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Detroit Industrial Underground

24/7 internet radio station playing Industrial music from the 80s ...
Score: 10.61 Category: Music\Sound Files

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Industrial Music Regional Industrial Music guide to concerts, clubs, events, and festivals ...
Score: 10.20 Category: Music\Concerts and Events

Information on the Electronic, Experimental, and Extreme Industrial music and ...
Score: 9.13 Category: Music\Styles

Industrial Nation

Webzine covering Industrial, gothic, electro and experimental music in all ...
Score: 9.11 Category: Music\Styles Guide to Industrial Music

Industrial news, links, original features, bulletin boards and chat.
Score: 9.08 Category: Music\Styles

Industrial Evolution

Favorite gothic and Industrial artists: Nine Inch Nails, Sisters of ...
Score: 8.95 Category: Music\Personal

Audio Assault

A weekly broadcast of Industrial and post-Industrial music from 90.5 ...
Score: 8.95 Category: Music\Styles

Friends Of Vast Industrial Concrete Kafkaesque Structures

Photo journal, Industrial photographs of the Los Angeles River flood ...
Score: 8.83 Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Chris and Cosey

The official web site of the Industrial music duo, as ...
Score: 8.64 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Carter, Brian

Artwork, Industrial, and web design. Student project merits include an ...
Score: 8.58 Category: Design\Industrial

Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting, Inc.

Cypress Bayou Industrial Painting, Inc. is a full service nationwide ...
Score: 8.49 Category: Design\Industrial

Industrial Strength Europe

Resurrection of the legendary Industrial Strength label, now headed by ...
Score: 8.46 Category: Music\Styles

Industrial 101:Lyrics

A humorous discussion on properly writing lyrics in an Industrial ...
Score: 8.45 Category: Music\Styles

Vis, RaphaŽl

Industrial design student of ISD (Institut Supťrieur de Design) specializing ...
Score: 8.27 Category: Design\Industrial

London's Industrial Heritage

Photographs of London, 1970-83, taken by Peter Marshall concentrating on ...
Score: 8.24 Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Desert Goth/Industrial/Darkwave/Electronic List Homepage

Provides musician links and chat discussions for gothic, Industrial, electronic, ...
Score: 8.12 Category: Music\Chats and Forums

Industrial Light & Magic Recruitment

Open positions at Industrial Light and Magic, Skywalker Sound and ...
Score: 8.09 Category: Movies\Filmmaking


NYC Industrial, experimental, and noise resource, with calendar, reviews, photos, ...
Score: 7.76 Category: Music\Styles

Vacuum Cleaners

Dynavac provides variety of heavy duty vacuum cleaners and dry ...
Score: 7.70 Category: Design\Industrial

Casting Manufacturers - Castings India

The United Group is situated in Coimbatore (India) Ė predominantly ...
Score: 7.68 Category: Design\Industrial

L Fin tube-Visoka Engineering

Visoka Engineering Private Limited (VISOKA) founded in 1999 and managed ...
Score: 7.11 Category: Design\Industrial

Innovamedia Publications Ltd.

Innovamedia is a pioneer in publishing niche Industrial magazines with ...
Score: 6.97 Category: Education\Publications

Maros Tomasz - Industrial Designer

Online portfolio of an Industrial designer Tomasz Maros.
Score: 6.93 Category: Design\Industrial

Shelton Fluid Tech

Shelton Fluid Tech provides the best products for Fluid Handling, ...
Score: 6.55 Category: Architecture


Industrial music and experimental design.
Score: 6.05 Category: Music\Styles


Metal/Industrial band from Germany.
Score: 6.05 Category: Music\Bands and Artists


Goth-Industrial band from San Diego.
Score: 5.98 Category: Music\Styles


Industrial artwork, dark poetry, and photography.
Score: 5.98 Category: Music\Styles

Bhatt, Bhaskar

India based Industrial designer.
Score: 5.98 Category: Design\Industrial

Venkatramann, Vinay

Freelance Industrial designer from India.
Score: 5.98 Category: Design\Industrial

Wiley, Paul

Illustrations and explorations in Industrial design.
Score: 5.98 Category: Design\Industrial

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Chavan, Sameer

Portfolio of an Industrial designer/consultant.
Score: 5.98 Category: Design\Industrial

Can A' Worms TV

Streaming Industrial experimental noise videos.
Score: 5.98 Category: Music\Styles

Haas, Kevin

Different aspects of the urban and Industrial landscape.
Score: 5.98 Category: Photography\Photographers

Con Demek

Rhythmic, chaotic, Industrial Noise.
Score: 5.98 Category: Music\Bands and Artists


Official site of the tribal/Industrial band.
Score: 5.98 Category: Music\Styles


Industrial music witch technoid influences.
Score: 5.98 Category: Music\Styles


80s new wave, Industrial, and Gothic links.
Score: 5.98 Category: Music\Styles

Das Ich

Official site for the German Industrial band.
Score: 5.92 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Brey, James G.

Portraits, nudes, Industrial and commercial, and still life.
Score: 5.92 Category: Photography\Photographers

Nopakun, Montri

Portfolio of a Bangkok based Industrial designer.
Score: 5.92 Category: Design\Industrial

BassMasta: Rammstein

Collection of tabs for the Industrial rock band.
Score: 5.92 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Captive Audience

Sample-laden techno with Industrial roots.
Score: 5.92 Category: Music\Styles

Loudside Of The Web

Directory of rock, Industrial and metal bands.
Score: 5.92 Category: Music\Styles


Contains biography, photos, and show dates of the Industrial rock ...
Score: 5.92 Category: Music\Bands and Artists


Industrial band from Sweden. Downloads, images, and contact information.
Score: 5.92 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Becher, Dario

Illustration drawings, graphic and Industrial design.
Score: 5.92 Category: Illustration\Illustrator Portfolios

Gamborg, Kristian

High contrast images of Industrial abstracts.
Score: 5.92 Category: Photography\Photographers

Charpin, Pierre

Online portfolio of furniture and Industrial design.
Score: 5.92 Category: Design\Industrial

Anderson, Kendall

A photoblog with a focus on architecture and Industrial decay.
Score: 5.92 Category: Photography\Weblogs

Rohrich, Leann

Online portfolio of U.S. based Industrial Designer.
Score: 5.92 Category: Design\Industrial

David, Lieven

A young, Belgium based Industrial Designer.
Score: 5.92 Category: Design\Industrial

Manufactured Soul

Futuristic electro-Industrial based in Norfolk.
Score: 5.92 Category: Music\Styles


Experimental electronic emotion Industrial/EBM music.
Score: 5.92 Category: Music\Styles


Electronic-punk Industrial band's official site.
Score: 5.92 Category: Music\Styles

Dekker, Maurits

Industrial designer specializing in consumer products.
Score: 5.92 Category: Design\Industrial

Colossal Spin

Post-Industrial metal music. Official site.
Score: 5.86 Category: Music\Styles

Meek, A. J.

Featuring galleries of landscape, Industrial, editorial, and personal photographs.
Score: 5.86 Category: Photography\Photographers

De Nachtmerrie

Official site. An Industrial/Metal band from New York - New ...
Score: 5.86 Category: Music\Bands and Artists Uranium 235

Biography of the NYC Industrial metal band.
Score: 5.86 Category: Music\Styles


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