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University of Toronto Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design

Offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Admissions, programs, courses, resources, ...
Score: 8.17 Category: Architecture\Education

Faculty of the Built Environment

This Faculty includes disciplines that deal with the built environment ...
Score: 7.60 Category: Architecture\Education

Janacek Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Brno

One of two academies of music and dramatic arts in ...
Score: 7.27 Category: Music\Composition

James Cook University - Humanities & Social Science

The Faculty of Arts, Education and Social Sciences incorporating the ...
Score: 6.93 Category: Humanities\Education

The Eastman School Of Music

Eastman has long been known for the highest standards of ...
Score: 6.68 Category: Classical Studies\Academic Departments

School of Architecture

Includes academic programs, research, admissions and Faculty.
Score: 5.71 Category: Architecture\Education

Theatre, Department of

Offers details on scheduled events, courses, and Faculty.
Score: 5.71 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Faculty of Arts

Includes art history, school of music, classics.
Score: 5.71 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

Buffalo Suzuki Strings

Includes curriculum description and brief profiles of Faculty members.
Score: 5.65 Category: Music\Education


Faculty, research areas, contacts and prospective and current student information.
Score: 5.65 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

University at Buffalo - Department of Art

Features program, admission, Faculty and events.
Score: 5.65 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

University of Hannover Landscape Architecture Faculty

Information in English, French and German.
Score: 5.65 Category: Architecture\Education


Faculty, research areas, contacts and prospective and current student information.
Score: 5.65 Category: Architecture\Education

NewSchool of Architecture & Design

Calendar, admissions, courses, degrees, Faculty, accreditation, and policies.
Score: 5.59 Category: Architecture\Education

Lulloff, Joe

Faculty at Michigan State University, U.S. Performer profile and performance ...
Score: 5.59 Category: Music\Instruments

Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

Information on current research, staff, exhibitions and seminars.
Score: 5.59 Category: Architecture\Education

North Carolina State University

Consistently ranked among the nationís top 50 public universities and ...
Score: 5.55 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

Neag School of Education

Information on admissions, programs, departments, Faculty, staff, resources and alumni.
Score: 5.54 Category: Education\Language Arts

The Acting Corps

Details of Faculty and daily classes including a four-week actors ...
Score: 5.54 Category: Performing Arts\Acting

School of Architecture

Describes its academic programs, exhibitions, news and events, Faculty and ...
Score: 5.54 Category: Architecture\Education

Cincinnati, University of - Department of Classics

Featuring graduate and undergraduate information, Faculty and staff, calendar and ...
Score: 5.48 Category: Classical Studies\Academic Departments

New York Independent Film School

Provides information on the Faculty, the courses and how to ...
Score: 5.48 Category: Movies\Education

Northeastern University - Department of Architecture

Site provides information on curriculum, advising, co-op, Faculty, research, lectures ...
Score: 5.48 Category: Architecture\Education

Graduate School of Design

News items, upcoming events, admissions requirements, Faculty listing and publications.
Score: 5.48 Category: Architecture\Education

The Acting School of South Florida

Contains details of programmes offered, Faculty and facilities with a ...
Score: 5.48 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

University of Western Australia

Degree and diploma programs offered through the Faculty of Architecture, ...
Score: 5.48 Category: Architecture\Education

Platt College

Programs in graphic and multimedia design. Information about courses, Faculty, ...
Score: 5.43 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

Miller, Paul

Eastman Faculty member lists writings about Karlheinz Stockhausen as well ...
Score: 5.43 Category: Music\Theory

George Mason University

Graduate and undergraduate course offerings and descriptions, Faculty directory, and ...
Score: 5.43 Category: Education\Language Arts

Broadway Dance Center

Faculty in Jazz, Ballet, Tap, and other styles. Levels ranging ...
Score: 5.43 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Bartlett, Faculty of the Built Environment, UCL

Includes Architecture, Planning, Construction Management and Graduate Studies schools.
Score: 5.43 Category: Architecture\Education

Northeastern University

Programs for undergraduates, graduates and writing, publications, Faculty, staff, and ...
Score: 5.37 Category: Education\Language Arts

Faculty of Classics and Museum of Classical Archaeology

Information for current and prospective members, including details of research, ...
Score: 5.37 Category: Classical Studies\Academic Departments

Egyptian Treasures in Europe

Art resource by the Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Research, Faculty ...
Score: 5.37 Category: Art History\Periods and Movements

Bilkent University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

Links to the faculties various departments of study and admissions/administration ...
Score: 5.37 Category: Architecture\Education

Steps on Broadway

NYC. Hip hop and jazz dance classes for beginners and ...
Score: 5.32 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

University of Miami School of Architecture

Supplies information about the Faculty, laboratories, undergraduate curriculums, course sequences, ...
Score: 5.32 Category: Architecture\Education

Angel Academy of Art

Classical training in painting and draftsmanship, full or part time ...
Score: 5.32 Category: Visual Arts\Education

University of California - Department of Ethnomusicology

Includes information about the programs offered, Faculty, upcoming events, and ...
Score: 5.32 Category: Music\Musicology

Watts Atelier of the Arts

Training in painting, drawing and sculpture. FAQs, class schedule and ...
Score: 5.32 Category: Visual Arts\Education

San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking

Combines film classes with actual hands on experiences. Features course, ...
Score: 5.32 Category: Movies\Education

Faculty of Classics

Incorporating the sub-faculties: Classical Languages and Literature; Ancient History. Admissions ...
Score: 5.32 Category: Classical Studies\Academic Departments

University of California at San Diego

Undergraduate and graduate programs offered. Information provided on majors, minors, ...
Score: 5.32 Category: Visual Arts\Education

West Virginia University: Division of Art

Undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Includes calendar, Faculty, lectures and ...
Score: 5.32 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

Ruskin School of Acting

Santa Monica. Provides instruction in the techniques of Sanford Meisner. ...
Score: 5.32 Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Department of Drama & Theatre

Provides information on graduate and undergraduate programs, Faculty and student ...
Score: 5.27 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Center Stage School of the Arts

Offers drama, art and creative programmes for students from 18 ...
Score: 5.27 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Architecture

Provides information mainly for prospective European Credit Transfer System students. ...
Score: 5.27 Category: Architecture\Education

Philosophical Gourmet Report

Contains rankings of graduate programs, recent job placements, impending Faculty ...
Score: 5.27 Category: Humanities\Philosophy

Stone, Rob

Canadian trombonist and Faculty member at the University of Western ...
Score: 5.27 Category: Music\Instruments

Iowa State University Architecture Department

The department's courses, Faculty, students and school calendar.
Score: 5.23 Category: Architecture\Education

School of Music

Academic programs, admissions, Faculty and staff, in concert, community, and ...
Score: 5.23 Category: Music\Education

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

The RAIC is a voluntary national association representing professional architects, ...
Score: 5.22 Category: Architecture\Associations

Helene Yelverton Dance Studio

Conklin, NY - Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Lyrical and Musical ...
Score: 5.22 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

School of Visual Arts

Program overview, Faculty profiles, degree options, courses, online gallery of ...
Score: 5.22 Category: Graphic Design\Education

Department of English

Contains information on undergraduate and graduate programs, overseas study, Faculty, ...
Score: 5.18 Category: Education\Language Arts

Pennsylvania State University School of Architecture

Gives information on the Faculty, curriculum, facilities and graduate school. ...
Score: 5.18 Category: Architecture\Education

Department of English

Course offerings, graduate and undergraduate programs, Faculty, staff, linguistics, writing ...
Score: 5.18 Category: Education\Language Arts

English Department

News, events, Faculty, directory, courses, affiliated programs and information on ...
Score: 5.18 Category: Education\Language Arts

Department of the Classics

Information about the department, Faculty, and courses.
Score: 5.18 Category: Classical Studies\Academic Departments


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