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Sites Directory of Writing Contests

Including playwriting competitions. Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Become a Food Writer

Guide containing the experiences of a newspaper food critic, as ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources Getting Started

Step-by-step guide includes tips about writer's block, markets, rejections, query ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Content Summit

Portal for the European Interactive Publishing Conference. To discuss publishing ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Writing articles and resources. Tips about how to become a ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Sidewalks Entertainment Television

Official site for the talk and variety series showcasing celebrities, ... Category: Television\Programs

The Tony Danza Show

Visit for information on upcoming guests, recipes, and show tickets, ... Category: Television\Programs

Idiot Box Chatter

Mrs. Giggles' opinionated, caustic, and witty recaps of reality TV ... Category: Television\Programs

Sidewalks: Video Nite

From the producers of "Sidewalks Entertainment" TV show, a Top ... Category: Television\Programs

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Official site of the US syndicated version hosted by Meredith ... Category: Television\Programs


Unofficial homepage for the syndicated action-adventure series. Includes episode guide, ... Category: Television\Programs

Darcie's Lonesome Dove Page

Contains information about the series, characters, places, and links to ... Category: Television\Programs

Extend Media

Production company focused on creating interactive tv content. Category: Television\Interactive

Searchable directory of links aimed for professionals in the radio ... Category: Radio\Resources


Official site of syndicated morning radio talk show. Video, audio, ... Category: Radio\Personalities

Bandiero, Al

March, 2000 interview from the Celebrity Cafe. Category: Radio\Personalities


Live DJ show every Sunday night featuring 2 hours of ... Category: Music\Styles

Clinton Sparks

Artist profile, tour dates, blog, photos, videos, mixtapes, event listing ... Category: Music\DJs

Sidewalks Entertainment Television: Natalie Imbruglia

The TV show's profile page on the singer and actress, ... Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Backstage at The California Music Awards

Sidewalks Entertainment Television's annual coverage of the once-named Bammies with ... Category: Music\Awards


Let your mind wander with articles and art about anything. Category: Education\Magazines and E-zines

Poetic Forms: The Triolet

An explanation of the form by Conrad Geller with examples ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Poetic Form: Triolet

An explanation of the form, with the example of "How ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Poetic Forms: The Villanelle

An article by Conrad Geller with examples by E. A. ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Poetry Form - The Villanelle

A description and explanation of the form, with examples and ... Category: Literature\Poetry Poetry

A collection of articles on writing poetry, including articles on ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Some Thoughts on Sestinas

An article by Lawrence Schimel with an example by Joe ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Poetic Forms: The Sonnet

An article by Conrad Geller with examples by Edna St. ... Category: Literature\Poetry

What Is Magical Realism, Really?

Article by Bruce Holland Rogers on the elusive definition of ... Category: Literature\Periods and Movements

Bob Staake Stock Illustration

Humorous illustrations, cartoons and digital art for purchase. Category: Illustration\Stock and Clip Art

Three in a Box

Offers a directory of artists and contact information. Category: Illustration\Representatives

Notes From Hollywood

News and commentary on Hollywood and the entertainment industry from ... Category: Entertainment\News and Media

Monthly publication that focuses on art, festivals, models, music and ... Category: Entertainment\News and Media

Screen Source

Lists and trivia related to films, television, celebrities, theaters, and ... Category: Entertainment\Resources

Entertainment Scene

Statistics and links on movies, music, books, theater, entertainment-related awards, ... Category: Entertainment\Resources

Creators Syndicate Comics

Provides link to syndicated comics. Category: Comics\Online

Stevens, Mick

The work of New Yorker cartoonist. Category: Comics\Creators


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