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St. Louis English Country Dancers

Monthly Dances, and other events, in Missouri. Includes dance instructions ...
Score: 11.00 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Gordon Ball's Beat Generation

Ball teaches at the Virginia Military Institute -- a photo ...
Score: 10.62 Category: Literature\Periods and Movements

Old Farmer's Ball

Information on upcoming Dances, mountain musical groups and contact information ...
Score: 9.91 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Welsh Dances

Features history and information of Welsh Morris Dances, Border Dances ...
Score: 9.91 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Washington D.C. Area Folk Dances

A guide to contra and other Dances in the D.C. ...
Score: 9.80 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Watford and West Herts Scottish Society

Classes in Scottish Country Dancing for beginners and experienced dancers. ...
Score: 9.78 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Dancing for Busy People

Square Dances, mixers, contra Dances, line Dances, books, articles and ...
Score: 9.77 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Rendezvous Dance Studio

Minneapolis dance studio with instruction for all ages in ballroom ...
Score: 9.69 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

David M. Ball

Diluvium is collection of David Ball's artwork created as therapeutic ...
Score: 9.45 Category: Illustration\Editorial Illustration

Indian Classical Dances

Illustrated history and explanation of the major Dances.
Score: 9.00 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Regency Exhibition Ball

Annual Ball in Lansing, Michigan.
Score: 8.99 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Dances of India

Descriptions of each of the classical styles as well as ...
Score: 8.99 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Dafydd's Collection of Playford's English Country Dances

Reconstructions of a selection of Dances, mainly from the first ...
Score: 8.99 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Ceremonial Dances

A brief description of the contest Dances from the Red ...
Score: 8.99 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Georgian Folk Dances

Brief descriptions with photographs of a number of Dances.
Score: 8.96 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Dances from Pride and Prejudice

Instructions for the English country Dances featured in movie adaptations ...
Score: 8.92 Category: Movies\Titles

Indian Classical Dances

History of Indian classical Dances, information related with classical Dances ...
Score: 8.91 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Historic Dance Ensemble

Researches and performs Dances from the late-15th to mid-19th centuries. ...
Score: 8.90 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

The Daily Ping: A Close Study of Bayside School Dances

List of all Dances with episode references and message board.
Score: 8.88 Category: Television\Programs

Detailed Dance Notes

Full description of numerous Dances by Andrew from Lagabag Morris. ...
Score: 8.88 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Company Q

This band plays instruments and performs Dances from the American ...
Score: 8.83 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Terpsichore - Her Votaries and Fashions

Background and partial transcription of this 1898 publication covering Irish ...
Score: 8.77 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Elsche Korf

Provides information on Dutch traditional Dances, (folk Dances) with publications, ...
Score: 8.77 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

The Middle Ages: Medieval and Renaissance Dances

Cheat sheets, step descriptions, and a list of sources for ...
Score: 8.77 Category: Performing Arts\Dance


Verna Wass teaches traditional and historical dance for schools and ...
Score: 8.59 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Norman W. Gray's Home Page

Includes articles on the Inns of Court Dances, Playford Dances, ...
Score: 8.59 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Yellow Bird Productions

Authentic Native American Dances including Apache and northern plains Dances. ...
Score: 8.46 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

The Strafford Ball

Annual Playford-style Ball in Strafford, Vermont. Includes dance instructions for ...
Score: 8.45 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Lucille Ball - Desi Arnaz Center, The

Museum dedicated to the life and times of Lucille Ball ...
Score: 8.45 Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Dragon Ball Z Forever

General information, character biographies, and pictures from Dragon Ball Z ...
Score: 8.45 Category: Animation\Anime

South Bay English Country Dance

Dances in the English style of 16th to 20th century; ...
Score: 8.42 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Ball And Ball

Specializing in 18th Century through Victorian periods antique reproduction brass ...
Score: 8.41 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Ye Gaskell Occasional Dance Society

Victorian balls in Oakland, California, preceded by a class covering ...
Score: 8.40 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

SF Bay Area Contradances and English Country Dances

Contra Dances and English Country Dances in the San Francisco ...
Score: 8.39 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Irish Ceili & Country Dances

Detailed descriptions of several popular ceili Dances done at feisanna ...
Score: 8.39 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Sue's Scottish Country Dances

Features instructions for the Dances created by Sue McKinell, in ...
Score: 8.39 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Waltz etcetera

Dances, classes, and related events and information relating to waltz ...
Score: 8.37 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Miller, Hat

Specializes in dance parties, youth groups, and Dances for mentally ...
Score: 8.37 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Dragon Ball IC

A fan series featuring an expanded universe based on Dragon ...
Score: 8.37 Category: Animation\Anime

The Labyrinth of Jareth Fantasy Masquerade Ball

Annual costume Ball for fans of Labyrinth.
Score: 8.37 Category: Movies\Titles

Dragon Ball: Eternal Legacy RPG

Based in the Dragon Ball unierse, this game customizes characters ...
Score: 8.34 Category: Animation\Anime

Red Stags Morris

Mixed Border side, formed at the University 30 years ago, ...
Score: 8.33 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

The Regency Assembly

Group organising dance classes, balls and performances of Dances from ...
Score: 8.31 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

La Compagnie Folklorique Fanny Thibout

Belgium. Traditional (18th and 19th century) folk Dances, songs, games ...
Score: 8.20 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Florida Dancing Venues

Where to go Dancing in Florida. The largest and most ...
Score: 8.19 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Asbury Park Press Online: Ball Plays a "Baddie" in Broadway's "Woman in White"

When Michael Ball stepped into the role of Count Fosco ...
Score: 8.11 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Last Ball

LAST Ball, an independent film starring Charlie Hofheimer, Laurel Holloman, ...
Score: 8.10 Category: Movies\Titles

Yamitsuki Anime

Animé reviews of series like Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball, Dragon ...
Score: 8.03 Category: Animation\Anime

New Hampshire Contra Dances

Provides information about contra Dances in New Hampshire, USA. It ...
Score: 8.01 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Santa Barbara Country Dance Society

English and contra Dances in Santa Barbara, California. Regular Dances, ...
Score: 8.01 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Mark's Dances

Monthly West Coast Swing Dances in metropolitan Kansas City. Dance ...
Score: 8.01 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Oat Kake Corral Stoke On Trent

Linedancing club in Stoke-On-Trent. Top 10 Dances and Dances taught ...
Score: 8.01 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

The Round

English country dance club. Includes background information on Playford Dances, ...
Score: 8.00 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Bay Area English Regency Society (BAERS)

Country Dances of the English regency. Includes a calendar of ...
Score: 8.00 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Lloyd Shaw Foundation

The foundation seeks to preserve and foster square dancing, contra ...
Score: 7.99 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Labyrinth of Jareth Fantasy Masquerade Ball

Annual Ball based on Celtic faerie and goblin lore; produced ...
Score: 7.98 Category: Costumes\By Type

Germantown Country Dancers

Philadelphia based group. Includes a calendar of events for dancers ...
Score: 7.96 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Classical Dances of India

Aesthetic site with descriptions, definitions, pictures and links to all ...
Score: 7.93 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Mixed Pickles Vintage Dance Company

Teaches, performs and researches American Dances from the colonial period ...
Score: 7.81 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

Performance group offering Dances from central and western regions of ...
Score: 7.79 Category: Performing Arts\Dance


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