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Professor Lightbulb

This is a comic strip about a brilliant, enthusiastic, but ... Category: Comics\Online

Venus Teen

Webcomics in English and Spanish about a teenage cyborg girl, ... Category: Comics\Online

AOL Comedy

Viral videos, stand-up comedy and short films. Category: Comics\Online

Anonima Fumetti - Italian Cartoonists Society

Italian Cartoonists Society's and the Italian Comic Art Centre. In ... Category: Comics\Organizations and Institutions

Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco

A guide to this museum, contains information on exhibits. Also ... Category: Comics\Organizations and Institutions

Cat-Head Comics

On this site from the publishers of Buzzard and BugHouse, ... Category: Comics\Publishers

The Continuity Pages: The Genius of the Super-Pets

Article by Julian Darius on super-powered animals and their implications ... Category: Comics\Publishers

David Wald : Comics Related Information

David Wald hosts several collections of annotations from Sandman, Books ... Category: Comics\Publishers

The Continuity Pages: Vertigo Chronology

A hyperlinked chronology covering the publications of DC's Vertigo imprint, ... Category: Comics\Publishers

Egmont Corporate

This corporation is currently the leading provider of entertainment in ... Category: Comics\Publishers News

Comic book news from Updated frequently. Category: Comics\Resources

DC Universe Chronology

An enormous hyperlinked chronology by Julian Darius of the DC ... Category: Comics\Resources

Digital Prepress for Comics

Information and sale of "Digital Prepress for Comic Books" by ... Category: Comics\Resources

Dreamer Design

A graphic design firm specializing in Comic book lettering and ... Category: Comics\Resources

Polykarbon: Comic, Manga Tutorials & Photoshop Tips

Tutorials on drawing males, females, mechs, effects and comics in ... Category: Comics\Resources - The Continuity Pages

A hyperlinked study of comic book titles, families of characters, ... Category: Comics\Resources

World's Worst Manga Translations

Text-only translations of the manga, in script format. Category: Comics\Manga

Yahoo Groups: Hikaru_No_Go

Mailing list with discussions of the series and image galleries. ... Category: Comics\Manga

Holy Encounter

Character guide, chapter summaries, manga scans, artwork evolution, and web ... Category: Comics\Manga

Comics Worth Reading - Hot Gimmick: Recommended Series

Review of the series. Category: Comics\Manga

Hunter X Hunter 2020

Characters, nen, hunter exam, maps, manga summaries, image gallery, and ... Category: Comics\Manga

Masakazu Katsura Manga Girls

Wallpaper featuring characters from the series. Category: Comics\Manga

Imadoki 2000

Fan art, club, images, icons, and links. Category: Comics\Manga

Doki Doki Imadoki Site

Introduction, character profiles, translations, and links. Category: Comics\Manga

Inu Yasha Gallery

Color and black and white scans, fan art, and links. Category: Comics\Manga

Into the Demon's Lair

Image gallery, fan art and fiction, interactive games, information and ... Category: Comics\Manga

Inuyasha - The DBA Archives

Gallery with scans from the manga, artbook, and a calendar. Category: Comics\Manga

The Hero in the 21st Century

An original doujinshi based in the world of Inuyasha. Site ... Category: Comics\Manga

Li's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Character profiles, manga scans, and merchandise information. Category: Comics\Manga

Kuroi Tsubasa: The Excellent Internet Access Shrine

Shrine with introduction, images, links, and personal opinion. Category: Comics\Manga

Kanata Kara (From Far Away)

Manga by Kyoko Hikawa. Introduction, character profiles, images, highlights and ... Category: Comics\Manga

The Manga Obsession: Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou

Story overview, scans of the manga covers, and ISBN numbers. Category: Comics\Manga

Hontou no Watashi

Introduction, faq, anime and manga information, characters, author, drama CD ... Category: Comics\Manga

Emily's Katte ni Kaizou page

Story, manga information, links, character profiles, and images. Category: Comics\Manga

Hoshisato Mochiru's "Let's get married"

Story introduction, character profiles, manga scans, artist bibliography, and related ... Category: Comics\Manga Basara

Summary and translations. Category: Comics\Manga

The Living Game

Images, mailing list, synopses, translations, MP3s, and creator information. Category: Comics\Manga

Image Garden : Loveless

Story summary, translations, and volume information. Category: Comics\Manga

Desperate Love Songs

Introduction, gallery, and links. Category: Comics\Manga

Pearl Song

Introduction, story arcs, characters, buying guide, features, text translations, fortunes, ... Category: Comics\Manga


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