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i-English School & Language Center

i-English Language School specializes in delivering top quality English, Thai ...
Score: 14.78 Category: Education\Language Arts

English: The International Language

Free online lessons, resources and advice for learners and teachers ...
Score: 14.43 Category: Education\Language Arts

Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc. (TESOL)

A global professional association for English Language educators involved in ...
Score: 13.21 Category: Education\Language Arts

Margate Language Centre

English Language school for adults in south-east England. British Council ...
Score: 13.14 Category: Education\Language Arts

Soros Foreign Language School

English Language courses for adults and children, Language teacher training ...
Score: 13.14 Category: Education\Language Arts

Auckland : School of English, Manukau Institute of Technology

Offers English as a Second Language to speakers of foreign ...
Score: 13.12 Category: Education\Language Arts

The Electronic Introduction to Old English

This online guide to learning Old English by Peter Baker ...
Score: 13.10 Category: Literature\World Literature

Queen's University: The School Of English

Offers an intensive English Language program with small classes, organized ...
Score: 12.52 Category: Education\Language Arts

The English Association

Association for teachers of English literature and Language at all ...
Score: 12.51 Category: Education\Language Arts

English Language School

Offers English Language programs, TOEFL and TOEIC exam preparation. Located ...
Score: 12.40 Category: Education\Language Arts

Houston: English as a Second Language, Rice University

Program is open to non-native speakers of English who have ...
Score: 12.39 Category: Education\Language Arts

Bath English Language School

Offers English Language courses for university students, translators and teachers.
Score: 12.39 Category: Education\Language Arts

James Cook University - English Language Centre

Offers English Language courses to overseas students
Score: 12.39 Category: Education\Language Arts

CL English Language School

Offers English Language tuition with accommodation. Includes details of courses, ...
Score: 12.37 Category: Education\Language Arts

Plano - Study English at Englishworks, Inc.

Private Language school offering English Language and training classes for ...
Score: 12.37 Category: Education\Language Arts

English Language Quizzes

From vocabulary to spelling and grammar, English Language quiz questions ...
Score: 12.35 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

La Trobe University Language Centre - English

Offers English Language courses. Enrolment and course details.
Score: 12.35 Category: Education\Language Arts

Westbury Sub-Mendip: Barnes Educational Services - English Language Education

Offers to place ESL students in British schools and accommodation ...
Score: 12.33 Category: Education\Language Arts

IMDb: Language Browser

Guide to movies that are produced or filmed in a ...
Score: 12.33 Category: Movies\Cultures and Groups

University Language Institute

A Christian intensive English school, offers 25 hours of English ...
Score: 12.28 Category: Education\Language Arts

English Language Academy

Offers English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. San Diego.
Score: 12.28 Category: Education\Language Arts

The Language House School of English

The Language House School of English is highly qualified, professional ...
Score: 12.24 Category: Education\Language Arts

English Language Learning Online

Question bank for students, Language forum, tests, Language news for ...
Score: 12.17 Category: Education\Language Arts

Manchester Academy of English

Language school accredited by the British Council, providing English Language ...
Score: 12.03 Category: Education\Language Arts

Amity Language Institute

This Language school promotes cultural exchange through Language instruction in ...
Score: 12.03 Category: Education\Language Arts

Dunedin - English Language Matters

Private English Language school.
Score: 11.95 Category: Education\Language Arts

Spring International Language Center

Intensive English Program (IEP) that teaches English as a Second ...
Score: 11.78 Category: Education\Language Arts

Bell Language School

This Language school offers part and full-time study options. Courses ...
Score: 11.73 Category: Education\Language Arts

Milwaukee: University of Wisconsin English As A Second Language

Offers two academically oriented ESL programs for students whose first ...
Score: 11.71 Category: Education\Language Arts

British Columbia Teachers of English as an Additional Language (BCTEAL)

A professional association for teachers of English Language learners.
Score: 11.68 Category: Education\Language Arts

English Language School, Sydney

A provider of English Language and Vocational courses. Located in ...
Score: 11.58 Category: Education\Language Arts

1930s sponsored English language radio in Europe.

These pages record some of the history of the early ...
Score: 11.32 Category: Radio\History

ETC English Theatre Company

English Language theatre company that serves all ages and levels ...
Score: 11.32 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL)

An association for teachers, lecturers, teacher trainers, academic managers, researchers ...
Score: 11.29 Category: Education\Language Arts

English Language Training for Business

Provides intensive training in English Language and communication skills for ...
Score: 11.15 Category: Education\Language Arts

Language Upon Thames

Offer English and other foreign Language courses, located in Richmond.
Score: 11.03 Category: Education\Language Arts

American Language and Culture Institute

English as a second Language instruction for international students.
Score: 11.03 Category: Education\Language Arts

Woosong Language Institute

Provides English as a Second/Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) courses.
Score: 11.03 Category: Education\Language Arts

Poland - Wroclaw Language School

Private schools offering English Language programs and courses.
Score: 10.98 Category: Education\Language Arts

University of Newcastle - The Language Centre

Offers general English Language courses to overseas students
Score: 10.98 Category: Education\Language Arts

English Language Institute

Provides Language and cultural skills for international students to enter ...
Score: 10.93 Category: Education\Language Arts

International Language Institute (ILI)

An official Language-training centre for the Canadian government and a ...
Score: 10.88 Category: Education\Language Arts

Orlando Language School

Specializes in linguistic training, teaching English as a second Language ...
Score: 10.88 Category: Education\Language Arts

The International HongKongers' Board and Councils of Musicology and Musics

Charles Ko is studying the programme of School of Education ...
Score: 10.85 Category: Genres

The Boston Language Institute

Instruction in more than 140 languages, from Arabic to Zulu, ...
Score: 10.67 Category: Education\Language Arts

Battle of Maldon

Sound recording of lines 72-110, together with the corresponding Old ...
Score: 10.65 Category: Literature\World Literature

Wimbledon School of English

Offers English Language courses to overseas students. Accommodation is available. ...
Score: 10.65 Category: Education\Language Arts

RhymeZone Forum

An online community for writers, poets, songwriters, and Language enthusiasts ...
Score: 10.60 Category: Online Writing\Chats and Forums

Asia-Pacific Connections

Places English-Language teachers in jobs at private Language institutes in ...
Score: 10.60 Category: Education\Language Arts

English Forums

Learn and explore the English Language with topics such as ...
Score: 10.59 Category: Education\Language Arts

Society for the Preservation of English Language and Literature

Bimonthly publication, SPELL/Binder, contains articles on grammar, usage, word origins, ...
Score: 10.52 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Learning English: Choosing an English Language School

Answers to questions about how to learn English, choosing a ...
Score: 10.40 Category: Education\Language Arts

USC Language Academy Intensive English Program

Intensive English, English and American culture program for both adults ...
Score: 10.37 Category: Education\Language Arts

Point 3 Language Center

Offers professional English (ESL) and French (FSL) Language and cultural ...
Score: 10.37 Category: Education\Language Arts

BEET Language Centre

Independent English Language school. Site contains information on the school, ...
Score: 10.31 Category: Education\Language Arts

St George International English Language School

A British Council recognised Language school in the centre of ...
Score: 10.31 Category: Education\Language Arts

University of Delaware - English Language Institute

Offers intensive English programs, general, and cultural English courses. Newark, ...
Score: 10.30 Category: Education\Language Arts

London Empire Academy

Language school offering General English(EFL)Language courses and Cambridge Examination preparation ...
Score: 10.29 Category: Education\Language Arts

Academy of English

English Language school offering general English courses, TEFL courses, and ...
Score: 10.29 Category: Education\Language Arts

Torquay International School of English

English Language school for adults (16 plus) British Council and ...
Score: 10.29 Category: Education\Language Arts


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