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Destination Doo-Wop

Featuring great Doo-Wop music from the late 50s and early ...
Score: 25.85 Category: Music\Sound Files

Cool Bobby B's Doo Wop Stop

Host of nationally syndicated Doo Wop radio show. Station list ...
Score: 22.01 Category: Radio\Personalities

The Doo Wop Jukebox

Listen to the Doo Wop classics of the 50's.
Score: 20.79 Category: Music\Sound Files

Directory of the fifties Doo-Wop Groups. Includes group biographies and ...
Score: 19.10 Category: Music\Directories

Dr. Doo Wopp

History, concert reports, and links to Doo Wop bands.
Score: 18.55 Category: Music\Personal

Precisions, The

The official website of the group, one of the East ...
Score: 16.64 Category: Music\Styles

The Doo-Wop Society of Southern California: The Chantels

Photograph, profile, and discography.
Score: 15.03 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Rivertown Sound

Quartet from St. Louis, Missouri that sings Barbershop and Doo Wop.
Score: 15.03 Category: Music\Vocal

Sixteen Feet

All-male group with a barbershop, Doo-Wop, and pop repertoire. No ...
Score: 14.88 Category: Music\Vocal

Harmony Street

Doo Wop vocal group from New England. Includes pictures and ...
Score: 14.88 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Siegel, Jay and the Tokens

Doo Wop group from Brooklyn, NY. Includes biography and tour ...
Score: 14.73 Category: Music\Bands and Artists


Tribute page to Philadelphia Doo-Wop DJ Jerry Blavat. Biography, articles, ...
Score: 14.58 Category: Radio\Personalities

Dips, The

Doo-Wop punk band. News, show dates, biography, photos, and message ...
Score: 14.58 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Brothers 4 Tune

An A Cappella quartet from the Netherlands which sings 4 ...
Score: 14.58 Category: Music\Vocal

Cocco, Lenny and The Chimes

Doo Wop group from Brooklyn, New York. Profile, pictures, and ...
Score: 14.58 Category: Music\Bands and Artists


All-male group specializing in Doo-Wop, barbershop, and "raunchy pop." Site ...
Score: 14.43 Category: Music\Vocal

Dion DiMucci and the Belmonts

Provides photographs and biography of this successful white Doo-Wop act, ...
Score: 14.43 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

The Honeymooners

A mixed harmony a cappella quartet made up of 2 ...
Score: 14.43 Category: Music\Vocal


All male group sings Doo-Wop to current pop. On-line album ...
Score: 14.15 Category: Music\Vocal

Fabulous Harmonaires, The

Official site of the Doo-Wop group from Dallas, Texas. Profiles, ...
Score: 14.15 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Golden Overtones

All-female group singing "80's pop, Doo-Wop, jazz, contemporary tunes, and ...
Score: 14.15 Category: Music\Vocal

Doo-Wop: The Music That Won't Die

A brief synopsis of the music and pointers to other ...
Score: 13.91 Category: Music\Styles

Men's Octet

Exactly eight men with a Doo-Wop, jazz, and classics repertoire. ...
Score: 13.85 Category: Music\Vocal

NorrisTones, The

Biographies, pictures, sounds, upcoming gigs of The NorrisTones, an A ...
Score: 13.78 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Steve's Kewl Doo Wop Shops Jukebox

Members of the Internet's most active DooWop club post their ...
Score: 13.74 Category: Music\Sound Files

Doo-Wop Society of Southern California

Dedicated to the preservation of pre-rock group harmony vocal music. ...
Score: 13.74 Category: Music\Styles

Motown N' Soul

About the legends of soul, rhythm and blues and Doo ...
Score: 13.61 Category: Music\Styles

Thunderbirds Chorus

A cappella men's chorus from Vancouver British Columbia. That sings ...
Score: 13.61 Category: Music\Vocal

European Jazz and Close Harmony Vocal Groups

A substantial part of this site is devoted to the ...
Score: 13.59 Category: Music\Styles

Corvettes, The

San Diego-based eight piece Doo Wop and Motown show band, ...
Score: 13.49 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Stormy Weather

Doo-Wop and Rock and Roll. Follow their travels as they ...
Score: 13.49 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Gimble in the Web

Fifteen member coed a capella group at the University of ...
Score: 13.49 Category: Music\Vocal

Looney Tunes

Coed group with members from both Haverford and Bryn Mawr. ...
Score: 13.49 Category: Music\Vocal


An a cappella quartet from Columbus, Ohio who sing all ...
Score: 13.43 Category: Music\Vocal

Rock-it Radio

Broadcasting 24 hours daily, with archive shows of 1950s music ...
Score: 13.43 Category: Music\Styles

Dells, The

This Chicago Doo Wop/Soul group celebrates 50 years on the ...
Score: 13.36 Category: Music\Styles

Berkeley Broadway Singers

Vocal performances of songs from Broadway shows and movie musicals, ...
Score: 13.04 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Yesteryear Vocal Harmony Group

A Doo Wop vocal group formed in 1961, still performing ...
Score: 13.00 Category: Music\Bands and Artists


Music from Stormy-Weather, the a cappella quintet. Doo-Wop, and Rock ...
Score: 12.21 Category: Music\Vocal

Urban Vocal Group Harmony

Listing of all urban vocal group harmony (including Doo Wop) ...
Score: 11.93 Category: Radio\Internet

A Tribute to Scooby-Doo

A Tribute to Scooby-Doo focuses on the original Scooby-Doo cartoon ...
Score: 11.42 Category: Animation\Cartoons

The Working-Class Owner-Occupied House of the 1930s

MA thesis by Alan Crisp on the growth of housing ...
Score: 10.95 Category: Architecture\Building Types

The mystery of Scooby-Doo

Slate magazine article explores the factors in Scooby Doo's ongoing ...
Score: 10.43 Category: Animation\Cartoons

The Scooby Doo Case Files

Information and episode guide about Scooby Doo, Where are You! ...
Score: 10.43 Category: Animation\Cartoons

Scooby-Doo's Original Mysteries

Review of the DVD showcasing the first 5 Scooby Doo ...
Score: 10.40 Category: Animation\Cartoons

A Scooby-Doo Webring

Large ring dedicated to 'Scooby Doo Where Are You' sites.
Score: 10.23 Category: Animation\Cartoons

Enjoying the return of Scooby-Doo

By Sheila Edmundson. [Scripps Howard] "When Scott Innes told his ...
Score: 10.19 Category: Animation\Voice Actors

1930s sponsored English language radio in Europe.

These pages record some of the history of the early ...
Score: 10.03 Category: Radio\History

Scooby-Doo Glitches

Mistakes, errors, bloopers, and glitches from Scooby-Doo.
Score: 9.20 Category: Animation\Cartoons

Graphic Design from the 1920s and 1930s in Travel Ephemera

View an international collection of historic travel brochures, airline time-tables, ...
Score: 9.10 Category: Graphic Design\History

The Great Garfield/Scooby-Doo Webring

A webring of sites which must cover Scooby Doo, Garfield ...
Score: 9.01 Category: Animation\Cartoons

Scooby Doo Collectibles

A list of Scooby-Doo collectibles with photos.
Score: 8.85 Category: Animation\Cartoons

Lil Elmo and the Cosmos

Classic rock and roll entertainment from Los Angeles. Includes biography, ...
Score: 8.20 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Burd, Clara Miller

Active: 1900-1930s. Illustrated biography.
Score: 7.54 Category: Illustration\Historic Illustrators

The Western

E-book written about the last 10 days of a New ...
Score: 7.54 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Original Gangsters

Catalogues and reviews old-school gangster movies from the 1930s and ...
Score: 7.46 Category: Movies\Genres

Los Viejos Tiempos (1930)

A collection of documentary and news footage of the U.S. ...
Score: 7.46 Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Millar, Harold Robert (1869-op. 1930s)

Brief biography and links to related information.
Score: 7.46 Category: Illustration\Historic Illustrators


Offers classic films from the 1930s through the 1980s along ...
Score: 7.46 Category: Television\Networks

Federation of Children's Book Groups

The Federation of Children's Book Groups was the brainchild of ...
Score: 7.44 Category: Genres\Children's


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