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The Heroes, or Greek Fairy Tales for My Children

Tales Of Perseus, the Argonauts, and Theseus, by Charles Kingsley; ...
Score: 14.23 Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales

Swan, Anni

Children's writer and translator. Swan's fairy Tales were influenced by ...
Score: 12.47 Category: Literature\World Literature

Folktales from the Philippines

Site maintained by D.L. Ashliman, Dept Of Germanic Languages and ...
Score: 12.15 Category: Literature\World Literature

Greek Too!

Promotes the teaching Of classical Greek in schools and offers ...
Score: 12.07 Category: Humanities\Classics

The Greek Heroes

Tales Of Perseus, the Argonauts, and Theseus, by Charles Kingsley.
Score: 11.74 Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales

Greek Mythology and Creation Myths

Collection Of Greek myths and legends as well as Creation ...
Score: 11.74 Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales

The Greek Word - Three Millennia of Greek Literature

A bilingual (Greek / English) anthology Of all periods Of ...
Score: 11.58 Category: Classical Studies\Greek

The Greek Village Cafe - Greek Film Series

A semi-annual showcase Of Greek cinema by Cinematheque Ontario.
Score: 10.96 Category: Movies\Cultures and Groups


This Greek fan page includes information and activities Of the ...
Score: 10.89 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Edgar, John

Original Breton Folk Tales. Programme and event listings.
Score: 10.49 Category: Performing Arts\Storytelling

Theoi Project Guide to Greek Mythology

Encyclopedia Of Greek gods, spirits and monsters with detailed individual ...
Score: 10.39 Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales

Steve Bogdanoff

Bogdanoff's work is influenced by ancient Greek art; wall murals ...
Score: 10.37 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Barrett, Matt

Greek-American singer-songwriter who has been pop-Folk-rock for over 20 years ...
Score: 10.27 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Slovak National Fairy Tales - A Tribute to Pavol Dobsinsky

Information on the collector and editor Of Slovak Tales, with ...
Score: 10.20 Category: Literature\World Literature

Women in Greek Myths

A who's-who on all females in Greek mythology, with a ...
Score: 10.16 Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales

Greek Myths

A retelling Of selected Greek Myths. Particularly useful for children ...
Score: 10.16 Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales

Surbiton Hellenic Dance Group

Brief details Of this recreational Greek Folk dancing group including ...
Score: 9.76 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Gorshkov, Sergei

Conceptual Lubok. Variations on Russian Folk art themes using oil ...
Score: 9.68 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

A Variety Of Folk

Broadcasting traditional Folk, contemporary Folk, bluegrass, old-time, Celtic, and blues. ...
Score: 9.63 Category: Music\Styles

Rembetika, the Greek Urban Folk Music of the Early 20th Century.

A history, with CD reviews, bibliography, and a discussion Of ...
Score: 9.59 Category: Music\Styles

The Faerie Realm: Nature Spirits Of The World

A collection Of resources including poetry, visionary art, fae style ...
Score: 9.59 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy

Nicoletta 'Niki' Vaccar

Offers classes and private lessons in flamenco, Middle Eastern (Belly ...
Score: 9.50 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Barefoot Puppets

Heidi Rugg's shows feature world Folk-Tales and far-away lands with ...
Score: 9.50 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Mythography / the Greek Poet Sappho

learn about the Greek poet Sappho and how her poems ...
Score: 9.49 Category: Classical Studies\Greek

Australian Legendary Tales: Folk-Lore of the Noongahburrahs as Told to the Picaninnies

By Katherine Langloh Parker (1897), e-text from the Internet Sacred ...
Score: 9.37 Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales

Folk Roots List

Categorised listings Of Folk festivals, Folk and roots musicians, singers, ...
Score: 9.25 Category: Music\Styles

Greek Mythology

A reference Of Greek gods, goddesses, Titans, heros and monsters.
Score: 9.23 Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales

IMDb: Greek

Guide to Greek language films; browse or search by title.
Score: 9.23 Category: Movies\Cultures and Groups

Ultimate Nightmares Rulers

The website for a Greek Hip-Hop crew. All lyrics are ...
Score: 9.22 Category: Music\Styles

Greek Architecture

Explanations and examples Of the Greek order Of columns: The ...
Score: 9.22 Category: Architecture\History

Encyclopedia Mythica: Greek Mythology

Lists, tables Of genealogy, and information on the Greek gods ...
Score: 9.19 Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales

Nikos Gatsos

Biographical information about the modern Greek poet, with some poems ...
Score: 9.15 Category: Music\Lyrics

Syracuse International Folk Dancers

The place for International dancing in Syracuse, New York. Dancng ...
Score: 9.13 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

The Folk Art Society of America

A non-profit organization which advocates the discovery, study, documentation, preservation ...
Score: 9.11 Category: Visual Arts\Thematic

Rouvas, Sakis

Biography, discography, interviews, photo and video galleries Of this Greek ...
Score: 9.10 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

A Philippine Literature Page: Pinoylit

Learn about Filipino writers, their lives, their work, Philippine novels ...
Score: 9.09 Category: Literature\World Literature

UCSB Department of Classics

The Department Of Classics at UCSB includes 11 full-time faculty ...
Score: 9.08 Category: Humanities\Classics

Dedkova, Larissa - AllGraphica

Larissa Dedkova is a Toronto based illustrator specializing in fantasy, ...
Score: 9.07 Category: Visual Arts\Thematic

"Once Upon a Time" by Terri Windling

Writer/Editor/Artist Terri Windling explores myths, Folk lore and fairy Tales ...
Score: 9.07 Category: Art History\Periods and Movements

Shadowcraft Tales

Horror Tales individually created using personal information.
Score: 9.06 Category: Genres\Horror

Andersen Fairy Tales

Fully animated book brings classic Tales to life.
Score: 9.05 Category: Literature\Authors

Nostos: Portrait of the Greek Dance

Overview Of Greek dances from ancient times to the present ...
Score: 9.05 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Apostolidis, Vasily

Bowls, goblets, boxes, and artistic items mainly turned in olive ...
Score: 9.05 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Thinkquest: Greek Mythology

Student project comprising a library Of Greek myths and deities, ...
Score: 9.05 Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales

Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By

Fairytales and Folk Tales courtesy Of Whootie Owl. Award-winning site ...
Score: 9.04 Category: Education\Language Arts

Vassilis, Ketentzoglou

Greek guitarist, composer and musicologist. Includes biography, photographs, and samples ...
Score: 8.99 Category: Music\Instruments

Tales Etc.

Internet publishing Of new and original fiction, thrillers, poetry, short ...
Score: 8.98 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Dimitriadis, Nikos

Information on Greek ouds and playing traditions; includes biography, links, ...
Score: 8.93 Category: Music\Instruments

University College London - Department of Greek and Latin

Forthcoming events, course information, Classical web links and Greek alphabet ...
Score: 8.93 Category: Classical Studies\Academic Departments


One Of the only Greek Canadian bands to write and ...
Score: 8.93 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Fascinating World of Greek

Provides information and links to other resources in the Web ...
Score: 8.88 Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales


Greek site (in Greek and English) dedicated to the band ...
Score: 8.87 Category: Music\Styles

Ongoing Tales From the Past

Old time stories, fairy Tales, and poems brought to new ...
Score: 8.65 Category: Literature\Children's

Greek Literature in Translation

Features texts Of Antigone, Oedipus, and Agamemnon with notes on ...
Score: 8.64 Category: Classical Studies\Greek

Project Perseus: Texts and Translations

Scholarly Greek text with English translations, including nearly all the ...
Score: 8.64 Category: Literature\Drama

Go Greek! Mythos!

An all original cast Sailor Moon RPG, featuring sailor soldiers ...
Score: 8.64 Category: Animation\Anime

Latin and Greek Authors on the Web

Listings Of websites and webpages that are devoted to a ...
Score: 8.64 Category: Classical Studies - Greek Mythology

The Lost Info offers information and pictures about the gods, ...
Score: 8.63 Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales - Greek Mythology

Greek mythology offers extensive information and pictures on the gods, ...
Score: 8.63 Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales Greek Art

Pictures from museum collections, and essays on major movements and ...
Score: 8.63 Category: Art History\Periods and Movements


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