Friday, 28 October, 2016

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Collaborative Novel


Stu Maclean

A personal website that is useful for anyone interested in ... Category: Online Writing\Non-Fiction

Collaborative Writing Community

WriteAdd was started by writers and readers who want a ... Category: Online Writing

A Thousand Connections

A Thousand Connections is a copywriting and online communications company ... Category: Online Writing

Creative Writers Desk For Nonfiction and Fiction

The Creative Writer's Desk is here to help you become ... Category: Online Writing

NonFiction Writing Guide

Everything you need to beging writing nonfiction. Why have a ... Category: Online Writing\Non-Fiction


We are a married couple from Upstate South Carolina that ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Short Story Alley

Amateur writers can submit their short stories and poems. If ... Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Urban Letterboxing

Letterboxing originated in Dartmoor and is an old English passtime ... Category: Crafts\Rubber Stamping


ScreenwritingU is proud to sponsor the Emerging Screenwriters contest. As ... Category: Movies

Latest Small Business Events Listing

Find information about latest Small Business Events, seminars, conventions, conferences, ... Category: Entertainment\Events

Going Green

An online novel about political correctness gone wild in a ... Category: Genres\Literary Fiction

Marine Cargo Insurance

Viamar Scilla Transport International Inc. was founded in the fall ... Category: Television

Pacific Coast Judges Association

Adjudicates competitive pageantry from local parades to events of national ... Category: Music\Marching

Literature Circles Resource Center

Provides in-depth information and resources on literature circles for elementary ... Category: Education\Cultures and Groups


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