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Verses For Cards

Poems, Quotes, Sayings for All Occasions which brings you Free ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson's fiction, nonfiction, and poetry have appeared in Asimov's, ... Category: Literature\Performance


An online service that allows entry of text or a ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Wintertree Software

Linguistic products for software developers: Sentry spell check engine, ThesDB ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Word Lab

A message board where you can request and brainstorm words, ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Creative Writing in Switzerland

This site offers writing activities, student writings, text features, writing ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources


Freelance jobs for copy editors. Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Tamboli, Roy

Contemporary bronze sculpture in Memphis Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Goldner, Janet

Examines current social issues by incorporating text with Western and ... Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Rosenberg, Gabriel C.

Paintings, sculpture, photographs, and sketches. Abstract.Includes exhibition listing. Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Springfield, Molly

Drawings, paintings and digital images based on textual artifacts and ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Subnote: As the Money is Yours and Ours

Displays of several art projects using currency. Category: Visual Arts\Performance Art

The Practice of Oil Painting

Online instruction book detailing the practice of oil painting. Category: Visual Arts\Painting

A History of Painting

Online content for "A History of Painting, Volume I, Renaissance ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

The Painter in Oil

Online instruction book detailing the practice of painting. Category: Visual Arts\Painting

StudioAngelis - Paintings of Niko Angelis

Features many of the paintings of artist who currently lives ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Hand Painted Lettering

Online art course with step by step instructions and on ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Goodwind, Heather

Sculpture, drawing and collage of Buenos Aires based, New York ... Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Baldwin, Ann

San Francisco Bay area mixed media collage artist and teacher ... Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Stones, Andrew

Andrew Stones - 1986 to the present. Video/sound, installation, site-specific ... Category: Visual Arts\Installation Art


Featuring 3D images rendered in POV-Ray, Bryce, Poser, and Cinema4D, ... Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics


Presents a gallery of found object assemblage and collage work. Category: Visual Arts\Collage

Sharpened: Emoticons

A list of emoticons used in email, online chat, and ... Category: Visual Arts\ASCII Art

NegaZer0 Genera

Creates text-based images using a variety of intuitive tools. Features ... Category: Visual Arts\ASCII Art

ASCII Generator dotNET

Open-source image to text converter, with support for variable width ... Category: Visual Arts\ASCII Art

Divxmania Image Artworks

An online script that convert any given image in HTML/ ... Category: Visual Arts\ASCII Art

ASCII Art Info

Free online tool to convert online images to ASCII characters. ... Category: Visual Arts\ASCII Art

Demoscene and Text Art Community

Bumpzee bloggers community for those interested in text art, ASCII ... Category: Visual Arts\ASCII Art

ThatGrrl's ASCII Art

The ASCII art of ldb. Signature, seasonal/ holiday, signature and ... Category: Visual Arts\ASCII Art

ASCII ART Dictionary

Collection by Andreas Freise. Includes animations, FAQs and links. Very ... Category: Visual Arts\ASCII Art

The Great ASCII Art Library

Art, animation, and mIRC colored ASCII art. Category: Visual Arts\ASCII Art

Lonster's Figlet Server

Use a simple, web-based interface to create text headlines for ... Category: Visual Arts\ASCII Art


FIGlet is a program for making large letters out of ... Category: Visual Arts\ASCII Art

Flannie's Best-est ASCII Text Art

A sampling of ASCII text art, with script for playing ... Category: Visual Arts\ASCII Art


mIRC wavs, popups, text, sounds, MP3s, fun scripts and links. Category: Visual Arts\ASCII Art

Bryan Zanisnik

Photographer and video artist exhibits work. News, biography and weblog. Category: Entertainment\Video

Cori Bright's Home Pages

Convention reports, photos and links. Category: Television\Programs

To You [devoted to Willow + Tara]

Has wallpapers, screensavers, an episode guide, games, quizzes, icons, galleries, ... Category: Television\Programs

Buffyverse Dialogue Database - Wesley

Wesley quotes from the Buffy series. Category: Television\Programs

Buffyverse Dialogue Database

Search database of summarized transcripts by keyword, character, or episode. ... Category: Television\Programs


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