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Fassett, Kaffe

Annie's Attic is located in Berne, Ind. The company published ...
Score: 17.35 Category: Crafts\Needlework

Marla's Crochet Room

Links to free baby patterns and Crochet Pattern sites.
Score: 17.04 Category: Crafts\Crochet

WF Pattern Page Index

Crochet and knit Pattern links from the Warming Families charity ...
Score: 17.00 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Crochet 'N' More

Free patterns, tutorials, charity links, tips, and how to read ...
Score: 16.40 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Cute Crochet

The patterns offered here are designed exclusively for this website ...
Score: 15.87 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Diane Langan Crochet Designs

My name is Diane Langan. I am 40 something years ...
Score: 15.85 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Barbie/Fashion Doll Patterns

Free knit and Crochet patterns for Barbie, and other 11- ...
Score: 15.20 Category: Crafts\Knitting

Stitch Diva Studios

Stitch Diva Studios provides innovative, easy-to-follow knit and Crochet patterns ...
Score: 15.13 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Crochet A Fashion Doll Dress

Free crocheted dress instructions for an 11 1/2" fashion Doll.
Score: 15.10 Category: Crafts\Doll Making

Yarn Lovers Room

Convert knitting patterns to Crochet patterns. Convert needle size to ...
Score: 14.82 Category: Crafts\Knitting

Little Love Cherub

Pattern for jointed Doll with tiny wings.
Score: 14.22 Category: Crafts\Doll Making

History of the Doll

The Doll's history traced back by historians to religious rites ...
Score: 13.83 Category: Crafts\Doll Making

Hass Design Crochet: filet crochet classes

Learn how to Crochet in online Delta and Filet Crochet ...
Score: 13.66 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Cloth Doll Connection

Offers classes and a shopping directory for cloth Doll makers ...
Score: 13.46 Category: Crafts\Doll Making

Crochet with Debgirlpower

Photos of completed projects, a free Pattern each month, and ...
Score: 13.36 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Heirloom Crochet

A large selection of vintage and antique Crochet and lace ...
Score: 13.27 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Jessica Tromp

There are not only free knitting patterns for women here, ...
Score: 13.03 Category: Crafts\Knitting

Judy Gibson: Original Knitting Patterns

Free Pattern designs include lace, Doll clothes, mittens, socks, caps, ...
Score: 12.98 Category: Crafts\Knitting

Trish's Crochet Treasures

Original designs for projects such as Doll clothing, doilies, and ...
Score: 12.96 Category: Crafts\Crochet

MaryEllen's Crochet Homepage

Original designs. Each Pattern requires worsted weight yarn and includes ...
Score: 12.96 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Crochet Memories

Our patterns come in an easy to read format with ...
Score: 12.92 Category: Crafts\Crochet


Original Doll designs by Aunt B for Ken dolls, as ...
Score: 12.79 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Learn Crochet Now Crochet Forum

Place to discuss patterns and find help and information. There ...
Score: 12.73 Category: Crafts\Crochet

C is for crochet

Extensive list of Crochet links and resources arranged alphabetically. Original ...
Score: 12.60 Category: Crafts\Crochet Crochet

News on seasonal trends, free Pattern and graph downloads, chat ...
Score: 12.58 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Marie-Claude Dupont, Doll Artist

Qubec, Canada. Original work by Doll Artist Marie-Claude Dupont. An ...
Score: 12.55 Category: Crafts\Doll Making

ODACA - Original Doll Artist Council of America

Organization for promoting original Doll artists and their works. Offers ...
Score: 12.53 Category: Crafts\Doll Making

Following Bliss: Crochet Corner

Features author information, pictures of completed items, an original drawstring ...
Score: 12.46 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Angela's World

Home of La Vonne's Not Just Knits. Professional designer from ...
Score: 12.06 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Shona's Place: Crochet Pattern Links

Links to afghans, doilies, hair accessories, clothing, baby items, tableclothes, ...
Score: 12.00 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Suite101: Knitting & Crochet

A knitting and Crochet column filled with information, tips, instruction, ...
Score: 11.67 Category: Crafts\Knitting

Asian Dolls

Doll N'asian offers distinct handmade cloth dolls representing asian countries ...
Score: 11.29 Category: Crafts\Doll Making

National Institute of American Doll Artists

NIADA, Dedicated to the Art of the Doll
Score: 11.18 Category: Crafts\Modeling Compounds

Make a Handkerchief Doll

Instructions on making a simple Doll, and the history behind ...
Score: 11.17 Category: Crafts\Doll Making

Artistic Expressions Doll Academy

Doll making classes in Silver Spring, Maryland.
Score: 11.16 Category: Crafts\Doll Making

The Cursed Living Doll

A story about a Prince under curse and becomes a ...
Score: 11.12 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

The Crochet Basket

Crochet handmade products: blankets, layette sets, bibs, dress, headbands, bottle ...
Score: 10.98 Category: Crafts

Cloth Doll Supply - Free Patterns

Instructions for pin Doll, angel with doily wings, and 1920s-style ...
Score: 10.89 Category: Crafts\Doll Making

Print & Pattern

Thoughts and finds of a designer and trend forecaster with ...
Score: 10.73 Category: Design\Weblogs

Crochet Me

An online Crochet magazine, updated throughout the year, providing free ...
Score: 10.67 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Daphne's Crochet Tutorial

Crochet abbreviations, symbols, stitches and know how.
Score: 10.67 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Gina B. Tats

Members of the Red Hat Society will find a Pattern ...
Score: 10.65 Category: Crafts\Lacemaking

Pacy Crochets

Some free patterns, how to Crochet with plastic bags, favorite ...
Score: 10.63 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Sherri's Crochet

Free original Crochet patterns, photos of completed projects, and several ...
Score: 10.63 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Beth's Justin Hayward Doll

Featuring the Doll fashioned after the lead singer/songwriter of the ...
Score: 10.58 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Alternate Pattern

Set in a world based on Robert Jordan's The Wheel ...
Score: 10.53 Category: Literature\Genres

Crochet Site

Photos of completed projects, photo gallery, and links to other ...
Score: 10.51 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Annie's Attic

Crochet, plastic canvas and craft designs.Individual patterns and series, hardcover ...
Score: 10.51 Category: Crafts\Crochet

The Doll House

Devoted to the study and discussion of the author of ...
Score: 10.45 Category: Literature\World Literature

Patchwork Crochet

Illustrated basic stitch guide, as well as a few online ...
Score: 10.44 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Sharon Hallingdal is The Living Doll

This Robot/Mime performer amazes audiences with her comedic character, "The ...
Score: 10.43 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Contemporary Doll Collector Magazine

Offers subscription to magazine featuring Doll artists, how to collect, ...
Score: 10.40 Category: Crafts\Doll Making

Buckets Gone Wild

Five gallon bucket organizer Pattern for crafts, dollmaking and quilt ...
Score: 10.39 Category: Crafts\Needlework

Tribe: Crochet

Forum to talk about Crochet.
Score: 10.37 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Crochet Snowflakes

Group shares information on patterns, materials and designing tips. Members ...
Score: 10.30 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Shifio patterns

Shifio's Patterns provides easy to follow knitting and Crochet patterns. ...
Score: 10.18 Category: Crafts

Crochet Guild Of America

CGOA is a national non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the ...
Score: 10.15 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Age's Crochet Pages

Afghans, granny squares, doilies, garments, holiday decor, and toys. Also ...
Score: 10.15 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Carey's Crafty Corner

Dedicated to keeping her Grandmother's love of Crochet alive. Offers ...
Score: 10.15 Category: Crafts\Crochet

Smart Crochet

Subscription site offers hundreds of original filet Crochet patterns. Several ...
Score: 10.03 Category: Crafts\Crochet


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