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Hosler, Jay

Professor Of Biology who blends Science and art in his ...
Score: 14.08 Category: Comics\Creators

Wight, Gail

Conceptual artist investigates issues Of Biology and the history Of ...
Score: 12.63 Category: Visual Arts\Environment and Nature


Artwork in the media Of film, video, photography, fiction and ...
Score: 11.67 Category: Entertainment\Video

Guides for Better Science Writing

Bibliography Of style manuals for scientific research, writing, and presentation. ...
Score: 11.00 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Council of Science Editors (CSE)

Improve communication in the sciences by educating authors, editors, and ...
Score: 10.61 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

The Journal of Music and Meaning

The Journal Of Music and Meaning is an on-line peer-reviewed ...
Score: 10.29 Category: Humanities\Philosophy

Department of Architecture & Building Science

One Of the leading centres for Architectural Education and Research ...
Score: 10.17 Category: Architecture\Education

History and Philosophy

Offers expertise in the physical, biological, social, and cognitive sciences. ...
Score: 10.04 Category: Humanities\Philosophy

Hour Building Spain

If your aim is Building hours to complete your ATPL ...
Score: 9.87 Category: Bodyart\Articles

Arizona State University School of Architecture

Offers a Bachelor Of Science in Design Degree with a ...
Score: 9.78 Category: Architecture\Education

Modern Building Services

Offers an editorial perspective covering not only traditional areas Of ...
Score: 9.57 Category: Architecture\News and Media

Building a Thrill Ride: Expedition Everest

The Science Channel explores the technology, engineering and creativity harnessed ...
Score: 9.29 Category: Television\Programs

Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture

The ACADIA is promoting communication and critical thinking regarding the ...
Score: 9.21 Category: Architecture\Associations

The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation

This is the online version Of the Eurocon award winning ...
Score: 9.18 Category: Literature\Genres

William and Mary: Wren Building

An illustrated history Of the Sir Christopher Wren Building at ...
Score: 9.00 Category: Architecture\Building Types

Norwegian University of Science and Technology: Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art

Information from the Departments Of Town and Regional Planning, Building ...
Score: 8.76 Category: Architecture\Education

Building a Cornamuse in F (Alto)

Instructions for Building an instrument by Jörg Becker.
Score: 8.67 Category: Music\Styles

Stephen Leacock Building

Description and pictures Of the Building, located on the campus ...
Score: 8.67 Category: Literature\World Literature

Building the Chrysler Building

An illustrated history by Emily Zimmerman, part Of America in ...
Score: 8.67 Category: Architecture\Building Types

Ken Scott Photography: Building 50

Photographs Of the main Building Of the former Traverse City ...
Score: 8.64 Category: Architecture\Building Types

Science Notes

An online Science journal written and illustrated by the graduate ...
Score: 8.61 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

This Week In Science

Weekly Science news show featuring cutting edge topics such as ...
Score: 8.61 Category: Radio\Formats

McDermott Publishing

Publishers for the UK Building and construction industry. Titles include ...
Score: 8.56 Category: Architecture\News and Media

The Musical Instrument Makers Forum

Acoustic guitar Building, electric guitar making, archtop guitar Building, violin ...
Score: 8.54 Category: Music\Instruments

The Woodworking School

Offering classes in cabinetmaking, chair Building, wooden canoe Building, and ...
Score: 8.45 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Mike Nelson's Home Page

An engineering designer with a hobby Of designing and Building. ...
Score: 8.40 Category: Music\Instruments

Chrysler Building

Still the tallest brick Building in the world this site ...
Score: 8.29 Category: Architecture\Building Types

Dragon Institute

Their races and society; Biology and pictorial anatomy.
Score: 8.29 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy

Longaberger Office Building

Glass, Steel and Stone provides a photograph and brief description ...
Score: 8.28 Category: Architecture\Building Types

science fiction series

Science fiction novels in the Jules Verne style with nowaday ...
Score: 8.20 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Science Channel

Discovery's Science channel programs include Hard Wired, Lake Vostok, Science ...
Score: 8.20 Category: Television\Networks

The Science Behind The X-Files

Takes an episode-by-episode look at the Science fact behind the ...
Score: 8.20 Category: Television\Programs

Building in Ancient Egypt

A clear, illustrated introduction to the Building process: materials, tools, ...
Score: 8.15 Category: Architecture\History

TTTM Science Fiction

Classic Science fiction works, including one Of fictional Science relating ...
Score: 8.14 Category: Literature\Genres

Christianity Today: Building and Transportation

Articles from Your Church magazine covering many aspects Of church ...
Score: 8.12 Category: Architecture\Building Types

Joel's Informative Crypto Biology

Information on a set Of mythological or false creatures.
Score: 8.11 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy

Damiani, Stephen

Works in acrylics that combine cell Biology with abstract impressionism.
Score: 8.11 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Building Bluegrass Banjos

Building banjos, parts, necks and bridges. Pictures, detailed instructions, and ...
Score: 8.11 Category: Music\Instruments

Building Sound

Building Sound is devoted to exploring radio as a medium ...
Score: 8.07 Category: Architecture\News and Media

Beenhakkers Percussion

Percussion workshops for team Building, community Building, conferences, celebrations, companies ...
Score: 8.07 Category: Music\Instruments

Building Materials - Roofing Materials - Building Suppliers - Roofing Suppliers

Reclaimed Building material offers architectural salvage, Reclamation Building materials, Reclaimed ...
Score: 8.04 Category: Costumes\Construction

The Old Administration Building

Page at Public Health Museum site concerning main Building Of ...
Score: 8.03 Category: Architecture\Building Types

To Seek Out New Life

Companion web site to the book that discusses the Biology ...
Score: 8.03 Category: Television\Programs

Avenue Canyons

A graduate student in the Molecular and Cell Biology department ...
Score: 7.95 Category: Online Writing\Journals

Great Lakes School of Log Building

Teaching the craft Of log Building in northern Minnesota. Courses ...
Score: 7.92 Category: Architecture\Education

In Defense of Science Fiction

An essay on Science fiction and literature by critic and ...
Score: 7.85 Category: Literature\Genres

South Christchurch Library

An environmentally friendly Building opened in 2003 and winner Of ...
Score: 7.83 Category: Architecture\Building Types

Devon Earth Building Association

Supports research into and the conservation Of earth buildings in ...
Score: 7.79 Category: Architecture\Preservation

Arts & Science

Arts & Science has a rich and diverse academic organization. ...
Score: 7.79 Category: Humanities\Cultural Studies

de Menezes, Marta

Portuguese visual artist exploring the interaction between art and Biology. ...
Score: 7.79 Category: Visual Arts\Environment and Nature

Analog Science Fiction and Fact

Site for the long running magazine showcasing both Science fiction ...
Score: 7.74 Category: Literature\Genres

Ecole d'Avignon

Organisation involved in the preservation Of traditional Building and painting ...
Score: 7.72 Category: Architecture\Preservation

University of Liverpool School of Architecture and Building Engineering

Provides an educational environment for students Of architecture, Building environmental ...
Score: 7.71 Category: Architecture\Education

University of Technology Sydney - Faculty of Design, Architecture, Building

Offers courses and subjects in the discipline Of design, architecture, ...
Score: 7.71 Category: Architecture\Education

Cobb, Michelle

Online portfolio and resume. Her paintings, sculptures and prints deal ...
Score: 7.71 Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

13th Street Horror and Science Fiction

Portal for horror and Science fiction enthusiasts. Interactive games and ...
Score: 7.71 Category: Genres\Horror

Stroud Building Design Association

Association Of architects, engineers, surveyors and other Building industry professionals ...
Score: 7.69 Category: Architecture\Associations

Hine, Lewis Wickes: Empire State Building

Lewis Hine was commissioned to photograph the construction Of the ...
Score: 7.65 Category: Architecture\Building Types

Building a Homemade Gourd Banjo

This site chronicles gourd banjo Building, documenting the process from ...
Score: 7.65 Category: Music\Instruments

Empire State Building To Honor Fay Wray

Obituary Of the actress and statement from Empire State Building.
Score: 7.58 Category: Entertainment\People


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