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Journey of the Heart & Other Love Stories

Free online romance Stories about true love, with the option ...
Score: 10.98 Category: Online Writing\Fiction


Indian band performing top Bollywood hits, Bhangra and Gujrati folk ...
Score: 10.86 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Orion Tales

Downloadable original Stories and art published by the Orion Arm's ...
Score: 10.08 Category: Online Writing\E-zines

Ciammaichella, Dan

Christmas short Stories available for free download in Pdf form.
Score: 9.93 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

McCormick, Brian R.

Short Stories and a novel available as .Pdf files for ...
Score: 9.83 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Penn State's Electronic Classics Series: Rudyard Kipling

Several of the author's books and Stories available in Pdf ...
Score: 9.63 Category: Literature\Authors

Penn State's Electronic Classics Series: Herman Melville

Selected novels and short Stories available in Pdf.
Score: 9.63 Category: Literature\World Literature

Howard, Lance

Also known as Howard Hopkins. Includes book listings and excerpts, ...
Score: 8.94 Category: Literature\Genres

Sparks: A Literary Zine

This webzine is a virtual replication of a typical literary ...
Score: 8.94 Category: Online Writing\E-zines

The Star Trek Annotated Timeline and Reference Table

Downloadable reference that attempts to fix dates for the licensed ...
Score: 8.61 Category: Literature\Genres

Johann Mattheson

Listing at the Werner Icking Music Archive with sheet music ...
Score: 8.54 Category: Music\Composition

Palter, DC

I have put my short Stories here for you to ...
Score: 7.46 Category: Genres\Literary Fiction

The Underground

Punk Maneuverability's romance Stories, mostly pairing Mulder/Scully, but also some ...
Score: 7.33 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

More Short Stories

More Short Stories is a website by short story writers ...
Score: 7.28 Category: Literature\Short Stories

Scarenet Stories

Contains original short Stories and poems belonging to the horror ...
Score: 7.27 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Bluewolf Stories

Short Stories, true Stories, poems, quotes, and researched projects.
Score: 7.25 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

True Horse Stories

Here you can share your Stories - your encounters with ...
Score: 7.17 Category: Genres\Literary Fiction

Works in Progress and Update Archives

An archive for Stories that are not yet completed, including ...
Score: 7.15 Category: Television\Programs

Shawn and Belle: Fanfics and Chatter

Fan fiction board with Stories centering on the characters. Includes ...
Score: 7.07 Category: Television\Programs

Awakened Passions

Romantic love Stories based on true experiences. All Stories written ...
Score: 7.03 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Schwab, Helmut - American Short Stories and Others

Short Stories set mostly in America. Includes four Stories by ...
Score: 6.88 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Bewildering Stories

Bewildering Stories features experimental writing in science fiction, fantasy and ...
Score: 6.84 Category: Literature\Genres

Short Stories by George Sweeney

Short Stories by George Sweeney. The Stories include drama, suspense, ...
Score: 6.70 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Butterflies and Wheels

Our archive of news Stories relevant to the project of ...
Score: 6.64 Category: Humanities\Critical Theory

Two Such People

Fan fiction in Pdf format.
Score: 6.31 Category: Television\Programs

The Eyepiece Magazine

A Pdf Doctor Who fanzine.
Score: 6.31 Category: Television\Programs

Benjamin, Oliver

Three novels available in HTML or Pdf format.
Score: 6.24 Category: Online Writing\Fiction


Based on a 1904 publication. In Pdf, at SETIS. 764K.
Score: 6.18 Category: Literature\Authors


Archives of a machinima magazine Pdf from 2004 to 2005.
Score: 6.18 Category: Movies\Filmmaking


Pdf novel dealing with nanotechnology and space travel in the ...
Score: 6.18 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

At Midnight

Collection of short fiction. In Pdf, at SETIS. 612K.
Score: 6.18 Category: Literature\Authors

Mythology Stories of India

Retelling for children of many Stories such of the origin ...
Score: 6.12 Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales

Just So Stories

Illustrated e-text of Just So Stories, written by Rudyard Kipling ...
Score: 6.12 Category: Literature\Authors


Short and Long Stories, hosted Stories, and links to other ...
Score: 6.12 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Hardluck Stories

Short Stories, interviews, and reviews of hardboiled and noir fiction.
Score: 6.12 Category: Literature\Genres

Malachy's Web Stories

A site for short Stories, artwork, poetry and music.
Score: 6.12 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Yours Completely

Contains novels, short Stories, hosted Stories, tips, quizzes, and links.
Score: 6.12 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

The Witch and Other Stories

Fifteen Stories. In plain text, or zipped, at Project Gutenberg.
Score: 6.12 Category: Literature\World Literature

The Alliterates Writing Society Stories

A selection of various series Stories from a group of ...
Score: 6.12 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Greatest Story Ever Told

Collecting Stories about the scene, read Stories and submit your ...
Score: 6.12 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

201 Stories by Anton Chekhov

English versions of author's Stories, with annotations.
Score: 6.12 Category: Literature\World Literature

stories & more from charlie dickinson

A selection of the author's reviews, essays, Stories and poems.
Score: 6.12 Category: Literature\Authors

Gibson, Dan - Stories and Poetry

A collection of short Stories and poems.
Score: 6.11 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Comicbook Stories

Online comic book Stories by Kirk Sivertsen.
Score: 6.11 Category: Comics\Online

Backstreet Boys Stories

A collection of short fan fiction Stories.
Score: 6.11 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Hernandez, Arturo - Stories Bizarre

A collection of poems and short Stories.
Score: 6.11 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Oded Fehr Fanfiction and Other Stories

Fiction and original Stories by various authors.
Score: 6.11 Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Forever Love Stories

A website containing a selection of fictional romance Stories.
Score: 6.11 Category: Online Writing\Fiction


Cesar Franck's l'Organiste, in Pdf and MIDI format.
Score: 6.11 Category: Music\Styles

The Manor House

1875 collection of poetry. In Pdf, at SETIS. 333K.
Score: 6.11 Category: Literature\Authors

Dwyer, Benjamin

Picture, biography and selected works. Page available in Pdf.
Score: 6.11 Category: Music\Composition

Unspoken Thoughts

An 1887 collection of poetry, some of it religious. In ...
Score: 6.11 Category: Literature\Authors

The Hand in the Dark

A 1913 collection of verse. In Pdf, at SETIS. 212K.
Score: 6.11 Category: Literature\Authors

Spike's Music: Pete Seeger

Song sheets in Pdf format.
Score: 6.11 Category: Music\Styles


Pdf-based e-magazine devoted to cyberpunk and technological fiction.
Score: 6.11 Category: Literature\Genres

Sir Gibbie

Text is available online in several formats, including HTML and ...
Score: 6.11 Category: Literature\Authors

Mansfield Park

In plain text, Pdf, or TeX. At Project Gutenberg.
Score: 6.11 Category: Literature\Authors


Read original Stories starring the boys of Blur, Radiohead, and ...
Score: 6.11 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Anne's Story Page

A large archive of Stories by many authors and more ...
Score: 6.11 Category: Movies\Titles

Devine, Stephanie L. - Stosha's Stories

Short Stories and musings of a twenty-something aspiring writer.
Score: 6.11 Category: Online Writing\Fiction


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