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Animal Farm Center

The Animal Farm Center was established by the government to ...
Score: 18.36 Category: Genres\Drama

Orwell's Preface to Animal Farm

Essay, The Freedom of the Press, originally intended as a ...
Score: 18.01 Category: Literature\Authors

Animal Farm by George Orwell

The full text of George Orwell's "Animal Farm", formatted to ...
Score: 17.46 Category: Literature\Authors

Animal Farm

An indexed, searchable, HTML version of the text.
Score: 13.37 Category: Literature\Authors

Animal Farm

Official site with plot and character information.
Score: 13.37 Category: Movies\Titles

Apollo Movie Guide - Animal Farm

Review, links, and cast information.
Score: 13.09 Category: Movies\Titles

IMDb: Animal Farm (1999)

Synopsis, cast and crew, and user comments.
Score: 13.09 Category: Movies\Titles

ClassicNotes: Animal Farm

Summary and analysis; also background, Orwell biography, links and message ...
Score: 12.83 Category: Literature\Authors

Literature Network: Animal Farm

Chapter indexed HTML of the text, with author information and ...
Score: 12.70 Category: Literature\Authors


Script consulting firm staffed with Script consultants and studio readers, ...
Score: 12.64 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Analysis of Animal Farm

A study of themes, characters, summary, political background, and symbolism. ...
Score: 12.20 Category: Literature\Authors

George Orwell's Animal Farm: Lessons for Today

Includes a synopsis, and an analysis and interpretation of Orwell's ...
Score: 11.86 Category: Literature\Authors

Animalism vs. Marxism

Honors thesis which develops the 'animalism' doctrine in 'Animal Farm' ...
Score: 11.35 Category: Literature\Authors

The Run from Farm to Farm

History of Western Washington State Hospital (Fort Steilacoom)
Score: 10.96 Category: Architecture\Building Types

Blue Rose Farm

Home to miniature sheep of various colors, and chickens. Includes ...
Score: 10.87 Category: Crafts\Textiles

Carlson's Farm

Self-service vegetable and flower Farm with a side business of ...
Score: 10.82 Category: Crafts\Personal


Nostalgic 50s style cartoons and spoof ads by Wartella. Humor ...
Score: 10.75 Category: Illustration\Cartoons

Script Surgery

An on-line Script consultant offering services including screenplay and film ...
Score: 10.61 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

The Script Consultant

Screenplay coverage and different types of Script analysis to give ...
Score: 10.60 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

European Television Script Writing and Consulting

Script writers and consultants with years of experience in Script ...
Score: 10.48 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Ela Thier, script consultant

Script development notes and Script consultations by produced NY screenwriter, ...
Score: 10.38 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

London Script Consultancy

A range of Script services to help identify the strengths ...
Score: 10.32 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Mike at the Farm

Winner of contest to visit Mike Rutherford's Farm and home ...
Score: 10.26 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

The Betty MacDonald Farm

Includes photos from the Farm, now a bed and breakfast, ...
Score: 10.23 Category: Literature\Children's

KRVN AM 880, Lexington

Farm radio station broadcasting news, weather, Farm prices, jobs, sports ...
Score: 10.21 Category: Radio\Regional

Mac's Farm and Sculpture Center

A working Farm in Ohio that doubles as a sculpture ...
Score: 10.16 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Hollywood Script Readers Digest Discussion Board

A discussion forum for prospective Script writers and their unfilmed ...
Score: 10.02 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Touchstone Farm & Yoga Center

Organic Farm offering garden, yoga, circle and long dance classes, ...
Score: 9.96 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Historic Farm Buildings Group

For those concerned with the past, present and future of ...
Score: 9.70 Category: Architecture\History

Animal Planet Channel Online

Information on shows featuring Animal stories and cams.
Score: 9.63 Category: Television\Networks

Bookbug: Animal Tales

Article by author Chelley Kitzmiller about the appeal of Animal ...
Score: 9.63 Category: Literature\Genres

My Script Needs Help!

My Script Needs Help! offers the following services: Coverage, Analysis, ...
Score: 9.39 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

The Adventures of Anne Animal

Two young Animal friends have fun with booze, drugs, and ...
Score: 9.39 Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels

Body Farm: The Horror Film

Behind the scenes information on the upcoming horror film Body ...
Score: 9.23 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Script Frenzy

Script Frenzy is an international writing event in which participants ...
Score: 9.07 Category: Genres\Drama

League of Animal Artists

Online community exclusively for Animal artists. Includes galleries, webring, link ...
Score: 8.97 Category: Visual Arts\Resources

Heather Cary Animal Portraits

Animal portraits, cartoons, book, illustration and greetings cards.
Score: 8.93 Category: Illustration\Specialized

Daily Script: 8 MM

1997 draft of the film's Script by Andrew Kevin Walker.
Score: 8.93 Category: Movies\Titles


London based Script consultancy providing Script coverage and one-to-one coaching
Score: 8.93 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

The Daily Script: Batman Returns

Shooting Script for the film by Daniel Waters.
Score: 8.93 Category: Movies\Titles


Working Screenwriters offer Script consulting and Script coverage services.
Score: 8.93 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

TheFourthRail.com - Rawhide Kid

Don MacPherson reviews the Script, artwork, and Script of this ...
Score: 8.91 Category: Comics\Titles

The Daily Script: Pet Sematary

Provides the movie Script of the 1989 film based on ...
Score: 8.88 Category: Movies\Titles

Richwood Script Consultants

Service provides Script notes, edits, analysis and support throughout the ...
Score: 8.88 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

The Stax Report: Script Review of The Changeling

A look at the Script to a remake of the ...
Score: 8.88 Category: Movies\Titles

The Script Analyst

Script coverage for aspiring screenwriters who are seeking advice and ...
Score: 8.88 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

The Daily Script: Heathers

Shooting Script by Daniel Waters.
Score: 8.88 Category: Movies\Titles

Matrix: The Abridged Script

A short parody Script for the film.
Score: 8.88 Category: Movies\Titles

Script Pimp

Offering Script writing coverage and consultant services and marketing to ...
Score: 8.85 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

River City Write Off

Short Script contest that produces the winning Script and gives ...
Score: 8.85 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Scriptwriting Secrets

Hypertexted writing guide covering the elements of a Script, advanced ...
Score: 8.85 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Script Advisor

Personal screenwriting assistance from an experienced industry Script consultant/story analyst/screenwriter.
Score: 8.85 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

The Mad Screenwriter

Interviews with professional screenwriters, screenwriting articles, Script sales, screenplays, and ...
Score: 8.85 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Taxi Driver script by Paul Schrader

Complete Script reprinted from "Sight and Sound" promotional book.
Score: 8.85 Category: Movies\Titles

A Script Cafe

Affordable Script consulting services by a WGA Member with experience ...
Score: 8.85 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

The Nitpickers Site: - Animal Crackers

Index of nitpicks on the movie Animal Crackers.
Score: 8.84 Category: Movies\Titles


New York based group provides writers with detailed and affordable ...
Score: 8.80 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

HTMLized Script

Slightly modified version of the first draft Script, converting it ...
Score: 8.80 Category: Movies\Titles


Professional Script coverage and editing services for Film, Television and ...
Score: 8.80 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Pirates of the Caribbean Script

Copy of the movie Script.
Score: 8.80 Category: Movies\Titles


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