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Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

Stories in EQMM and AHMM have won numerous awards, including ... Category: Genres\Mystery

Bad Attitudes

Novels, poetry, commentary by Jerome Doolittle and K.C. Constantine. Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre


Delivering free short mystery fiction, articles, news and reviews to ... Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Detective Lieutenant Nick DeLeon

Original, hardboiled detective pulp-fiction. Offers text-only or multi-media options. Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Mike Shayne

Information on the Lloyd Nolan movie series and other appearances ... Category: Movies\Titles

Hardboiled Heaven

Dedicated to hardboiled detective and mystery novels, with a checklist, ... Category: Literature\Periods and Movements


The magazine for fans of American and British pulp fiction. ... Category: Literature\Periods and Movements

The Zero - Andrew Vachss

Attorney and author, representing children in abuse, neglect, delinquency, custody, ... Category: Literature\Genres

Wilson, John Morgan

Includes information on the Benjamin Justice series, list of appearances ... Category: Literature\Genres

Over My Dead Body!

Quarterly magazine of mystery fiction, articles, and reviews; web site ... Category: Literature\Genres


Delivers free short mystery fiction, articles, news and reviews to ... Category: Literature\Genres


The magazine for fans of American and British pulp fiction. ... Category: Literature\Genres

The Mystery Place

Dell Magazines' official site for its Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery ... Category: Literature\Genres

The Grandest Game in the World

Information about detective fiction authors, including John Dickson Carr and ... Category: Literature\Genres

Adamson, Isaac

Synopses and reviews of the Billy Chaka books, brief biography, ... Category: Literature\Genres

Bludis, Jack

Official site features a brief biography and information about his ... Category: Literature\Genres

Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles

Photos of Chandler's L.A. accompanied by his descriptive prose. Category: Literature\Genres

Interview of Joy Fielding

1995 author interview from the Over My Dead Body mystery ... Category: Literature\Genres

Mystery Ink

Information about mystery novels and authors. Includes book reviews. Category: Literature\Genres

David Dodge Bibliography

An annotated and illustrated biography-bibliography of mystery and travel writer ... Category: Literature\Authors

Continuity Pages: Frank Miller

The work of Frank Miller in table format, with additional ... Category: Comics\Creators

CIFI: Frank Miller

Brief interview from an Italian fan site. Category: Comics\Creators

Jay's Alan Moore Page

Images, overviews and links for Alan Moore titles. Category: Comics\Creators

Geof Darrow Salute

Fan site with artist information, bibliography, art samples and news. Category: Comics\Creators

Geoffrey Darrow, The Undisputed King

Covers from Cross, Hardboiled, Big Guy and Rusty the Boy ... Category: Comics\Creators

Fantastic Metropolis: An Interview with Kim Deitch

Interview by Jeffrey Ford, on Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Category: Comics\Creators

Official Jamie Delano Website

Artist information, bibliography, news, and weblog. Category: Comics\Creators

Silver Bullet Comics: Earning Outlaw Status

Interview by Regie Rigby about Delano's series Outlaw Nation, and ... Category: Comics\Creators

On the Media: Man Behind Spider-Man Unmasked

Radio program with Blake Bell and Bob Garfield discussing Ditko's ... Category: Comics\Creators

Drawn to Scale: Debbie Drechsler's 'Summer of Love' Charts the Trials of Adolescence

Review of the graphic novel by Richard von Busack from ... Category: Comics\Creators

The Annotated Dreamer

Annotations on the historical context of Eisner's graphic novel The ... Category: Comics\Creators

Warren Ellis

Official site, with information on upcoming and past projects, essays, ... Category: Comics\Creators


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