\Styles


Company details, Product comparison and forum.
Score: 5.81 Category: Music\Instruments


Product information for their perfumes as well as free downloads.
Score: 5.81 Category: Design\Fashion

Product of the Philippines

Fan site of Lea Salonga.
Score: 5.81 Category: Entertainment\People

Design D. Kulik

Pictures of graphic and Product designs.
Score: 5.81 Category: Design\Industrial

Projekt: LovesLiesCrushing

Record Label page with discography.
Score: 5.77 Category: Music\Styles

Sony Classical

Official record Label site.
Score: 5.77 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Birdman Records: Foetus

Profile from his new record Label.
Score: 5.77 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

4AD: A. R. Kane

Profile of the band from the record Label.
Score: 5.77 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

4AD: Bauhaus

Profile, images, and Label discography.
Score: 5.77 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Tremolo Records

UK psychedelic surf music Label.
Score: 5.77 Category: Music\Styles

Deutsche Grammophon

News, biography, and Label discography.
Score: 5.77 Category: Music\Vocal

Teenbeat: Unrest

Profile and discography from their record Label.
Score: 5.77 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Mute: Pussy Galore

Biography and Label discography.
Score: 5.77 Category: Music\Styles

PaperClay Products

Technical information, how it works, and Product descriptions.
Score: 5.75 Category: Crafts\Modeling Compounds

i-Fi Networks

Interactive television and broadband Product development and design.
Score: 5.75 Category: Television\Interactive


Located in Wiesbaden, Germany. Product and service information.
Score: 5.75 Category: Music\Instruments


CD and Product reviews, lessons, interviews, favorites, and links.
Score: 5.75 Category: Music\Instruments


Product information on the analog synthesizer and accessory company.
Score: 5.75 Category: Music\Instruments

Cropping Cactus

Share layouts, Product reviews and inspiration.
Score: 5.75 Category: Crafts\Scrapbooking

Simulated Comic Product

Weekly cartoon by Kevin Forbes.
Score: 5.75 Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels

Homespun Tapes: Peter Rowan

Brief profile and Product information.
Score: 5.75 Category: Music\Styles

Karmic Hit

The recording studio/Label that the Kilbey brothers own.
Score: 5.71 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Go-Kart Records: Lunachicks

Profile of the band from their record Label.
Score: 5.71 Category: Music\Bands and Artists


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