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Me? I thought, OBE me? Up yours, I thought

Guardian article by the poet on rejecting the offer of ...
Score: 9.45 Category: Literature\Poetry

Phoenix by Dale Sprague

These compositions originate from instinctive impulse, and without over endeavoring ...
Score: 9.40 Category: Genres\Literary Fiction

UK Onscreen

I am really interested in film-making and I love the ...
Score: 9.07 Category: Movies\Trivia

Autumn rain

Autumn rain is actually an screenshot archive of the shots ...
Score: 7.63 Category: Animation\Anime

Counted Cross Stitch Patterns by Pinoy Stitch

Pinoy Stitch is an offspring of my two loves--Art and ...
Score: 7.40 Category: Crafts\Needlework

An Evolution in Thought

A tremendous evolution of Thought occurred within my own thinking. ...
Score: 7.36 Category: Genres\Literary Fiction

Metacritic.com: The Very Thought of You

Links To movie reviews.
Score: 6.70 Category: Movies\Titles

Puppets of Thought

A collection of dark themed poems.
Score: 6.63 Category: Online Writing\Poetry

And You Thought They'd Canceled Combat!

Small collection of fan fiction.
Score: 6.56 Category: Television\Programs

Bantleman, R. - Food for Thought

For writers of poetry and short stories.
Score: 6.56 Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Roger Ebert

"The best of three Star Wars films, and the most ...
Score: 6.56 Category: Movies\Titles

Sabet, Farhad

Poetry, pictures, Thought of the month, and political forums.
Score: 6.49 Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Page With No Name

Original writings, poetry, free Thought and author biography.
Score: 6.49 Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Geraghty , Adele C. - Just A Thought

Comedy and social satire by the Brooklyn writer.
Score: 6.49 Category: Online Writing\Non-Fiction

"I thought I was dying, I felt the cold up close . . ."

Includes the text of the poem.
Score: 6.49 Category: Literature\Authors

Apollo Leisure Guide

Review of the Thought-provoking and entertaining film.
Score: 6.49 Category: Movies\Titles

Jacket: Tom Clark's White Thought

Reviewed by Dale Smith.
Score: 6.49 Category: Literature\Authors

Epinions Dinosaur Reviews

Normal moviegoers weigh in on what they Thought of the ...
Score: 6.49 Category: Animation\Movies


Cook's Chromosome 6 rates a 10. Some say it is ...
Score: 6.49 Category: Literature\Authors

Thought Experiments Lain

Series introduction, terms glossary, and related links.
Score: 6.42 Category: Animation\Anime

Frazier, Jim

Conceptual illustrations for editorial use in a stylized Thought evoking ...
Score: 6.42 Category: Illustration\Illustrator Portfolios

The Notable Quotable

Journals that include a "Thought for the day" or famous ...
Score: 6.42 Category: Online Writing\Journals

Independent Thought Alarm

Forum for discussion by non-conformists and artists/writers/musicians.
Score: 6.42 Category: Humanities\Mailing Lists

Styptic - Thought and Image

Forum for stories, video, random thoughts, and other observations.
Score: 6.42 Category: Education\Magazines and E-zines

Castro, Steven - Shape of the Universe

A collection of philosophical Thought on a variety of subjects.
Score: 6.42 Category: Online Writing\Non-Fiction


A quarterly publication of crafted poetry, accomplished prose and quality ...
Score: 6.42 Category: Online Writing\E-zines

Apollo Leisure Guide

Review of the sad and Thought-provoking French film.
Score: 6.42 Category: Movies\Titles

Man of Honor: John Wayne

Dedicated To the actor, who symbolized what Americans Thought of ...
Score: 6.36 Category: Performing Arts\Acting

All-Reviews.com : Human Clay

MichaelT's review: "The album is Thought provoking, yet never preachy." ...
Score: 6.36 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Edward Herbert of Cherbury

Article on his life, career and Thought.
Score: 6.36 Category: Literature\Authors

Freak me out jimmy

Twisted vivisection of inspired art, sound manipulation, and Thought re-programming.
Score: 6.36 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

I Walked With a Zombie

TV Guide Online review of the "Thought-provoking, literate horror" film.
Score: 6.36 Category: Movies\Titles

I Thought I Was Dreaming

Song written by Greg Trooper and Steve Earle. WAV file
Score: 6.36 Category: Music\Styles

Barrington, R.A. - Private Correspondence

Collection of Thought-provoking letters, illustrated by paintings and photography.
Score: 6.36 Category: Online Writing\Non-Fiction

After All (1999) (TV)

An ambitious news reporter refuses To let anything come between ...
Score: 6.29 Category: Movies\Genres

Culture Vulture Review: Get Real

"funny, well made, and Thought provoking high school film"
Score: 6.29 Category: Movies\Titles

Stanley Kubrick

Official site dedicated To one of the most influential filmmakers, ...
Score: 6.29 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

SFcrowsnest: Downward to the Earth

Geoff Willmetts reviews this Thought-provoking science fiction work.
Score: 6.29 Category: Literature\Genres

Pitsker, Paul

Mixed-media art concerned with identity, inner reality, and the limits ...
Score: 6.29 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

UB40 - Food for Thought

Birmingham based site with information, discography and shed-loads of lyrics.
Score: 6.29 Category: Music\Bands and Artists


Story about a Shinigami, who's sent To earth for a ...
Score: 6.29 Category: Comics\Manga

Awkward Thought

New York hardcore punk band. Offers news, show dates, pictures ...
Score: 6.23 Category: Music\Bands and Artists


Filled with stories, poems, and drawings by people in all ...
Score: 6.23 Category: Education\Magazines and E-zines

BBC News: Soul Legend Edwin Starr Dies

Dead at the age of 61, after having what is ...
Score: 6.23 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Mark Scott Show

Thought provoking cyber talk radio and open discussion on individualism ...
Score: 6.23 Category: Radio\Formats

Eastwood, Christie - And Still the Statues Cry

A young woman's page of poetry. Contains Thought provoking, very ...
Score: 6.23 Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Dead Poets Society

"It's impossible To describe this movie without cringing at the ...
Score: 6.23 Category: Movies\Titles

Postmodern Culture

Electronic journal of interdisciplinary Thought on contemporary cultures. Includes essays, ...
Score: 6.23 Category: Visual Arts\Resources

Undermain Theatre

An ensemble of artists committed To providing our community with ...
Score: 6.23 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Comparative Religion

Resource for religious Thought and literature, covering major world religions, ...
Score: 6.23 Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales

William McGonagall: Quixote of the North

Article and appreciation of the "teetotal twit who Thought he ...
Score: 6.23 Category: Literature\Authors

Apollo Movie Guide: Very Thought of You

Review by Diane Selkirk, cast information, links and readers' ratings.
Score: 6.23 Category: Movies\Titles

A Cataclysm of Thought

By Alan Lightman. [Atlantic Monthly] The author reviews five epochal ...
Score: 6.23 Category: Literature\Authors

The British Theatre Guide: A Thought in Three Parts

Review of three short plays performed at Battersea Arts Centre.
Score: 6.23 Category: Literature\Drama

Essex Boys

"Just when you Thought it was safe To go back ...
Score: 6.17 Category: Movies\Titles

The Lyceum Fellowship

Promotes new talent by creating a vehicle for stimulating perceptive ...
Score: 6.17 Category: Architecture\Events

V for Vendetta Masks Haunting Message

Chilling and arresting, the projected events in “V for Vendetta” ...
Score: 6.11 Category: Movies\Titles

Me'marNashr Institute

Iranian body aiming To disseminate Thought and practice of architecture, ...
Score: 6.11 Category: Architecture\Associations

Self Annihilation

An organization based on a non-structured belief system and complete ...
Score: 6.11 Category: Music\Styles

The Nunc Sumus Journal

A quarterly publication devoted To the Thought and understanding of ...
Score: 6.11 Category: Education\Magazines and E-zines


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