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The Northeast Filk Convention

Floating annual Convention in the Northeast United States. Has pointers ...
Score: 10.13 Category: Music\Styles

LepreCon, Inc.

LepreCon is a fan-run generalist Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention ...
Score: 9.26 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy


The 56th World Science Fiction Convention, held Wednesday, August 5th ...
Score: 8.51 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy

A Fan's View

Anime Convention information central, maintained by Kevin Lillard. Includes up-to-date ...
Score: 8.44 Category: Animation\Voice Actors


An anime/gaming Convention for Portland, Maine. A yearly Convention that ...
Score: 8.08 Category: Animation\Anime

Project A-Kon

Annual Convention in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. The oldest anime Convention ...
Score: 8.05 Category: Animation\Anime

Cleveland Colossal Convention

Annual anime Convention. Includes guests, activities, registration, vendor information, and ...
Score: 7.97 Category: Animation\Anime

Fourth Street Fantasy Convention

June/July Convention, with a literary theme. Includes guests, registration, hotel ...
Score: 7.82 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy

Flashback Weekend Horror Convention

Annual Chicago Convention taking place in August. Includes dealers room, ...
Score: 7.82 Category: Genres\Horror


An annual fanzine fan Convention, usually in February. Site includes ...
Score: 7.77 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy

Simply Southern Scrapbook Convention

Annual Convention held in Franklin, Tennessee,(Nashville area) featuring workshops, cropping, ...
Score: 7.77 Category: Crafts\Scrapbooking

Romantic Times Booklovers Convention

Convention held in different locations around the United States each ...
Score: 7.71 Category: Literature\Genres

Dutch Juggling Convention

Provides details of this annual Convention, including the location, program, ...
Score: 7.56 Category: Performing Arts\Circus


Annual Anime Convention in San Francisco, California. The only Convention ...
Score: 7.54 Category: Animation\Anime

Pennsylvania Square and Round Dance Federation

Includes leaders, minutes and membership form, directory of clubs, their ...
Score: 7.54 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

UK PONYCON - International My Little Pony Convention

Information on an annual My Little Pony collectors Convention held ...
Score: 7.52 Category: Animation\Cartoons

Norcon 2003

National science fiction Convention, held 3-5 October 2003, in Oslo. ...
Score: 7.52 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy

European Juggling Convention 2005

Details about the event, taking place in Ptuj, Slovenia. Includes ...
Score: 7.42 Category: Performing Arts\Circus

The Millennium Philcon

The 59th World Science Fiction Convention, held August 30, 2001 ...
Score: 7.34 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy

CoastCon XXVJJ

Hotel, location, registration, guest, merchant, and gaming information, with a ...
Score: 7.30 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy

Shimakon Anime Convention

Anime Convention in South Padre Island, TX.
Score: 7.29 Category: Animation\Anime

State of the Art

International tattoo and body piercing conference and Convention. Listing of ...
Score: 7.25 Category: Bodyart

ConSept Conventions

Fan run media Convention in Indianapolis, no longer running. (Date ...
Score: 7.20 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy

Star Trek Convention

Vir-Con 2002: The official 3D virtual Star Trek Convention that ...
Score: 7.19 Category: Television\Programs

Chicon 2000

The 58th World Science Fiction Convention, held Thursday 31 August ...
Score: 7.11 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy

My Little Pony Fair & Collectors Convention USA

Details of a USA based Convention for My Little Pony ...
Score: 6.98 Category: Animation\Cartoons

North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC)

An infrequently held North American Convention whenever the Worldcon is ...
Score: 6.53 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy

Florida's Ultimate Tattoo, Music Festival and Muscle car Convention

Florida's Largest Tattoo and Comic Book Convention, brought to you ...
Score: 6.15 Category: Bodyart\Tattoo


Triennial New Jersey Convention.
Score: 5.42 Category: Music\Styles


Annual Convention in Allendale, Michigan.
Score: 5.36 Category: Animation\Anime


Annual Convention in Melbourne, Australia.
Score: 5.36 Category: Animation\Anime

Canada's annual Transformers Convention.
Score: 5.36 Category: Animation\Cartoons


Triennial Convention in Rockville, Maryland.
Score: 5.36 Category: Music\Styles


Triennial Convention held in Massachusetts.
Score: 5.36 Category: Music\Styles


Annual Metallica fan Convention.
Score: 5.36 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

MisCon 18

Missoula science fiction Convention.
Score: 5.36 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy


Annual Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Score: 5.36 Category: Animation\Anime


Annual Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Score: 5.36 Category: Animation\Anime

Annual Convention in Haarlem, Netherlands.
Score: 5.36 Category: Animation\Anime


Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida.
Score: 5.36 Category: Animation\Anime


Annual Convention in Dallas, Texas.
Score: 5.36 Category: Animation\Anime


Annual Convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Score: 5.36 Category: Animation\Anime


Annual Convention in Arlington, Virginia.
Score: 5.36 Category: Animation\Anime


Convention in West Palm, Florida.
Score: 5.36 Category: Animation\Anime


Annual Convention in Austin, Texas.
Score: 5.36 Category: Animation\Anime

Beauty and the Beast—TV

Home of "Winterfest" virtual Convention.
Score: 5.30 Category: Television\Programs

Kamikaze Con

Annual Convention in Houston, Texas.
Score: 5.30 Category: Animation\Anime

Anime Oasis

Annual Convention in Boise, Idaho.
Score: 5.30 Category: Animation\Anime

Auto Assembly

Annual UK Transformers collectors Convention.
Score: 5.30 Category: Animation\Cartoons


Annual Convention in West Hartford, Connecticut.
Score: 5.30 Category: Animation\Anime


Annual Convention in Coventry, United Kingdom.
Score: 5.30 Category: Animation\Anime


Convention to be held in Copenhagen, 7-8 February 2004.
Score: 5.30 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy

Anime Central

Annual Convention in Rosemont, Illinois.
Score: 5.30 Category: Animation\Anime


Annual Convention in Houston, Texas.
Score: 5.30 Category: Animation\Anime

Ikkicon LLC

Anime Convention in Austin, Texas
Score: 5.30 Category: Animation\Anime


Annual Convention in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Score: 5.30 Category: Animation\Anime

Bakuretsu Con

Annual Convention in Burlington, Vermont.
Score: 5.30 Category: Animation\Anime

AOD 2006

San Francisco Animation Convention.
Score: 5.30 Category: Animation\Anime

Robocon 10

Defunct Robotech Convention in Anaheim, California.
Score: 5.30 Category: Animation\Anime


Anime Convention held in Glasgow, Scotland.
Score: 5.30 Category: Animation\Anime


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