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Little Film

Created by the writers of "Super 8 in the Digital ...
Score: 5.88 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

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FCLS Film-Center

Collecting 8, 16, and 35mm Film and information. How to ...
Score: 5.83 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Brooklyn College Department of Film

Offers a B.A. program in Film production, screenwriting, Film studies, ...
Score: 5.80 Category: Movies\Education

The International Film School Sydney provides Film Production Film Directing course

SIFS-Sydney International Film School Australia provides innovative Film production, Film ...
Score: 5.77 Category: Movies\Education

Film Sound Theory

Film Sound Design - theoretical and practical aspects on motion ...
Score: 5.74 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival

Provides news and event information for annual Film festival in ...
Score: 5.60 Category: Genres\Environment and Nature

California Film Institue

Supports a wide range of Film-related projects in northern California, ...
Score: 5.60 Category: Movies\Theaters

Bright Lights Film Journal

Articles on silent Film. Subjects include Lon Chaney, Asta Nielsen, ...
Score: 5.49 Category: Movies\Genres

Mfiles - Film Music and Soundtracks

Soundtrack reviews, biographies of Film composers, Film music oscars and ...
Score: 5.46 Category: Movies\Soundtracks

Gloucestershire On Screen

Gloucestershire On Screen, a website set up to examine the ...
Score: 5.45 Category: Movies\History

Popkorn Junkie: Enemy At The Gates

Negative review which looks at the start of the Film ...
Score: 5.33 Category: Movies\Titles

Flatland Film Festival

Lubbock, Texas. Annual. A short Film/video competition and Film invitational.
Score: 5.33 Category: Movies\Film Festivals

Guardian Unlimited Film: Carol Reed: The Third Man

Feature on the Film described as 'probably the best Film ...
Score: 5.33 Category: Movies\Titles

Fargo Film Festival

An annual event focusing on historic Film and the importance ...
Score: 5.32 Category: Movies\Film Festivals

Film and Film-making in Africa: Fogata

Review of Joao Ribeiro's Film by Martin Mhando.
Score: 5.32 Category: Movies\Titles

Film Incoherences: L'Année dernière à Marienbad

Literary and Film analysis of the Film, in French and ...
Score: 5.32 Category: Movies\Titles

Crazy Jane

Articles about the Film and its screening at the Sundance ...
Score: 5.32 Category: Movies\Titles

Film Scouts

Screens independent films and mainstream Film trailers. Also includes Film ...
Score: 5.32 Category: Movies\News and Media

Film Secrets

An educational resource for indie Film-makers, including those with little ...
Score: 5.31 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Vancouver Film School

Programs include courses in Film, animation, digital effects, writing and ...
Score: 5.31 Category: Animation\Training


A journal for Film and audiovisual media. Selected articles on ...
Score: 5.31 Category: Movies\Theory and Criticism

The Order

Fan dedication to the Film. Cast pictures, Film stills, posters, ...
Score: 5.31 Category: Movies\Titles

TheWorldJournal.com: Mean Machine

Giancarlo de Lisi's review: "Despite the Film's build-up to a ...
Score: 5.31 Category: Movies\Titles

Black Film Research Online

A resource guide for the study of African American Film ...
Score: 5.29 Category: Movies\Cultures and Groups

It'll Have Blinking Eyes and a Moving Mouth

Documentary Film tribute to kinetic sculpture. The Film-makers, images from ...
Score: 5.29 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

International Federation of Film Critics

Organization with 46 member countries. Includes Film news, festival reports, ...
Score: 5.29 Category: Movies\Theory and Criticism

Winnipeg Film Group

An artist-run Film education, production, distribution and exhibition center committed ...
Score: 5.29 Category: Movies\Organizations

Guardian Unlimited Film: Takeshi Kitano Interview

Sean Clarke interviews the Japanese Film-director about his life and ...
Score: 5.29 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Film 600

Film classes and research material by professor Anatoly Antohin, University ...
Score: 5.29 Category: Movies\Education


Independent Film makers focusing on Film festivals, interviews, and documentaries.
Score: 5.27 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Film in China

News about the Chinese Film industry, with Film reviews and ...
Score: 5.27 Category: Movies\Cultures and Groups

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Vancouver Film School

Vancouver Film School offers full and part-time courses in Film, ...
Score: 5.27 Category: Movies\Education

Film Lore

The top ten films of all time as voted by ...
Score: 5.27 Category: Movies\Reviews

Cape Fear Independent Film Network

Non-profit Film organization that showcases films, educates filmmakers, and hosts ...
Score: 5.27 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Edinburgh University Film Society

Holds weekly meetings and regular Film showings. Joining information, Film ...
Score: 5.24 Category: Movies\Organizations

Alex Fung's Film Page

Winners and related data to many Film industry awards and ...
Score: 5.21 Category: Movies\Awards

The Bushes and the Bin Ladens: Passionate anti-war film is a tale of two families

Story on the Film's reception at the Cannes Film festival ...
Score: 5.21 Category: Movies\Titles


Film portal. Showtimes, news, trailers, image galleries, Film festivals, Film ...
Score: 5.21 Category: Movies\News and Media

The Master Speaks on Life, Art, and Carlos Castaneda

Bright Lights Film Journal interview with the Italian Film director ...
Score: 5.21 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Film Studies Division--Univ. of Utah

The Film Studies Division at the University of Utah offers ...
Score: 5.20 Category: Movies\Education

The Flying 5 Film Awards

Independent New Zealand Film competition giving entrants five minutes to ...
Score: 5.15 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Metro Cinema

Nonprofit organization committed to the promotion of Canadian and international ...
Score: 5.12 Category: Movies\Organizations

UCF Film Program

The Film program at the University of Central Florida offers ...
Score: 5.04 Category: Movies\Education

Buckey's Film History and Resources Page

Provides articles, news and commentary on Film history, include sections ...
Score: 5.04 Category: Movies\History

Silent Film Society of Chicago

Features information on the annual summer Film festival, membership, resources, ...
Score: 5.04 Category: Movies\Genres

Event Movies -- Stargate

Contains background information, lots of images from the Film, information ...
Score: 5.04 Category: Movies\Titles

Irish Film Institute

Preserves and promotes Film culture in Ireland, operating cinemas and ...
Score: 5.04 Category: Movies\Cultures and Groups

Maine International Film Festival

The official site of the Film Festival held in July. ...
Score: 5.04 Category: Movies\Film Festivals

The Film Festivals Server

Searchable database of international Film and television festivals. Listings include ...
Score: 5.03 Category: Movies\Film Festivals

Florida Undergraduate Film Society

University of Florida's Film Club with information on our programmes ...
Score: 5.03 Category: Movies\Organizations

St. Louis Film Wire

A site for St. Louis, MO area Film and video ...
Score: 5.02 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Lynn's Tribute to Bette Davis: Filmography

Short Film synopsis, cast call, gallery with both Film and ...
Score: 5.02 Category: Movies\Titles

Jeepers Creepers 2

Review by Jason Kolman: "...isn't an awful Film, it isn't ...
Score: 5.01 Category: Movies\Titles

Cinephiles Film Discussion

A series of Film discussion forums where you can ask ...
Score: 5.01 Category: Movies\Chats and Forums

The Film Journal

The Film Journal is an online Film quarterly that encourages ...
Score: 5.01 Category: Movies\Theory and Criticism

About.com: World Film

Online community and movie resource guide for independent Film and ...
Score: 5.01 Category: Movies\Cultures and Groups

Hollywood Film Institute

Independent Film school offering courses for both industry professionals and ...
Score: 5.01 Category: Movies\Education

Silent Film Still Archive

Database of original photos, advertising, and other memorabilia from silent ...
Score: 4.99 Category: Movies\Genres

Sydney Film School

Private Film school in Australia, focusing on 16mm Film and ...
Score: 4.98 Category: Movies\Education

On Film Noir in France

Examines Film noir's role in the history and evolution of ...
Score: 4.98 Category: Movies\Genres


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