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Southern Arkansas University

Offering BSE Degree in Art education for those seeking to ...
Score: 12.74 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

University of New Hampshire

The Department of Art and Art History offers programs leading ...
Score: 12.68 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

The Kolodzei Art Foundation

Kolodzei Art Foundation (est. 1991) organizes exhibitions of contemporary Art ...
Score: 12.06 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

The New England School of Art and Design

The School welcomes students interested in the study of Art ...
Score: 11.86 Category: Design\Interior Design

Bifrons Foundation

The Bifrons Foundation is an interdisciplinary project based Art Foundation.
Score: 11.36 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

The Rhode Island Foundation

Provides mission statement, overview of services and opportunities, publications and ...
Score: 11.04 Category: Entertainment\Organizations

Quinebaug Community College

Provides basic Foundation in the visual arts and a broad ...
Score: 10.59 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

Randford University

Our degrees are awarded based on your life experiences, education, ...
Score: 10.45 Category: Humanities\Education

Monmouth University

Degree programs with specializations in graphic design, Art history, Art ...
Score: 10.42 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

Herron School of Art

Offers Degree programs in Art education, Art history, fine arts ...
Score: 10.42 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

Tricia studio

After graduating from UCLA with a Degree in Studio Art, ...
Score: 10.22 Category: Visual Arts

Art, Music, and Theatre

Undergraduate and residence programs in studio Art, Art history, performing ...
Score: 10.08 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

Poetry Tool: Children's Poetry

The Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry magazine, is an independent ...
Score: 10.03 Category: Genres\Children's

University of Southern Maine

Degree programs in Art History, Art Education, fine and applied ...
Score: 9.86 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

Patrick Jovell on MySpace Music

Swedish pianist Patrick Jovell was born in Helsingborg in 1960. ...
Score: 9.76 Category: Music\Instruments

University of East Anglia - School of World Art Studies and Museology

Offering Degree programs and courses in Art history.
Score: 9.75 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

University of East Anglia - School of World Art Studies and Museology

offering Degree programs and courses in Art history.
Score: 9.75 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

International Academy of Design & Technology, Tampa

Associate of Science Degree and Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.
Score: 9.71 Category: Design\Interior Design

Colorado State University

BFA and MFA Degree programs in Art education, Art history, ...
Score: 9.69 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire

Degree programs in Art Education, Art History, studio courses, Graphic ...
Score: 9.69 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

University of North Dakota

Offers Degree programs in visual arts, photography, Art history and ...
Score: 9.62 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

MyeNie Art Studio Gallery

MyeNie Art Studio Gallery - A fine Art gallery showcasing ...
Score: 9.57 Category: Visual Arts

Arizona State University School of Architecture

Offers a Bachelor of Science in Design Degree with a ...
Score: 9.54 Category: Architecture\Education

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Offers, BA, BFA and MFA Degree programs with studios in ...
Score: 9.42 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

The International Anthony Burgess Foundation - Homepage

Website of the home in Manchester, England of the Anthony ...
Score: 9.40 Category: Literature\Authors

Pocahontas Woods

Degree and non-Degree job skills courses such as hand tools ...
Score: 9.28 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Generative Art

The most accepted definition of generative Art offered by Philip ...
Score: 9.28 Category: Art History

University of South Dakota

Offers BFA and BFA/Art Education undergraduate degrees as well as ...
Score: 9.27 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

Friends of Josť Carreras International Leukemia Foundation

The Foundation's goal is to improve treatment and participate in ...
Score: 9.26 Category: Music\Vocal

International Child Art Foundation (ICAF)

Promotes children's Art, imagination, and creativity among kids around the ...
Score: 9.24 Category: Entertainment\Organizations

Allen R. Hite Art Institute at the University of Louisville

Degree programs offered, including a PhD program in Art history. ...
Score: 9.21 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

International Foundation for Art Research (IFAR)

Authentication service for private individuals, Art dealers, museums, and other ...
Score: 9.19 Category: Visual Arts\Resources

The Art Foundation

Exists to create an eclectic collection of Art made available ...
Score: 9.14 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

International Foundation of Russian and Eastern-European Art

Establishing non-political discourse through Art. Includes exhibition schedule and artist ...
Score: 9.08 Category: Visual Arts\Resources

Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities

The Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities is a programming and ...
Score: 8.96 Category: Humanities\Organizations

Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Information on the four year animation Degree.
Score: 8.96 Category: Animation\Training


Undergraduate Degree program centering around the cultures and languages of ...
Score: 8.95 Category: Classical Studies\Academic Departments

Lakehead University

Offers a 3 year BA Degree and a 4 year ...
Score: 8.89 Category: Visual Arts\Education

Harrow Ceramics Degree Show

Degree show of the University of Westminster. Eclectic mix of ...
Score: 8.83 Category: Crafts\Ceramic Art and Pottery

Michael Evans Fine Tribal Art

A native of Auckland, New Zealand, Michael received a Masterís ...
Score: 8.76 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

JNN Foundation

Official site for this non-profit Foundation started by Johnny No-Name ...
Score: 8.74 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Foundation

The Foundation's site outlines its history and its goals.
Score: 8.74 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Foundation and Chaos

A review of the author's 1998 novel written in Isaac ...
Score: 8.72 Category: Literature\Genres

Rosa Ponselle Foundation

Foundation established to celebrate the 20th Century's legendary operatic diva.
Score: 8.70 Category: Music\Vocal

Mary Cassatt Foundation

Artist's biography and images of her works. Information about Foundation, ...
Score: 8.70 Category: Art History\Artists

Starbright Foundation

Spielberg is the chairman of this Foundation, which is dedicated ...
Score: 8.70 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

The Marilyn Horne Foundation

Profiles of artists performing for the Foundation.
Score: 8.69 Category: Music\Styles

Corcoran College of Art and Design

Linked to the Corcoran Museum of Art. Offers BFA and ...
Score: 8.69 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

University of Western Ontario

Provides information on undergraduate Degree and courses, graduate Degree and ...
Score: 8.68 Category: Visual Arts\Education

Hippodrome Foundation, Inc., The

Nonprofit Foundation that seeks to bring national/Broadway-quality theater performances to ...
Score: 8.66 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Florida State University

[Tallahassee, FL, US] Offers bachelor's Degree, master's Degree, and certificate ...
Score: 8.65 Category: Music\Styles

Harry Chapin Foundation

This Foundation exists to help concerned, private citizens get involved ...
Score: 8.61 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

University of New Orleans - Department of Fine Art

Offers an undergraduate curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Arts ...
Score: 8.60 Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

Newington Cropsey Art Foundation

Founded for the purpose of preserving, maintaining, and displaying the ...
Score: 8.60 Category: Art History\Artists

Cranbrook Academy of Art

Cranbrook Academy of Art is an independent graduate Degree-granting institution ...
Score: 8.57 Category: Education\Schools and Academies

Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts

Organized to commemorate the legacy of southwestern artist Maynard Dixon, ...
Score: 8.56 Category: Entertainment\Organizations

The Clore Duffield Foundation

Grant-giving arts Foundation with a particular interest in supporting children, ...
Score: 8.51 Category: Entertainment\Organizations

The Academy - Seattle

The Academy - Seattle is a career-oriented academy located in ...
Score: 8.51 Category: Design\Interior Design

Iowa State University

Candidates for a graduate Degree in sociology must have the ...
Score: 8.46 Category: Humanities\Philosophy

Islamic Art Network

The Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation provides material on Islamic Art and ...
Score: 8.46 Category: Architecture\History


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