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Wildey Theatre

Wildey Theatre. Opened in 1909 as an opera house and ...
Score: 19.63 Category: Movies\Theaters

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Preservation Directory

Resources and research tools for Historic Preservation and cultural resource ...
Score: 18.34 Category: Architecture\Preservation

National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers (NCSHPO)

Professional association of the State government officials who carry out ...
Score: 17.00 Category: Architecture\Preservation

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Preservation information, features, events and activism for America's Historic places.
Score: 16.92 Category: Architecture\Preservation


Fort Wayne, Indiana's not-for-profit Historic Preservation organization dedicated to the ...
Score: 16.92 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Campbell Center Historic Preservation Courses

Offers a program of mid-career training for those in the ...
Score: 16.83 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

National Architectural Trust

A tax-exempt Historic Preservation and education organization dedicated to preserving ...
Score: 16.80 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Preservation Easement Trust

A nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Historic buildings and sites ...
Score: 16.77 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Charleston Historic Preservation Commission

Describes the Historic Preservation program created in 2004 by city ...
Score: 16.03 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation

Dedicated to preserving the state's Historic architecture, streetscapes, urban neighborhoods ...
Score: 15.05 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Friends of Historic Preservation, Iowa City, Iowa

A non-profit organization dedicated to the Preservation of Historic buildings ...
Score: 14.88 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Preservation Idaho

The official website of the Idaho Historic Preservation Council, a ...
Score: 14.79 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana

Private nonprofit group working to protect and save Indiana's Historic ...
Score: 14.78 Category: Architecture\Preservation

The Preservation Resource Center

Founded in 1974, the Preservation Resource Center is a non-profit ...
Score: 14.49 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Preservation Alliance of West Virginia

Statewide grassroots organization dedicated to the support and promotion of ...
Score: 14.40 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Friends of Historic Preservation

Presents the Historic resources and cultural history community.
Score: 14.26 Category: Architecture\Preservation

New Jersey Historic Preservation Office

Official website with information and technical assistance for the identification, ...
Score: 14.15 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Cambridge Historical Commission

Established to protect Historic buildings in Cambridge, to mark Historic ...
Score: 14.08 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Heritage Preservation Services

The US National Park Service provides illustrated guidelines for rehabilitating ...
Score: 13.86 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Historic Preservation Alliance of Wichita and Sedgwick County

Describes activities, with photographs and information about Historic landmarks in ...
Score: 13.70 Category: Architecture\Preservation

The Boston Preservation Alliance

Collective of over 50 organizations and individuals who advocate the ...
Score: 13.59 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Preservation Alumni

Independent organization of friends and alumni of the Columbia University ...
Score: 13.54 Category: Architecture\Preservation

National Council on Preservation Education

NCPE is a US non-profit educational corporation to promote Historic ...
Score: 13.46 Category: Architecture\Preservation

California Preservation Foundation

Non-profit organization dedicated to the Preservation and enhancement of California's ...
Score: 13.33 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Memphis Heritage

The non-profit Historic Preservation society for Memphis and Shelby County, ...
Score: 13.33 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Cincinnati Historic Dance Society

Dedicated to the research, teaching, and Preservation of Historic dance ...
Score: 13.33 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Amsterdam Heritage

An introduction to the city's Historic buildings and sites. Photographs ...
Score: 13.30 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

Operates the state archives and Historic sites and museums throughout ...
Score: 13.30 Category: Architecture\Preservation

America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places 1996: Uptown Theater

Learn more on the efforts of the National Trust for ...
Score: 13.29 Category: Architecture\Building Types

Dundee Historic Environment Trust

Promotes and encourages the Preservation and understanding of Historic buildings ...
Score: 13.26 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Historic Lighthouse Preservation Handbook

Published by the US Government as a practical aid to ...
Score: 13.21 Category: Architecture\Building Types

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Providence Preservation Society

A non-profit, advocacy organization, offering Historic house, garden and walking ...
Score: 13.02 Category: Architecture\Preservation

National Park Service: Preservation

Explains the Preservation work of the service in America’s nearly ...
Score: 12.93 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois

Statewide not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to the Preservation of Illinois' ...
Score: 12.89 Category: Architecture\Preservation

New York Preservation Archive Project

Aims to protect the endangered narratives of Historic Preservation in ...
Score: 12.89 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Yellowstone Historic Preservation Board

Promotes, preserves and protects the heritage and Historic architecture of ...
Score: 12.86 Category: Architecture\Preservation

San Buenaventura Conservancy

Historic Preservation organization aiming to protect endangered Historic buildings in ...
Score: 12.86 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Palm Beach Preservation Foundation

A private, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to the Preservation of ...
Score: 12.85 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Historic City of Jefferson

Dedicated to the Preservation and rehabilitation of Historic structures in ...
Score: 12.67 Category: Architecture\Preservation

National Center for Preservation Technology and Training

An office of the National Park Service, NCPTT promotes the ...
Score: 12.41 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Montana Preservation Alliance

This non-profit all-volunteer organization works to preserve Historic resources and ...
Score: 12.38 Category: Architecture\Preservation

The Turner Foundation

In Springfield, Ohio includes Historic Preservation among its mandates.
Score: 11.62 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Historic Royal Palaces

Responsible for the care and Preservation of former residences of ...
Score: 11.49 Category: Architecture\Building Types

College of Architecture

Information for students and architects about scholarships, academics, admissions, and ...
Score: 11.38 Category: Architecture\Education

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Promotes protection and enhancement of America's historical resources.
Score: 11.38 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Federal Highway Administration

The FHA has an awards program for Preservation projects, particulalry ...
Score: 11.26 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Preserve and Protect

A not-for-profit corporation providing space on the web for Historic ...
Score: 11.15 Category: Architecture\Preservation


The U.S. National Committee of the International Council on Monuments ...
Score: 11.15 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Historic Savannah Foundation

Non-profit, Preservation organization chartered in 1955 to preserve architectural heritage ...
Score: 10.93 Category: Architecture\Preservation


A forum and clearinghouse for the latest news, information, and ...
Score: 10.93 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Los Angeles Conservancy

Historic Preservation organization. Conservation alerts and issues, events, walking tours, ...
Score: 10.93 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Preservation New Jersey

A non-profit organization aiming to protect and promote the state's ...
Score: 10.93 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site

The 1840s home of Thomas and Sarah Bush Lincoln is ...
Score: 10.86 Category: Architecture\Building Types

The Regency Society

A registered charity which campaigns for the Preservation and enhancement ...
Score: 10.82 Category: Architecture\Preservation

The Preservation Education Institute

Offers workshops in Vermont, US, to lay people and professionals ...
Score: 10.71 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Eureka Heritage Society

An organization dedicated to the Preservation of the over 9000 ...
Score: 10.64 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Preserve Net

Cornell University's resource for US preservationists includes listings of job ...
Score: 10.61 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Roll One Room School House

Photographs and brief history of this 1903 Oklahoma schoolhouse which ...
Score: 10.61 Category: Architecture\Building Types

Oracle Historical Society

Dedicated to the restoration and Preservation of Historic buildings and ...
Score: 10.54 Category: Architecture\Preservation

The Flying Cloud Academy of Vintage Dance

A non-profit organization dedicated to the Preservation, performance, and teaching ...
Score: 10.41 Category: Performing Arts\Dance


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