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Jesus Christ Passion

Christian and Jewish commentary and news about Mel Gibson's "The ...
Score: 10.42 Category: Movies\Titles

The Life: Explore The Passion of the Christ

Chat, articles, and opinions about Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion ...
Score: 10.42 Category: Movies\Titles

Christ Church, Eastbourne

Includes an illustrated guide to this Victorian church. Text taken ...
Score: 9.66 Category: Architecture\Building Types

Christ Church (Anglican) Cathedral, Dublin

The cathedral of Holy Trinity, commonly called Christ Church, was ...
Score: 9.31 Category: Architecture\Building Types

Hostyle Gospel

Hostyle Gospel Is a dynamic Christian based Hip-Hop group that ...
Score: 8.53 Category: Music

The Passion of the Christ

A forum for discussion of the movie.
Score: 7.39 Category: Movies\Titles

Head to Christ

Korn ex guitarist official site.
Score: 7.31 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Christian Counseling: Theology Degree

Trinity Institute offers an unparalleled free opportunity for you to ...
Score: 7.22 Category: Humanities\Institutes

Zombie Christ

Describes a biblical horror movie and the Portland, OR based ...
Score: 7.01 Category: Movies\Filmmaking


California band that loves the Lord and pursues to share ...
Score: 6.93 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

The Matrix as Messiah Movie

Site examines the parallels between Neo's character development and the ...
Score: 6.86 Category: Movies\Titles

Fool for Christ

A one-person play with many characters which explores the loves, ...
Score: 6.73 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Benbecula Records

IDM record label from Scotland. Artists include Christ., reverbaphon, frog ...
Score: 6.73 Category: Music\Styles


French electro industrial duet. Influenced by bands such as Suicide ...
Score: 6.66 Category: Music\Styles

Honey for Christ

Official site of the heavy metal band from Northern Ireland ...
Score: 6.47 Category: Music\Styles

Bartlett, Jim

Colorado-based ministry focused on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ ...
Score: 6.35 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Christ, Tristan

A large scale illusion show, Illusions of Reality. Biography, show ...
Score: 6.32 Category: Performing Arts\Magic

The Friends of Christ Church Spitalfields

The charity leading the restoration of Nicholas Hawksmoor's masterpiece. Includes ...
Score: 6.32 Category: Architecture\History

Christ Church Cathedral Choir

500 year old choir justly famous for the youthfulness of ...
Score: 6.32 Category: Music\Styles

The Friends of Christ Church Spitalfields

The charity leading the restoration of Nicholas Hawksmoor's masterpiece. Includes ...
Score: 6.32 Category: Architecture\Building Types

Jesus Christ Superstar at the Workshop Theatre

Site for a 2004 production of the musical in Columbia, ...
Score: 6.28 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Christ Church Cathedral, New Zealand

The official site includes a history and tour of the ...
Score: 6.23 Category: Architecture\Building Types

Witness Productions

An outdoor musical passion play presented each summer in Hot ...
Score: 6.19 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Passion Movie

Information and positive support for Mel Gibson and the movie, ...
Score: 6.15 Category: Movies\Titles

Christian TV Guide

Christian TV and radio channel listings (schedules) guide. Also covering ...
Score: 6.14 Category: Television\Guides

The Passion of The Christ

Official site for the movie, a Mel Gibson film. News, ...
Score: 6.14 Category: Movies\Titles

C. S. Lewis Institute

Institute desires to develop disciples who can "articulate, defend, and ...
Score: 6.14 Category: Literature\Authors

Chicago Historic Landmark

Aims to preserve the neo-classical Church of Shrine of Christ ...
Score: 6.14 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Christ Church Cathedral, Waterford

The only neo-classical Georgian cathedral in Ireland, designed by John ...
Score: 6.14 Category: Architecture\History

The Passion of the Christ

News, film facts, image galleries, cast data, discussion forum, downloads ...
Score: 6.14 Category: Movies\Titles

Dettoni, Guido

NESHER is a Cultural Association whose aim is to promote ...
Score: 6.10 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

The Passion of the Christ: A Film by Mel Gibson

Story line, cast, crew, links to various news articles, movie ...
Score: 6.09 Category: Movies\Titles

Pipe Organs of Temple Square

Detailed information on the nine pipe organs at the headquarters ...
Score: 6.04 Category: Music\Instruments

Sean Hannity Evildoer

Uses Bible quotes and commentary to expose Hannity as a ...
Score: 5.85 Category: Radio\Formats

Witheridge, Ann

Ann Witheridge is an oil painter specializing in portraits, still ...
Score: 5.83 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Christ Church (Anglican) Cathedral, Waterford

The only neo-classical Georgian cathedral in Ireland, designed by John ...
Score: 5.81 Category: Architecture\Building Types

Ballet Magnificat! Home Page

World's premier full-time professional Christian ballet company committed to presenting ...
Score: 5.77 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Christian Art

Many people know Christianity from their childhood days of being ...
Score: 5.33 Category: Visual Arts

The University of Reading

The University of Reading is ranked as one of the ...
Score: 4.88 Category: Genres\Children's

Calvinistic Cartoons

This is a potpourri of humor, cartoons and entertainment, Calvinist ...
Score: 4.78 Category: Visual Arts


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