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Interactive Web Development Blog. Focusing on Flash, Flex, Unity3D, Papervision3D, ... Category: Animation\Web

Negrillo, Belmer

The artist presents a portfolio made with optical, sound, and ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Bernardo, Roberto

Brazilian artist shows abstract expressionist works and color-field paintings. Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Andries, Iulia

Artist offering a collection of still-lifes, nudes, florals, landscape and ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Eksen, Kemal

Computer graphics created for commercial films and TV promotions using ... Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics


Professional plug-ins for Final Cut Pro Category: Entertainment\Video


Developer of AVX Plug-ins for Avid video editing systems. Category: Entertainment\Video

NOVA Online | Runaway Universe

Tour the universe and find out a bit about the ... Category: Television\Programs

Changed Lives: Miracles of The Passion

Broadcast schedules, show concept, examples of stories, biographies of participants. Category: Television\Programs

Cokin Filter System

Cokin filters are tools that can help translate to film ... Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Dabrowski, Jerry

Shows digital pictures of flowers and New York auto shows. Category: Photography\Photographers

Canon Lenses

Features life-size photographs of different prime and zoom lenses, specifications ... Category: Photography\Equipment and Services

Sound Effects

Links to websites containing sound effects. Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Society of American Magicians (SAM)

Provides support and networking for practicing magicians that includes details ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Warren and Annabelle's Magic

Sleight-of-hand and close-up combined with musical requests, cocktails and dinner. Category: Performing Arts\Magic

False Cuts

Card trick exchange center. Share card tricks with other magicians ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Damage Control

Sketch troupe from Florida providing cast biographies, history and contact ... Category: Performing Arts\Comedy - Victoria Pratt

Pictures, behind the scenes commentary, and in-depth biography. Category: Entertainment\People

Suzette and the Neon Angels

Texas-born Honky-Tonk singer Suzette Lawrence. Biography, music clips, news, gig ... Category: Music\Women in Music

A library of do-it-yourself projects to modify stompboxes and effects, ... Category: Music\Technology


Streaming DJ mixes and album showcases. Features a forum, news ... Category: Music\Styles

Xplizit Hardcore

Hardcore/Gabber tracking group. This site used to be a lot ... Category: Music\Styles

La Bush - The Temple of House

The site of one of the biggest clubs in Belgium, ... Category: Music\Styles

Bass, lead, break beat, vocals, and sound effect WAV format ... Category: Music\Sound Files


Manufacturer of a range of effects equipment and accessories. Catalog ... Category: Music\Instruments

Stompin Ground

Manufacturer of pedalboard effects systems and shock-mount rack cases. Includes ... Category: Music\Instruments

NYC Pedalboards

Build and supply custom made pedal boards; offer information on ... Category: Music\Instruments

Death By Audio

Creates hand-wired custom effects pedals and effects. Includes reviews, and ... Category: Music\Instruments

Royal and Chilcott Custom Guitars

Kevin Chilcott is a UK based luthier with over 20 ... Category: Music\Instruments


A history of the company and its corporate history, with ... Category: Music\Instruments

Cheesy Guitars

Dedicated to guitars and effects produced behind the Iron Curtain; ... Category: Music\Instruments

Zoom BFX-708 Patch Database

On-line database of patches for the Zoom BFX-708 bass guitar ... Category: Music\Instruments

SansAmp PSA-1

Unofficial page with a dictionary of settings to achieve specific ... Category: Music\Instruments

The Talkbox FAQ

The "talking guitar effect". Includes commercial models, historical data, discography ... Category: Music\Instruments

SansAmp GT2

Unofficial page with a dictionary of settings to achieve specific ... Category: Music\Instruments

BossArea - Product Reference

Descriptions of the available pedals. Category: Music\Instruments


A history of the Guitar Fuzz Pedal, the Effect that ... Category: Music\Instruments

Loco Box

Information on the Loco Box Effects Pedals of the 70's ... Category: Music\Instruments

Indyguitarist Effect Pedals

Learn how to modify or build your own effect pedals, ... Category: Music\Instruments

The Big Muff Museum

Electro-harmonix, sovtek, modern and vintage. Guitar effects, pictures, links, and ... Category: Music\Instruments


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