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Zap2it: Hudson Talks Frankly About 'Idol' Dismissal

Article expressing Hudson's views as to why she was voted ... Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it.com: 'American Idol' Shocker: Mario Out, Nikko In

Article detailing Mario Vazquez departure from the show and replacement ... Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it: 'American Idol' Day One: Of Bice and Men

Bo Brice article. Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it: 'American Idol' Revamps Early Rounds

Article discussing format changes to the show in the fourth ... Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it: Cowell Begins Hunt for Fourth 'American Idol'

Article about season 4 written by Jay Bobbin. Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it: American Dream Deferred on 'Idol'

Article by Daniel Fienberg. Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it: FOX Calls Do-Over for 'American Idol'

Article discussing problems with the show's voting system. Category: Television\Programs

Zap2It.com: Other Shoe Drops on 'Roseanne'

Article on the cancellation of the show and the planned ... Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it.com: 'Real World' Forced to Flee Philly

Article on the show dropping the city from its schedule. Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it.com: 'Real World' Back On in Philly

Article on the show returning to the city. Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it.com: Bachelor Picks Event Planner Marsh in Season Finale

Zap2it.com article on selection of Amanda Marsh from among 25 ... Category: Television\Programs

ABC Looking for Bachelorette

With the success of it just-completed reality series The Bachelor, ... Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it: Couple Survives Temptation Island 2

If viewers were rooting for one couple from Temptation Island ... Category: Television\Programs

Zap2It: Road Rules Goes into Syndication

MTV announced that it will make the first eight seasons ... Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it.com: NBC Enterprises Renews 'Starting Over'

Article about the series' renewal. Category: Television\Programs

Survivor's Stacey Says Burnett Swayed Votes

Zap2it.com article about the producer of the program possibly changing ... Category: Television\Programs

Survivor: Africa Gets October Premiere; Survivor Four in March

Zap2it.com news article on the airdates for the third and ... Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it: Ethan Takes the Prize

Soccer player Ethan Zohn is the winner after edging Kim ... Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it: Survivors Do Letterman's Top Ten List

Article on the Late Show episode with the contestants. Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it.com: Survivor's Latest Victim Wasn't Fan of the Show

News article about the castaway being the second contestant booted. Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it: 'Combat Mission' scores for USA Networks

Article detailing the show's ratings success. Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it: NBC Back on 'Punishment' for Summer

Article detailing plans for a return of the series in ... Category: Television\Programs

Curtis Holds New Kind of 'Court'

December 2000 interview with the judge. Category: Television\Programs

Judge Wapner Returns to "The People's Court".

Article about the judge's return on Nov. 16, 2000 for ... Category: Television\Programs

Jackass Calls It Quits

Zap2it.com article on the MTV show ending. Category: Television\Programs

Jackass Headed to Big Screen

From Zap2it.com, four months after "Jackass" ceased production, its creators ... Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it.com: ABC To Produce New Reality Show

Article announcing the production of the show. Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it.com: Cooper Leaves ABC News To Host The Mole

Article on newsman's appointment as host of the 2001 series. Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it.com: ABC's New Mole To Air Tuesdays

Article on premiere of the show in a new time ... Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it.com: The Mole Returns to ABC This Summer

Article about the series' return, as well as other ABC ... Category: Television\Programs

Murder In Small Town X': 'Twin Peaks' Visits Reality

Written by Vanessa Sibbald, Zap2it.com news article about the new ... Category: Television\Programs

Pop Stars Chooses Its Lucky Five

Zap2It article on the five young ladies picked on the ... Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it: Bravo Gets Moore, 'Greenlight'

Article detailing plans for the renewal of the series. Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it: 'Project Greenlight' opens third contest

Interview with Ben Affleck on the third season. Category: Television\Programs

Apollo Leisure Guide

A review. Category: Television\Programs

Apollo Leisure Guide: Joan of Arc

Review and user rating. Category: Television\Programs

Apollo Leisure Guide

Review of the retelling of the swords and sorcery tale. Category: Television\Programs

Reality Reel Media

News, recaps, message boards, contests and giveaways, and downloads. Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it.com: 'American Candidate' Elects 10 Hopefuls

Article that provides brief profiles of the candidates. Category: Television\Programs

Zap2it.com: Fox Pulls American High

Article on the cancellation of the series because of low ... Category: Television\Programs


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