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Art Directories



Dry, Tim

Digital art and digital montage. Includes biography. Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics

Genvid Project

News, episode summaries, interviews, video clips, press information, and message ... Category: Television\Programs

Sailor Dream: A Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Guide

Contains episode guide, character and cast information, news, pictures, links, ... Category: Television\Programs


A collection of traditional tunes from France (particularly Normandy and ... Category: Music\Styles

Sea Chanties and Nautical Marine Music

A source of recordings, books and information about sea chanties ... Category: Music\Styles

Webb, Bob

Maine (US) based performer of shanties and maritime history in ... Category: Music\Styles

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack

Includes a biography, discography, with an appreciation of his contribution ... Category: Music\Styles


Lush compositions combine the influences of American traditional music with ... Category: Music\Bands and Artists


Online companion to Swedish self-published comic, with previews, creator biography, ... Category: Comics\Titles


AnimeMania - Complete listing of every Japanese anime and manga ... Category: Comics\Manga


Contains weekly Sailor Moon news updates, anime and live action ... Category: Animation\Anime


Showcases dolls, figures, cels, and other merchandise arranged by season. Category: Animation\Anime

Silver Millennium

Contains general series information, character profiles, episode guide, merchandise, image ... Category: Animation\Anime


Information, links, multimedia, episode summaries, image archive and news. Category: Animation\Anime

The Annual Sailor Moon Fanfiction Awards

Rewarding the best stories of the year in several categories. ... Category: Animation\Anime

Gardens Of Enchantment

Fanfics based around Usagi and Mamoru's relationship. Category: Animation\Anime

Moonlit Rose - A Sailor Moon Fiction Archive

Collected works for various authors, organized by title, author, and ... Category: Animation\Anime

The Sailormoon Millenia Trilogy

Fan fiction trilogy dating from 1995. Contains detailed descriptions of ... Category: Animation\Anime


Tsukino Usagi and Chiba Mamoru romance gallery and list of ... Category: Animation\Anime

Awareness: Are You Aware?

Anti-DiC fan fiction and awards, a list of people who ... Category: Animation\Anime

The Chibi Project

Scientific analysis of the destruction of a toy Chibi Moon ... Category: Animation\Anime

Anime Cubed

Wallpaper, images, contests, reviews, music, lyrics, manga translations, and postcards. Category: Animation\Anime

Meiko Anime

Contains images galleries, lyrics, and fan works. Category: Animation\Anime

B.O Studio

Offers sketches based upon comic characters and submitted fan art. Category: Animation\Anime

Cosplay Destiny

Cosplay gallery that also includes some videos. Category: Animation\Anime

ANU Magical Girl Club

[Canberra, Australia at Australian National University] List of titles, screening ... Category: Animation\Anime


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