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IOE Publications - Institute of Education

IOE Publications. Our peer-reviewed academic titles draw on the expertise ... Category: Education\Publications

The University of Alabama

The College of Arts and Sciences is Alabama's largest and ... Category: Humanities\Critical Theory

Parliament, policy, communication

All of ePolitix services are free to access, so whether ... Category: Humanities\History

Binghamton University, Institute for Global Cultural Studies

The Institute's primary purpose is to develop new multi-disciplinary approaches ... Category: Humanities\Cultural Studies

Online resource for assistance in writing and delivering speeches. Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Universal Writers Group

Forum on MSN. Includes posts from fiction and non-fiction essay ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Hollosy, Gyuri

Hungarian born sculptor displays realistic, and symbolic figurative works. Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Jetter, Frances

Bronze sculptor and editorial illustrator discusses her art and describes ... Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Damanceau, Radu

Romanian artist living in the USA, shows works in bronze, ... Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Kotziamanis, Nikos

Greek Cypriot artist specializes in figurative, public works and portraiture. Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Katz, Babette

This printmaker and book artist discusses the power of the ... Category: Visual Arts\Printmaking

Ursachi, Leonard

The Bunker" and other sculpture and art installation projects are ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Lund, John

Metascrawl: an exploration of the urban environment through photography and ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Kitsch, Joe

Conceptual and Pop-art related paintings and sculptures by this Massachusetts-based ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Carton, Joe

New Hampshire artist shows paintings and prints. Illustrations and cartoons. Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Lukanovich, Natasha

Offers gallery of abstract, stylized, fauvist, and expressive portrait, landscape ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Schuenke, Susanne

Susanne Schuenke writes novels with a brush. Each of her ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Conner, Michael R.

Social justice and labor paintings. Works are on wood canvases. ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Enz, Donald G.

Acrylic/ink washes on museum board with brushed paint to enhance ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Ross, Keith

Scottish artist, animator, and web designer showcasing paintings, murals, and ... Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Mail Art Show Reeperbahn

Online documentation of mail art project "Mail Art Show Reeperbahn" ... Category: Visual Arts\Mail Art and Artistamps

Stones, Andrew

Andrew Stones - 1986 to the present. Video/sound, installation, site-specific ... Category: Visual Arts\Installation Art

Manor House Gallery

Dealer in 20th century British and Irish paintings. Gallery on ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Andersen, Thor

Collage art that criticizes and satires different political, social, and ... Category: Visual Arts\Collage


Jacksonville. News, weather, sports, and editorials. [CBS] Category: Television\Stations

Keep Jess on the Gilmore Girls Petition

Fans' petition urging the show's creators and network to bring ... Category: Television\Programs

Higher Ground Petition

Information on a campaign to get the series on commercial ... Category: Television\Programs

Save the 24 Characters Petition

Campaign to bring characters who may not return for Season ... Category: Television\Programs

7th Heaven DVD Petition

Fans who want to see the show on disc can ... Category: Television\Programs

Save the Agency Petition

A petition to CBS to give the show another chance. Category: Television\Programs

Bring Back Two Guys and a Girl

Online petition to bring back the TV series. Category: Television\Programs

Wayans Bros. Petition

Petition to get the show made available on DVD and ... Category: Television\Programs

Monica & Chandler Baby Petition

Petition supporting Monica and Chandler and their right to have ... Category: Television\Programs

50 Years and Counting: All in the Family (tv)

Section on this sitcom from the Boston Phoenix's retrospective on ... Category: Television\Programs

The McLaughlin Group

Program and viewing information, host and panelist biographies, video archives, ... Category: Television\News

Quinn and Rose War Room

Radio talk show and home of Pittsburgh MC's Jim Quinn ... Category: Radio\Formats

Laura Ingraham Show

Heard coast-to-coast nationwide takes listeners on a wild ride through ... Category: Radio\Formats

Liberal/Progressive Talk Shows

A listing of shows with streaming audio largely available on ... Category: Radio\Formats


News, stocks, weather and community interests. Fed live via RealAudio. ... Category: Radio\Formats

Stillman, Scott

Pinhole camera landscape photography in color and black and white. ... Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles


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