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Synagogue Postcards

Online exhibition from the National Museum of American Jewish History, ...
Score: 9.98 Category: Architecture\Building Types

American Impressionism

The article dedicated to the exhibition at The Minneapolis Institute ...
Score: 9.69 Category: Art History\Periods and Movements

Yahoo Groups: American History X

"American History X" mailing list.
Score: 9.65 Category: Movies\Titles

History Facts: History For Kids

History facts explained for kids. All important moments from History ...
Score: 9.62 Category: Entertainment\History

Cambridge History of English and American Literature

Online publication of classic eighteen-volume work of English and American ...
Score: 9.52 Category: Literature\Reviews and Criticism

The American Experience

Companion Site to the PBS History series that focuses on ...
Score: 9.47 Category: Television\Programs

H-OIEAHC: Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture

H-Net discussion group dedicated to Colonial and Early American History. ...
Score: 9.43 Category: Humanities\Scholarship and Technology

The Built Environment of American Religion

Bibliography of American churches by Peter W. Williams from the ...
Score: 9.20 Category: Architecture\Building Types

H-Pol: American Political History

H-Net discussion group dedicated to enhancing research, service, and teaching ...
Score: 8.74 Category: Humanities\Scholarship and Technology

America's Quilting History

Quilt History including broderie perse, Civil War quilts, friendship quilts, ...
Score: 8.66 Category: Crafts\Quilting

Early American History Explored Through American Silver

Advertisements placed by eighteenth-century silversmiths often described their wares as ...
Score: 8.51 Category: Crafts\Metal Craft

African American Museum

The Association of African American Museums (AAAM) is a non-profit ...
Score: 8.49 Category: Art History\Organizations

History of American Broadcasting

Bbroadcasting History, technical information and station listings.
Score: 8.28 Category: Radio\History

The History Guy

History Guy is a resource on military History, world conflicts, ...
Score: 8.16 Category: Humanities\History

Simonds History of American Literature

General overview of American literature, broken down into time periods.
Score: 8.14 Category: Literature\World Literature

The American Historical Theatre

World-class historical characters and interpretations from American History, including the ...
Score: 8.13 Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Brief Timeline of American Literature and Culture, Pre-1620 to 1920

Includes events in American History and literature, with links to ...
Score: 8.02 Category: Literature\World Literature

Timeline of American Opera

A chronology of important dates in the History of American ...
Score: 8.01 Category: Music\Styles

Native American Indian History

A collection of links to Native American etext.
Score: 8.01 Category: Literature\Genres

American Impressionism to Modernism: A Brief History

Article excerpted from the book titled "Richard Earl Thompson, American ...
Score: 7.96 Category: Art History\Periods and Movements

All American

A university based reference site, analyzing aspects of American literature, ...
Score: 7.88 Category: Literature\World Literature

Academy of Fine Arts

PAFA's museum is internationally known for its collections of 19th- ...
Score: 7.87 Category: Education\Schools and Academies

Department of History

Clemson's Department of History and Geography is home to 24 ...
Score: 7.82 Category: Humanities\History

H-ItAm: Italian-American Studies

H-Net discussion group dedicated to Italian-American History and culture. Features ...
Score: 7.78 Category: Humanities\Scholarship and Technology

The Art of Persuasion: American Graphic Design Comes of Age

Read a critical analysis of the History of American advertising ...
Score: 7.75 Category: Graphic Design\History

Magical Realism

History, background, and texts for a class in South American, ...
Score: 7.74 Category: Literature\Periods and Movements

American Music Club Tour History

List of shows in which the American Music Club and ...
Score: 7.74 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Cambridge History of English and American Literature: Surtees

The History and works of Robert Smith Surtees, both sporting ...
Score: 7.74 Category: Literature\Authors

History in Song

Includes annotated texts about American History, from Revolutionary War songs ...
Score: 7.74 Category: Music\History

History of Sculpture

Educational guide to the History of sculpture by Jack Bookbinder ...
Score: 7.72 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

The Comic Page - A Guide to the History of Comics

A site devoted to the History and details of the ...
Score: 7.72 Category: Comics\Resources


American site of Czech firm; includes a History of the ...
Score: 7.67 Category: Music\Instruments

History of Latin-American Dancing

Article tracing the History of Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, Cha ...
Score: 7.67 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

American Printing History Association

Devoted to the study of printing History and its related ...
Score: 7.64 Category: Crafts\Book Arts

The Authentic History Center

The Authentic History Center is comprised of artifacts and sounds ...
Score: 7.62 Category: Classical Studies

The American College of Thessaloniki

The American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) is the university division ...
Score: 7.59 Category: Architecture\Education

Spirit Songs Native American Flutes

Hand-crafted Native American flutes. Includes a brief History of flutes, ...
Score: 7.55 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Pacific Northwest African American Quilters

African American quilters, artists, crafts and History.
Score: 7.54 Category: Crafts\Quilting

American Motion Picture Society

Hosts the American International Film Festival. Membership information, festival details ...
Score: 7.45 Category: Movies\Organizations

Body Art exhibit - American Museum of Natural History

Highlights from the 2000 exhibition. Discussion of body art throughout ...
Score: 7.37 Category: Bodyart\Articles

Genealogy and Searching Family History

Searching family History info including African American Heritage. Includes jumping ...
Score: 7.37 Category: Entertainment\History

The American Cultural Resources Association

ACRA is a trade association for businesses involved in archaeology, ...
Score: 7.32 Category: Architecture\Preservation

American Tap Dance Foundation (ADTF)

Formerly known as the American Tap Dance Orchestra, the ATDF ...
Score: 7.20 Category: Performing Arts\Dance


"'American History X' too black and white".
Score: 7.09 Category: Movies\Titles

American Impressionism

Short History of the movement.
Score: 7.09 Category: Art History\Periods and Movements

Newcity Chicago

About the movie American History X.
Score: 7.09 Category: Movies\Titles

The Comic Page

Dedicated to the History and details of the American comic ...
Score: 6.98 Category: Comics\Directories

Chicago Sun Times - American History X

By Roger Ebert.
Score: 6.94 Category: Movies\Titles

The First American Theatre

A History of the earliest theatrical performances in America.
Score: 6.94 Category: Literature\Drama

History of Fashion: Designers

Profile of the first American designer in Paris offered.
Score: 6.87 Category: Design\Fashion

Tucker, Richard

(1913-1975) History of the American tenor from Wikipedia.
Score: 6.87 Category: Music\Vocal

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature: The Drama to 1642

An introduction.
Score: 6.87 Category: Literature\Drama

Women in American History: Nevelson, Louise

Features biography of the sculptor.
Score: 6.87 Category: Art History\Artists

Cambridge History of English and American Literature: Later Essayists

Biography of Warner.
Score: 6.87 Category: Literature\Authors

An exploration by Aaron Toleos of the American cinquain as ...
Score: 6.81 Category: Literature\Poetry

Zap2it: American Dreams

Show description, brief History, cast and other important information.
Score: 6.79 Category: Television\Programs

Apollo Leisure Guide: American History X

Cast, reviews, and related information.
Score: 6.79 Category: Movies\Titles

H-High-S: High School History and Social Studies

H-Net group dedicated to the discussion of curriculum in teaching ...
Score: 6.73 Category: Humanities\Scholarship and Technology


American band's site contains news, History, MP3s, pictures, and contact ...
Score: 6.72 Category: Music\Styles

Nimrod: Charles James Apperley

Brief biography from The Cambridge History of English and American ...
Score: 6.72 Category: Literature\Authors


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