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Wood Fish Carvings by Ellen McCaleb

Realistic Fish carvings. Special order Fish from a photographs or ...
Score: 11.71 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Carson Carving

Since the early eighties I have been pursuing my passion ...
Score: 9.78 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Marti, Reto

Carver based in British Columbia, offering stone Carving and sculpting, ...
Score: 9.53 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Gun Carving by Bill Janney

Site has wood Carving classes, training videos, and high speed ...
Score: 9.53 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Carving Magazine Online

Includes current issue highlights and back issues, Carving and woodworking ...
Score: 9.41 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Ray Kinman

Renowned expert in the subject of relief Carving and professional ...
Score: 9.41 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

The House Of Ugly Fish: Fused Glass Art

British art company, The House of Ugly Fish, specialise in ...
Score: 9.31 Category: Visual Arts

Laughing Fish Studios

Wonderful selection of fine art gourds, Fish and relief prints, ...
Score: 9.16 Category: Visual Arts

Fanny Fish Fine Jewelry Designs

Fanny Fish, a San Francisco-based artist, creates a limited collection ...
Score: 9.11 Category: Crafts\Jewelry

Wood Carving Illustrated

How-to Carving magazine for wood carvers feature message board, carver ...
Score: 9.10 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Chipping Away

Information about chip Carving including free chip Carving patterns, tips, ...
Score: 9.09 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

New England Woodcarvers

A guide to wood Carving clubs, shows, and schools. A ...
Score: 9.05 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Bellorita, LLC

Bellorita creates elegant leather handbags and evening clutches for women, ...
Score: 8.98 Category: Design\Fashion

Wildfowl Carving Magazine

Online edition of a magazine devoted to bird Carving, including ...
Score: 8.97 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Pearl River Wood Carvers

Mid-Mississippi wood Carving club's classes, demonstrations and information on the ...
Score: 8.81 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Marble Carving in Italy

In the intensive workshops held from June to September, all ...
Score: 8.67 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Nora Hall Carving Designs

The website of master woodcarver Nora Hall, containing instructional woodcarving ...
Score: 8.63 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Gin's Place

I began Carving at the age of six when my ...
Score: 7.75 Category: Crafts\Basketry

Jennifer Tetlow Stone Sculpture

Playful and inventive carvings of animals and human figures in ...
Score: 7.28 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Spinning Fish

Artwork by Spencer Pierce Lunt II.
Score: 7.03 Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics

Siddle, Keith

Koi and tropical marine Fish artist.
Score: 6.95 Category: Visual Arts\Thematic

Frank, F.

Wild, graphic, colorful cartoony Fish paintings.
Score: 6.95 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Sowels, Chris

Images of world flowers, Fish, and butterflies.
Score: 6.95 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

US Fish and Wildlife Service Graphics

Images, pictures of animals and the ecosystem.
Score: 6.88 Category: Photography\Reference

Drowning Fish

Pop-punk band from Orange County, California.
Score: 6.88 Category: Music\Styles

The official Fish site

News, store, media downloads and photographs.
Score: 6.88 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Big Fish Audio

Samples, loops, and sound effects available to buy on CD ...
Score: 6.81 Category: Music\Sound Files

Hopko, Michael

Fish, octopi and sea turtles crafted at the Soulglass studio.
Score: 6.81 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

PGD Design

Wallpapers and CD covers by Puzdreac G. Dan, as well ...
Score: 6.74 Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics

Psychotic exotic blue

Shrine to PallaPalla and Fish Eye. Character information, images, and ...
Score: 6.67 Category: Animation\Anime

Geason, Susan

Author of the Syd Fish mystery series. Includes a biography, ...
Score: 6.60 Category: Literature\Genres

Christopher, Chuck

Wildlife Sculpture, Lifesize, Moose, Elk, Fish, Horse.Idaho based sculptor.
Score: 6.60 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Five Furious Fish

Official site includes biography, gig guide, sound files, and CD ...
Score: 6.60 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Kiva's Miniatures

Unusual handcrafted dollhouse miniature food, including Fish, vegetables, and exotic ...
Score: 6.60 Category: Crafts\Modeling Compounds

Scarpace, Jason

Texas Artist and public school Teacher who specializes in Fish ...
Score: 6.60 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Fish, Graham

Portfolio of the artist, of Devon, UK, whose oil paintings ...
Score: 6.60 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Fish, Edward

Selected works that span half a century may be viewed ...
Score: 6.60 Category: Visual Arts\Painting


Dedicated music video production company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Features ...
Score: 6.47 Category: Music\Music Videos

Moule, Ian

Vibrant, full color paintings of aquatic wildlife. Specializing in Australian ...
Score: 6.47 Category: Visual Arts\Painting


Custom architectural millwork and Carving.
Score: 6.45 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft


Zoe Gertner specialises in teaching wood Carving and sculpture, and ...
Score: 6.43 Category: Crafts

The Sashimi Tabernacle Choir

Pictures, stories, and video about an art car sporting 250 ...
Score: 6.41 Category: Visual Arts\Thematic


Metal work of Graeme Bardlee, featuring Fish, totem poles and ...
Score: 6.41 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

The Official Reel Big Fish Page

Includes news from RBF themselves, tour dates, song and video ...
Score: 6.41 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Pat Fish's Tattoo Santa Barbara

Artist specializing in Celtic design. Image galleries sorted by genre, ...
Score: 6.41 Category: Bodyart\Tattoo

Peters, Andy

Decorative Carving for a maritime environment.
Score: 6.38 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

San Francisco Caterers

Our crackers and focaccia are home and our wood fired ...
Score: 6.34 Category: Entertainment

Petz Need Company

Petz need company offers friendly professional pet care services including ...
Score: 6.33 Category: Visual Arts

Cahaly, Scott

Marble sculptor, Carving personal vision.
Score: 6.31 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

VanCamp, John

Architectural and ornamental Carving in limestone and marble.
Score: 6.31 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Fish Publishing

Provides information on the international annual short story contest which ...
Score: 6.28 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Mermaid Fantasy

Gallery of mermaid and merman dolls and stuffed Fish. Also ...
Score: 6.27 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy

Barker, Deb

Features wildlife images, including birds, Fish, mammals, insects, and underwater ...
Score: 6.27 Category: Photography\Photographers

Donaldson, Jamie

Bowls and hollow vessels, embellished with Carving and sculpture.
Score: 6.24 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

O'Brien, Patrick M.

Alexandria, Virginia - bowls and hollow forms with some Carving.
Score: 6.24 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Fish The Cat

Artist shows his work in an image gallery and discusses ...
Score: 6.24 Category: Bodyart\Bodypainting

Citizen Fish

Official site includes profile, gig dates, news, and pictures. Also ...
Score: 6.20 Category: Music\Styles

Stone Carver

Walter S. Arnold is an internationally acclaimed artist who creates ...
Score: 6.19 Category: Education\Organizations

Peragine, Dan

Displays monumental outdoor stone-constructs, Carving, and paintings.
Score: 6.18 Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Simpson, Stuart

Architectural, ornamental and sculptural stone Carving in Austin Texas.
Score: 6.18 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture


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