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Spiral Art Education Lesson Plans

Art projects based on contemporary Art for the K-12 classroom. ...
Score: 13.02 Category: Education\Educators

SFcrowsnest: Changing Planes

Review of the novel Changing Planes by Ursula Le Guin.
Score: 12.02 Category: Literature\Genres

Artsonia Teachers :: Project Lesson Plans

Artsonia is a student Art gallery showcasing Art projects from ...
Score: 12.00 Category: Crafts\Modeling Compounds

Enriko's Sketchbook

Fan Art, original Art, Planes, animations, figure drawing and landscapes. ...
Score: 11.86 Category: Animation\Anime

The Art Teachers Place

Resource site includes Lesson plans, fine Art and Art history ...
Score: 11.23 Category: Education\Educators

Music School United States

Musicians institute of music offers excellent degree and certificate courses ...
Score: 11.05 Category: Music

Art Search

Directory of links to Art education resources, including history of ...
Score: 10.73 Category: Education\Educators

A Lifetime of Color

Art products and resources, including a newsletter, general Lesson plans, ...
Score: 10.25 Category: Education\Educators

Art Lessons and Ideas for Teachers

Art Lesson plans and curriculum ideas for elementary school and ...
Score: 9.97 Category: Education\Educators

Art Design and Media

Art activities, research, student galleries, Lesson plans and samples of ...
Score: 9.85 Category: Education\Educators

African Art Lesson Plans

Elementary Art lessons for creating masks, shields and Kente placemats, ...
Score: 9.67 Category: Education\Educators

Sharon's Art-Rageous Website

Examples of student artwork, Art Lesson plans, resources for Art ...
Score: 9.51 Category: Visual Arts\Education

Melissa's Myriad Art Education

Information on discipline-based Art education plus K-12 Lesson plans, FAQs ...
Score: 9.35 Category: Education\Educators

Middle Ages Art and Architecture Lesson

Covers history of Art and architecture from Byzantine to Renaissance. ...
Score: 9.34 Category: Art History\Periods and Movements

Mrs Trinder's Art Site

Year 7 through to year 13 Art resources, Lesson plans, ...
Score: 9.34 Category: Education\Educators

Crayola Creativity Central

Inspiring ideas, helpful information, Lesson plans, Art advocacy information and ...
Score: 9.29 Category: Education\Educators

Geeen Comix

The blog of Ben Hutchings, creator of Tales from the ...
Score: 9.22 Category: Comics

Language Arts Lesson Plans

Archive includes dozens of reading, grammar, and writing Lesson plans ...
Score: 9.21 Category: Education\Language Arts

KODAK Education - Art

Variety of Lesson plans using photography as a tool.
Score: 9.01 Category: Education\Educators

Linda's ELT Fast Find File

Downloadable Lesson plan data base for reading, writing, grammar, and ...
Score: 8.85 Category: Education\Language Arts

Movie Mirrors: Q Planes

Plot description.
Score: 8.84 Category: Movies\Titles

Britmovie: Q Planes

Cast list and synopsis.
Score: 8.84 Category: Movies\Titles


Free online Art Lesson plans for kids, parents, teachers and ...
Score: 8.82 Category: Education\Educators

ARTaFacts Magazine

Supplement to elementary school Art room Lesson plans, available through ...
Score: 8.82 Category: Education\Publications

Language Arts Lesson Plans and Ideas

Teacher-made Lesson plans for Pre-K through high school language classrooms.
Score: 8.75 Category: Education\Language Arts

Eyes on Art

Lesson plans and tutorials that teach students and adults to ...
Score: 8.73 Category: Visual Arts\Education

ESL Lounge

International site offering free ESL Lesson materials and ESL Lesson ...
Score: 8.70 Category: Education\Language Arts

Lesson Plans

This site enables teachers to easily access Lesson plans developed ...
Score: 8.63 Category: Education\Language Arts

First Lesson with Carrie Carlson

Carrie Carlson presents an illustrated tatting Lesson for left and ...
Score: 8.63 Category: Crafts\Lacemaking

Folding instructions in German but has clear diagrams. Many Planes.
Score: 8.56 Category: Crafts\Origami

Kintail Studio - Folk Art & Decorative Painting

Folk Art and Decorative painting: packets, free introductory Lesson, wide ...
Score: 8.53 Category: Crafts\Decorative Painting

Reading Lesson Plans -

Reading Lesson plans have free printables, reading worksheets, literature circles ...
Score: 8.43 Category: Education\Language Arts

The Narnia Academy

Includes a free 20-Lesson course for children and adults as ...
Score: 8.39 Category: Literature\Authors

Grygorenko, Valery N.

Rumanian artist shows realistic works featuring automobiles and Planes.
Score: 8.38 Category: Visual Arts\Personal Discipline Based Art Education

Articles on the significance of this approach to teaching the ...
Score: 8.31 Category: Education\Educators

Top 100 Movie Lists: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Sound bites, photograph, and review.
Score: 8.29 Category: Movies\Titles

Rotten Tomatoes: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Reviews, synopsis, mistakes, credits, posters, links, and a forum.
Score: 8.21 Category: Movies\Titles

Jimmy Buffett, The Top Pilot

Fan site pf pictures book reviews, Planes, pirares and fun ...
Score: 8.13 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Sabreteeth Paperplanes

For all those interested in aerogami, this site describes special ...
Score: 8.13 Category: Crafts\Origami

Calligraphy, The Art of Beautiful Writing

A professional calligrapher offering calligraphy tips, lessons, services and registration ...
Score: 8.12 Category: Visual Arts\Calligraphy

Ann Saxton's Art Scheme of Work

Lesson plans covering keystage 1 and keystage 2, topic driven ...
Score: 8.12 Category: Education\Educators

Library in the Sky Language Arts Lesson Plans

Links to hundreds of language arts Lesson plans on the ...
Score: 8.12 Category: Education\Language Arts

Late Minoan Painting and Other Representational Art

Lesson 14: Late Minoan Painting and Other Representational Art: Pottery, ...
Score: 8.09 Category: Art History\Periods and Movements

Teaching Performance Art in a Public School System

Unit Lesson Plans for teaching Performance Art in a Secondary ...
Score: 8.09 Category: Visual Arts\Performance Art

McShane's Planes

An index of 6 unique paper aeroplanes, some with high ...
Score: 7.97 Category: Crafts\Origami


A collaboration between the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis ...
Score: 7.92 Category: Education\Educators

Bottleneck Guitar Lesson from Acoustic Guitar Magazine

A complete Lesson in slide guitar from the Nov. 1991 ...
Score: 7.91 Category: Music\Instruments

Sudeith, Kevin

Western landscapes with people in cars, Planes, rockets. Contemporary style; ...
Score: 7.89 Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

IMDb: Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)

Plot outlines, trailer, cast list, trivia, mistakes, quotes, user reviews, ...
Score: 7.82 Category: Movies\Titles

The Ultimate Origami Airplane

Step-by-step photographs (large jpg files) for making a number of ...
Score: 7.80 Category: Crafts\Origami

Moncur, Jennie

Abstract images using vibrant and flat Planes of color with ...
Score: 7.74 Category: Crafts\Textiles

The Original ASCII Airplane Collection

This collection was begun by Paul Tomblin, around 1989. Dan ...
Score: 7.67 Category: Visual Arts\ASCII Art

Allwatchers Review - Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Analytical review of the plot, setting, theme, and structure of ...
Score: 7.56 Category: Movies\Titles

IMDb : Q Planes (1939)

Full cast and crew for the film, company credits, external ...
Score: 7.53 Category: Movies\Titles

Drama Lesson Plans

This teaching unit, through a range of key drama forms ...
Score: 7.48 Category: Education\Educators

Northwest Wood Carvers Association

Dedicated to learning, teaching, showing, and promoting the Art of ...
Score: 7.43 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Kool Paper Airplanes

Instructions for folding paper versions of real airplanes with information ...
Score: 7.36 Category: Crafts\Origami

Southern Cross Seaplanes

Features a narrative history of the artist's love of flying ...
Score: 7.29 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Chromogenics Historical Photographs

Over 50,000 historical photographs, mostly relating to the history of ...
Score: 7.26 Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Painting and Drawing Lesson

According to the publisher of the Learn And Master Painting ...
Score: 7.23 Category: Education\Magazines and E-zines


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