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All About Australian Aboriginal Art

Information on Australian Aboriginal culture, history, Art, symbols and painting ...
Score: 21.86 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Australian Indigenous Art

Australian Aboriginal Art and dot paintings can be found at, ...
Score: 20.59 Category: Visual Arts

Aboriginal Australian Art

Peter “Muraay Djeripi” Mulcahy, Australian Aboriginal artist's detailed illustrative style ...
Score: 19.87 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Aboriginal Art from Australian Desert

Aboriginal owned and operated gallery, with Art, artifacts, and on-line ...
Score: 18.58 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Aboriginal Art Galerie Baehr

Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art, with details of works and artist ...
Score: 18.56 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Aboriginal Art Blog

Information, news and reviews on the Australian Aboriginal Art industry
Score: 18.39 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

One World - Australian Aboriginal Art

Introduction to Aboriginal Art and gallery of paintings.
Score: 18.20 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Songlines Aboriginal Art

Dealer in Australian Aboriginal Art, with exhibitions.
Score: 17.91 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Australian Visual Arts Databases

Includes Aboriginal and Australian artists, Australian Art prizes, and auction ...
Score: 17.70 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Better World Arts: Aboriginal Art Gallery

Better World Arts is known for their exquisite Aboriginal Art ...
Score: 16.90 Category: Art History

Look Art

Investment Art covering modern and traditional Australian artists, photography, posters, ...
Score: 15.59 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Andrew Baker Art Dealer

Contemporary Australian Art and indigenous Aboriginal Art from Lockhart River ...
Score: 15.48 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Williams, Kevin

Wokka-Art: Australian artist shows pieces ranging from traditional-style Aboriginal Art ...
Score: 14.66 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Japingka Gallery: Aboriginal Art

Special Offers provides a selection of paintings from our Stockroom ...
Score: 14.64 Category: Art History

Towns, Heather

Combining the spirit of Australian Aboriginal Art with African and ...
Score: 14.56 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Hogarth Galleries Aboriginal Art Centres

Aboriginal fine Art gallery. Exhibition, artist and community information. Located ...
Score: 14.35 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Lauraine Diggins Fine Art

Features 19th and 20th century Australian Colonial, Impressionist, Modern, Contemporary ...
Score: 14.34 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Aboriginal Art & Instruments

Aboriginal dreamtime paintings, crafts and related items including Art books, ...
Score: 14.30 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Coo-ee Aboriginal Art Gallery

Features Aboriginal Art recognised throughout the world as being a ...
Score: 14.25 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Australian Aboriginal Art of the Western Desert

Featuring Art and artists from Yuelamu, Mt Allan, Yuendumu, Paupunya, ...
Score: 14.24 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Red Sand Art Gallery

Central Australian gallery of Aboriginal Art.
Score: 13.99 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Firebrace, Francis

Australian Aboriginal storyteller uses Art and dance in his performances. ...
Score: 13.86 Category: Performing Arts\Storytelling

Artspeak Studio Gallery

Australia based private dealer offering Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Art.
Score: 13.61 Category: Visual Arts\Resources

Dreamtime Gallery

Santa Fe, N.M. gallery featuring Australian Aboriginal Art.
Score: 13.55 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre: Didgeridoo

Information about traditional Aboriginal music, as well as history of ...
Score: 13.48 Category: Music\Instruments

Alcheringa Gallery

Presents past, current and upcoming exhibitions as well as permanent ...
Score: 13.21 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

National Gallery of Australia

Gallery and visitor information. Details of collections of Australian and ...
Score: 12.45 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Aboriginal Art Prints

Paintings, drawings, etchings, cave painting prints, rock painting, lithographs by ...
Score: 12.12 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Aboriginal Australian musical instrument. History and playing instructions.
Score: 12.07 Category: Music\Instruments

Aboriginal Native Arts Saskatchewan

Aboriginal arts and crafts produced by Saskatchewan's Aboriginal people. A ...
Score: 12.05 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Luke, Stephen and Gary

Australian Aboriginal paintings and designs. Animal themes and figures.
Score: 11.82 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Australian Aboriginal Musical Instruments

Descriptions and images of the didjeridu, bullroarer, gum-leaf, and clapsticks.
Score: 11.70 Category: Music\Instruments

Byron, Shane

Works by this Australian Aboriginal artist. Paintings and designs featuring ...
Score: 11.70 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Grasstree Gallery: Buy Authentic Aboriginal Art Online

Grasstree Gallery is primarily an online gallery specialising in the ...
Score: 11.63 Category: Art History

Hogarth, Stephen

Australian Aboriginal artist presents an online portfolio showcasing abstract designs ...
Score: 11.46 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Sixteen Words for Water

A play about Ezra Pound and his encounter with an ...
Score: 11.02 Category: Literature\Poetry


Aboriginal Dreamtime stories interpreted on collectables, canvas and artefacts to ...
Score: 10.93 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal


Information about Art from 30 Aboriginal Art and craft centres ...
Score: 10.79 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Aboriginal Art in Tasmania

Paintings, drawings, digital Art, and Web design.
Score: 10.79 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries


Aboriginal Art gallery, with lots of information about the Art ...
Score: 10.77 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Kara Art

Features twelve sections dedicated to the visual arts: artists, galleries, ...
Score: 10.70 Category: Education\Directories

Steve's Web Site - Art

Annotated links about contemporary Aboriginal and ancestral bushman (San) rock ...
Score: 10.63 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Aboriginal Fine Arts Gallery

Aboriginal paintings, works on bark, carvings from the Central and ...
Score: 10.54 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

The Snow Goose

Inuit and Aboriginal Art. Photo galleries of current Art, plus ...
Score: 10.51 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Bernie Walsh Art

Welcome to the official Bernie Walsh website. Purchase Art paintings ...
Score: 10.50 Category: Illustration\Airbrush

Bidjiwong Art

We produce and market Aboriginal artwork, mainly timber products including ...
Score: 10.44 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Australian Art Auction Records

Database of Australian and New Zealand Art auction sales results ...
Score: 10.26 Category: Education\Directories

Lockhart River Art Centre

Aboriginal community Art centre on Cape York, Australia with details ...
Score: 10.08 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Creative Native

Aboriginal Art, artefacts and didgeridoos.
Score: 10.08 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

The Aboriginal Memorial

Created between 1987-88 by 43 artists from the Ramingining community, ...
Score: 10.06 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

ACCA is Melbourne's major public contemporary Art space, presenting changing ...
Score: 10.03 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Australian Body Art Awards

Australian Face Painting, Body Art National Competition and Convention. Face ...
Score: 9.97 Category: Bodyart

Australian Arts Online Marketing and Exhibiting Services

Dedicated to bringing the Australian Art scene to a worldwide ...
Score: 9.64 Category: Visual Arts\Resources

William Mora Galleries

Contemporary and Aboriginal Art. Exhibition and artist information. Based in ...
Score: 9.57 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries


Aboriginal Art and craft, speciality timber for crafting, gemstones and ...
Score: 9.57 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Honey Ant Gallery

Aboriginal works of Art from the central and western desert ...
Score: 9.57 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Dreamweb Oceania

Aboriginal Art, culture, news, exhibitions, and links. Dutch with English-language ...
Score: 9.47 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Steve, Morvell

Australian animal artist. Living paintings, pastels and drawings of African, ...
Score: 9.43 Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Australian Fantasy Art Enclave

A beautiful collaborative gallery featuring many talented Australian fantasy and ...
Score: 9.39 Category: Visual Arts\Thematic


Focused on Aboriginal Art from the Utopia region. Exhibition and ...
Score: 9.38 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries


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