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Firefly Theatre

Merges Circus, Theatre, And spectacle to create original physical Theatre.
Score: 18.91 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Solo Circus

Solo Circus is a one man Circus providing a juggler, ...
Score: 11.72 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

St. Louis School of Circus Arts

Safely learn real Circus skills from real Circus professionals. Summer ...
Score: 11.65 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Blackpool Circus School

The history of Circus in Blackpool, UK, And how the ...
Score: 11.21 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Circus Smirkus

International youth Circus, summer camp, And Circus school located in ...
Score: 11.11 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Big Apple Circus

Touring non-profit performing arts Circus. Includes history of the Circus, ...
Score: 10.67 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Firefly Productions

A touring Theatre company based out of northern Vermont as ...
Score: 10.28 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Bell & Bullock Circus Theater

Bell And Bullock Circus Theater And Eezy Trapeezy Circus Theater ...
Score: 10.25 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Circus World Museum

The Circus World Museum salutes over 200 years of the ...
Score: 10.06 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Legs On The Wall

Performing aerial Theatre off freeways And skyscrapers, integrating acrobatics, dance, ...
Score: 9.84 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Bash Street Theatre

A fusion of live music, physical Theatre And Circus skills. ...
Score: 9.73 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

National Circus School

Canada's national Circus school, based in Montreal, offers professional training ...
Score: 9.70 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

California Musical Theatre

Music Circus And The Broadway Series. Sacramento-based producer/presenter offering two ...
Score: 9.59 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Secrets of the Circus

Offers instructional videos teaching Circus artistry, workshops And shows.
Score: 9.33 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Cole Brothers Circus

Traditional Circus founded in 1884. Includes performers, photographs, And video.
Score: 9.30 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Poppycock Circus

A chronicle of the daily comings And goings of members ...
Score: 9.26 Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels

Shooting Stars Circus

Circus Skills workshops for schools, corporations And youth clubs. [United ...
Score: 9.26 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Kelly Miller Circus

Oklahoma-based traveling Circus founded in 1938. Includes history, video, And ...
Score: 9.21 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Greentop Community Circus Centre

A registered charity providing adult And youth Circus Arts training ...
Score: 9.10 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Circus Royale

Traditional touring Circus. Includes photo gallery, show information, reviews, history, ...
Score: 9.10 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Circus Sarasota

Continuing the legacy started by legendary Circus magnate John Ringling ...
Score: 9.10 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Circus Krone

Munich based Circus founded in 1919. Includes current And past ...
Score: 9.04 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

M.J. Saab's Modern Gypsies

Combining elements of Theatre, Circus, And vaudeville. Includes photographs, reviews, ...
Score: 9.00 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Circus Fans Association of America

Organization founded in 1926 to promote And preserve the Circus ...
Score: 8.98 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts

The School of Acrobatics And New Circus Arts is now ...
Score: 8.96 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Circus Minimus

Community performance development collaborations, "Circus Yoga" for families, And afterschool ...
Score: 8.74 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Circus Camp | Home

A day-camp experience designed to introduce children to Circus, performing ...
Score: 8.72 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Circus Juventas

Performing arts youth Circus offering shows, classes, And summer camps. ...
Score: 8.72 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

The Roundhouse

Performing arts venue with a creative centre for young people ...
Score: 8.65 Category: Performing Arts\Venues

Circus Jonathan

One Man Circus Show, juggler, equilibrist, balloon sculptor And comic ...
Score: 8.58 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

FlameOz Fire Performance Circus Troupe

Fire artistry, Circus, dance And acting combined with a diverse ...
Score: 8.58 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

American Youth Circus Organization

Promoting the participation of youth in Circus arts.
Score: 8.57 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

New Jersey Party Rentals By Circus Time

Since the creation of Circus Time in 1986, we have ...
Score: 8.54 Category: Entertainment

Zip Zap Circus School

Offers free Circus And performing arts training for South African ...
Score: 8.53 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Ruth Salama - Wire, Flamenco, Tissues

Circus, Theatre And dance artist, with high wire outdoor shows.
Score: 8.51 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Flam Chen: Pyrotechnic Theatre

A North American performance troupe, that merges fire arts, Circus ...
Score: 8.48 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Bristol Circus Societies

Provides details of various Circus clubs And groups in Bristol, ...
Score: 8.43 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Circus Maniacs

Circus Maniacs - School, in Bristol, England. We offer quality ...
Score: 8.28 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Alice Firefly

Aerialist, (static trapeze, cordelisse, silks) stiltwalker And fire performer.
Score: 8.25 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Firefly-Serenity Funsite

Original fan work, including crosswords And song parodies.
Score: 8.25 Category: Television\Programs

The Circus Space

A centre of excellence in Circus arts, offering support And ...
Score: 8.11 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Aerialize - Sydney Aerial Theatre

Aerialize provides tuition And training in aerial And Circus disciplines ...
Score: 7.92 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Israel Circus School

The doors are open to all cultural groups And creeds. ...
Score: 7.91 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Firefly/Serenity: Canadian Browncoats

Canada-wide group for fans. Information on meetings, convention photos, episode ...
Score: 7.69 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy

Circus Workshop Cape Town

Circus Workshop provides training on the flying trapeze. [Cape Town, ...
Score: 7.68 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Buffyverse Forum

A forum to discuss Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Fan Fiction, And ...
Score: 7.68 Category: Television\Programs

Fidget Feet Performance Company

Innovative performance company led by Chantal And Jym Daly that ...
Score: 7.68 Category: Visual Arts\Performance Art


Based in San Francisco. A non-profit physical, performing And Circus ...
Score: 7.50 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Firefly's Glow Archive

Archive of fan fiction posted to the mailing list of ...
Score: 7.50 Category: Television\Programs

Haiku Circus by Ken Sakamoto

Haiku Circus - a comic strip that combines haiku poetry ...
Score: 7.43 Category: Literature\Poetry

Whedonists - Worshipping the Man, and His Work

A forum for the discussion of all the shows And ...
Score: 7.08 Category: Television\Programs

Putney Arts Theatre

Community Theatre based in Putney, south-west London, home to two ...
Score: 6.95 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

MusicalFare Theatre

MusicalFare Theatre is a not-for-profit professional musical Theatre company dedicated ...
Score: 6.95 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

American Alliance for Theatre and Education

The American Alliance for Theatre And Education is the best ...
Score: 6.94 Category: Education\Organizations


Kung fu based fire performance with nunchuku/double nunchuku, And other ...
Score: 6.68 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Taking Liberties Theatre Company

A radical Theatre company incorporating social commentary, stand up And ...
Score: 6.60 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Headlines Theatre

Vancouver's Headlines Theatre, based on Augusto Boal's Theatre of the ...
Score: 6.59 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette

Information about Civic Theatre's presentations of drama, comedy And musical ...
Score: 6.59 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Prague National Theatre

Opera, Ballet And Drama on the stages of the National ...
Score: 6.57 Category: Music\Styles

ITA - Illinois Theatre Association

Provides support And focus towards Theatre involvement in children's Theatre, ...
Score: 6.57 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre


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