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HMR Designs

HMR Designs is an event management and floral Decoration firm ...
Score: 9.10 Category: Design

Dragon's Flame Airbrushing

Airbrush illustrations and object Decoration.
Score: 7.76 Category: Illustration\Airbrush

Christmas Craft

Paper cutting Decoration instructions just for the holiday season.
Score: 7.68 Category: Crafts\Personal

Dudash, Carl

Harpsichord design, construction, Decoration and restoration from Norfolk, Conn.
Score: 7.60 Category: Music\Instruments

Cohen, Raquel

Presents a collection of light sculptures for gardens, outdoor, and ...
Score: 7.52 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Stirt, Al

Turned wooden bowls with added carving, Decoration and fluting. Offers ...
Score: 7.44 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Mihalisin, Julie and Walling, Philip

Presenting a gallery of framed glass scuptures used as wall ...
Score: 7.44 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Franco Sita

Painting and Decoration of private houses, exhibiting spaces, museum fittings ...
Score: 7.44 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Life in Italy

Creates frescoes on their walls, tears them off and transfers ...
Score: 7.44 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Piasson, Valdeci

Brazilian artist in several media, including architectural Decoration. Resume and ...
Score: 7.44 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Apple Art Atelier

Hand Decoration on white porcelain products. Images and information in ...
Score: 7.37 Category: Crafts\Ceramic Art and Pottery

Miller, Rodman

Specializes in vessels, finials, neon, freeform lamp shades, and glass ...
Score: 7.29 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Lolaev, Arnold

Paintings and drawings by the Russian artist. Various styles and ...
Score: 7.22 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Walter Schnetzer

Sophisticated Decoration for any living space. Wallpainting, fresco, mural art, ...
Score: 7.15 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Gregg, Gail

New York City based painter and writer. Densely layered paintings ...
Score: 7.08 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Henna Mehndi

Features a discussion on the body Decoration practices in India ...
Score: 7.08 Category: Bodyart\Bodypainting

Matsumoto Castle

History, design and photograph of castle tower and Decoration.
Score: 7.06 Category: Architecture\Building Types

Placebo Effects: Decoration, Projections, Effects

Blacklight Decos for Technohouse and Psy-Tranceparties, and Clubs.
Score: 7.03 Category: Music\Styles

PBS: Gormenghast - Behind the Scenes

The designer and producer, Estelle Daniel, supply the rationale and ...
Score: 7.01 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

DiTarando, Roger

Creator of wildlife sculpture, weathervanes and functional sculpture for indoor ...
Score: 6.97 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Wikipedia: Churrigueresque

Overview of the most exuberantly ornamental phase of Spanish architectural ...
Score: 6.97 Category: Architecture\History


History and methodology of mehandi. Includes photographs, drawings and downloadable ...
Score: 6.92 Category: Bodyart\Bodypainting


Psychedelic trance organizer from the Swiss Alps, psychedelic Decoration and ...
Score: 6.92 Category: Music\Styles

Parry, Megan

Murals and stenciling, trompe l'oeil , faux marble, interior Decoration, ...
Score: 6.88 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Twistin' Todd

Offers balloon animal, Decoration, sculpture, and twisting services for kids ...
Score: 6.88 Category: Crafts\Balloon Sculpting

Classic Murals

Italian Renaissance and Victorian mural Decoration - Classic style decorative ...
Score: 6.79 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Marcel Duruflé

French artist who draws, paints, sculpts, and does architectural Decoration, ...
Score: 6.74 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

PBA Pottery

Provides gallery of stoneware pottery using letter press text for ...
Score: 6.64 Category: Crafts\Ceramic Art and Pottery

McViccar, Art

Spheres - a shape that is fun to hold and ...
Score: 6.64 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Dana's Textile Travels

Travel gives me the joy of discovering the creative skill ...
Score: 6.59 Category: Crafts\Textiles

Calligraphy - Beautiful Writing

Learn calligraphy from tutorials starting with basic letter shapes and ...
Score: 6.52 Category: Visual Arts\Calligraphy

All Saints Margaret Street

Designed by William Butterfield, a red brick composition on three ...
Score: 6.51 Category: Architecture\History


Online version of the famous magazine founded in Milan in ...
Score: 6.49 Category: Architecture\News and Media

Australian Textile Arts and Surface Design Association

A not for profit organisation fostering ideas between fibre artists ...
Score: 6.44 Category: Crafts\Textiles


A magazine designed to celebrate the creative arts through rubber ...
Score: 6.44 Category: Crafts\Publications

The Henna Page

A page devoted to the practicalities of using henna for ...
Score: 6.39 Category: Bodyart\Bodypainting

Whitehouse Institute of Design

Offers a diploma of interior Decoration course that will provide ...
Score: 6.37 Category: Design\Interior Design

Morris and Co.

Company founded as a direct result of the design, Decoration, ...
Score: 6.37 Category: Art History\Artists

David Walters

Hand-thrown, reduction-fired and smoke-fired fine porcelain with gold-leaf Decoration. Gallery, ...
Score: 6.29 Category: Crafts\Ceramic Art and Pottery

The Pompeian House

Essay on the construction and Decoration of the Pompeian House.
Score: 6.21 Category: Architecture\History

California Pottery & Tile Works

Continuing the tradition of California tile making and Decoration perfected ...
Score: 6.13 Category: Crafts\Ceramic Art and Pottery

Handmade ceramic

We are small ceramic studio which produce unique handmade ceramic. ...
Score: 6.01 Category: Crafts\Ceramic Art and Pottery

Airheads Balloon Art, Inc.

Award winning balloon Decoration, entertainment and same day delivery. Pittsburgh, ...
Score: 5.89 Category: Crafts\Balloon Sculpting

Sculpey Projects

Comprehensive list of detailed instructions for items such as: ornaments, ...
Score: 5.86 Category: Crafts\Modeling Compounds

Basic Interiors

“Basic Interiors” is a professional team of architects, artists and ...
Score: 5.83 Category: Design

Traditional South Indian Tanjavur Paintings

History, technique and gallery of traditional South Indian tanjavur paintings ...
Score: 5.80 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Stock Photography

Can Stock Photos offers professional royalty free stock photography at ...
Score: 5.67 Category: Photography

John Cornall Antiques UK

Dealing in importing and exporting antique country furniture, antique painted ...
Score: 5.52 Category: Design\Furniture

Snappy Canvas, LLC.

Snappy Canvas is a company of creative and talented individuals ...
Score: 5.50 Category: Visual Arts

Elin Isaksson Glass

Contemporary and Unique, Swedish Designed, Blown & Cast Glass, For ...
Score: 5.41 Category: Crafts\Glass

Ioan Razvan Badileanu: Individual Architecture Bureau

When the result is important to you, then you need ...
Score: 5.07 Category: Architecture

Interior design ideas, interior decoration guide

Interior designing guide is a non-commercial interior designing information site ...
Score: 5.04 Category: Design\Interior Design

Blue Phoenix Screen Printing

With over 20 years experience Blue Phoenix is uniquely placed ...
Score: 4.80 Category: Digital

Maati Kala: Handicraft Item Suppliers India

An artistic piece of handicraft can smarten the surroundings, and ...
Score: 4.79 Category: Crafts

Sikha Arts: Decorative Pen Holders Suppliers

Sikha Arts is a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Decoration ...
Score: 4.73 Category: Art History

Custom iron doors, rod iron gates, rod iron fence

We design, build and install custom ornamental wrought iron doors ...
Score: 4.62 Category: Architecture

Art Oil Painting Wholesale

Arts-Memor is a China Oil Painting Fine Art Wholesale Supplier ...
Score: 4.56 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Childrens Furniture, Baby Nursery Furniture, Kids Furniture UK : Punkin Patch

Buy childrens furniture and baby furniture at Punkin Patch, UK. ...
Score: 4.47 Category: Design\Furniture

Igor Tarantul.Judaica & Engraving

Engraving is the personalizing of an object with Decoration inspired ...
Score: 4.46 Category: Visual Arts

Kids Furniture - Baby Furniture - Childrens Furniture At Punkin Patch, USA

Punkin Patch in USA offers kids furniture, baby furniture and ...
Score: 4.27 Category: Design\Furniture


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