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Architectural Model Making Specialists

Modelmakers” is a long established model making company with a ...
Score: 11.43 Category: Architecture

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The Models of the Star Wars Galaxy

Pictures and tips on building Models from kits and from ...
Score: 10.94 Category: Movies\Titles

Pizzi, John

Don Rickles with a Dummy!
Score: 9.62 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

The Dummy Works

Professional quality ventriloquist figures.
Score: 9.52 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry


The official site of this Chicago punk rock band.
Score: 9.42 Category: Music\Styles

Alan Semok: The Dummy Doctor

Puppetmaker-ventriloquist-actor-ventriloquism teacher.
Score: 9.22 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

My Own Tower

Everyday objects become Models of skyscrapers. Visitors are invited to ...
Score: 9.21 Category: Visual Arts\Assemblage Art

Nikon FE Series Models

Features three mid-compact, auto-exposure Models.
Score: 9.21 Category: Photography\Equipment and Services

3d models

Here you will find free 3d Models for blender. You ...
Score: 9.16 Category: Illustration\Sculptural and 3D

The Engine Shop

Supply complete Models, parts and accessories to build Models of ...
Score: 9.12 Category: Crafts\Metal Craft

Church of the Machine

Dedicated to Gundam plastic Models and garage kits, with galleries ...
Score: 9.08 Category: Animation\Anime

Avant-Garde Studio

Commercial prototype sculpture Models makers, producing toy prototypes, highend collectibles ...
Score: 8.97 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Side One Dummy Records - The Dan Band

Includes biography, news, tour dates, and a press kit.
Score: 8.94 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Puppets and Props

Professional ventriloquist dummies for sale. Figure making info, cast Dummy ...
Score: 8.94 Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Rigel Instruments

Acoustic and electric mandolins, reproductions of historic Models. Models, prices, ...
Score: 8.91 Category: Music\Instruments

Turbo Squid: 3D Models

TurboSquid Models are used by game developers, news agencies, architects, ...
Score: 8.69 Category: Art History\Artists

Ink Blot Magazine: "Dummy" review

An interesting review about the first Portishead release.
Score: 8.58 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Antonio Bernal Guitars

Builder of classical guitars, specializing in Flamenco Models. Includes history, ...
Score: 8.56 Category: Music\Instruments

Dummy Head Technique

Electronica band comprising of Tim S, Mags Lowe and Chris ...
Score: 8.51 Category: Music\Styles

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Free Dummy-, filler-, greeked-, blind-, placeholder text, or mock content ...
Score: 8.40 Category: Graphic Design\Resources

Treknology in Paper Models

Plans for building paper Models of the vessels.
Score: 8.30 Category: Television\Programs

Gravity Icons: Architectural Model Makers

Gravity icons India’s leading Architectural model Makers Company in Bangalore ...
Score: 8.20 Category: Architecture

Center for Religious Architecture

A non-profit body which aims to provide a museum in ...
Score: 8.11 Category: Architecture\Building Types

Star Wars Origami

Photos and diagrams of various Models inspired by the series. ...
Score: 8.11 Category: Crafts\Origami

Crash Test

The home of the independent sci-fi thriller. Directed by Sam ...
Score: 7.97 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Stuart Models

Supply model steam engines as ready to run Models, fully ...
Score: 7.83 Category: Crafts\Metal Craft

An on-line course on realistic architectural models

A three part on-line course on realistic architectural Models plus ...
Score: 7.24 Category: Architecture\Education

Amalgam Architectural Models Bristol

Amalgam architecture is one of the producer of architectural Models ...
Score: 6.89 Category: Architecture

Architectural Model Makers and Model Making

Architectural Model Plus is a leading model making firm based ...
Score: 6.82 Category: Architecture

Modelisto Modeling Directory

Offers free promotion for modeling professionals, Models and agencies. Pages ...
Score: 6.43 Category: Photography

Digital Distortion

3D ship Models.
Score: 6.17 Category: Television\Programs

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Blue Horizon

Picture collection of many old and new Models.
Score: 6.10 Category: Music\Instruments

A Touch of Heaven

Links for many of the industry's old and new Models.
Score: 6.10 Category: Literature\Genres

Rothermel, Mary

Architectural Models, sculpture and paintings.
Score: 6.04 Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Wessel, Jan

Girls, boys, cars and other Models.
Score: 6.04 Category: Photography\Photographers

Sy's Paper Folding

Original Models with photos and diagrams.
Score: 6.04 Category: Crafts\Origami

Jagoda's Origamic Architecture

Gallery of Models and patterns.
Score: 6.04 Category: Crafts\Origami


Gossip, news, and observations on celebrities and Models.
Score: 6.04 Category: Entertainment\Weblogs


Gallery of 300+ Models sorted by category
Score: 6.04 Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics

Kustom Guitars

Dedicated to the early Models and the musicians who have ...
Score: 6.04 Category: Music\Instruments

The SD Project

Galleries of SD Gundam fan art and Models.
Score: 6.04 Category: Animation\Anime


Dozens of diagrammed Models, some products for sale.
Score: 6.04 Category: Crafts\Origami

Teresa Moore Fashion Model

Teresa Moore is a fashion model based in New York ...
Score: 6.03 Category: Design\Fashion

J's Celebrity Picture Gallery

Several of the young new actresses and Models are featured.
Score: 5.97 Category: Entertainment\People

Mark Leonard's Origami

Gallery and diagrams for Models using mostly A4 or A5 ...
Score: 5.97 Category: Crafts\Origami

Knight , Vernon - Harpsichords

Philosophy, Models, photographs and prices.
Score: 5.97 Category: Music\Instruments

The Stratocaster

Overview of the different '50s Models with pictures and catalog ...
Score: 5.97 Category: Music\Instruments

RainSong Graphite Guitars

List of Models, dealers, and endorsements.
Score: 5.97 Category: Music\Instruments

Jeb's Place

Galleries full of pictures of celebrities and Models.
Score: 5.97 Category: Entertainment\People

Bishop, William

Contains photography, and 3D computer graphics and Models. [Java]
Score: 5.97 Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

White Base

Picture galleries of Gundam Models and diorama.
Score: 5.97 Category: Animation\Anime

Behrnes, Walter

3D animation and Models, digital painting, and drawing.
Score: 5.97 Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics


Web portfolio: 3d Models, animations, drawings, logos.
Score: 5.97 Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics


Examples of 3d character and set Models created using Maya.
Score: 5.97 Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics

Steve's Place

3D solid Models and 3D faces, everything created with AutoCAD.
Score: 5.97 Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics

CultTVman: Lost in Space

Information on various Models based on the series.
Score: 5.97 Category: Television\Programs

For Photography

Portal with sections for tips, Models, help wanted, and links.
Score: 5.97 Category: Photography\Resources


Images of Models, dogs, portraiture, and digital composites.
Score: 5.97 Category: Photography\Photographers

Lowe, Ian

Specialising in magic parties and balloon Models.
Score: 5.97 Category: Performing Arts\Magic


Photography of Japanese urban scenes and female Models.
Score: 5.97 Category: Photography\Photographers


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