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Historical Tuning

Includes information on the differences between equal temperament and well ... Category: Music\Theory

Car Ads Collection

A site contains collection made of printed car ads materials. Category: Visual Arts\Thematic

Tuning and Temperament Bibliography

Extensive list of print books, magazines, and journal articles on ... Category: Music\Theory

Understanding Temperaments

Tunings used for harpsichords. Category: Music\Theory

Historical Tunings on the Modern Concert Grand

Tradational tunings of the grand piano and Beethoven's specific tunings. Category: Music\Theory

Previously unknown temperament found on the autograph title page of ... Category: Music\Theory

Keyboard temperament analyzer/calculator

Excel spreadsheet that analyzes keyboard temperaments: gives beat rates for ... Category: Music\Theory


Tool for the study of temperament anomalies. Category: Music\Theory

FreeNote Music: Microtonal Guitars & Recordings

Microtonal instruments, recordings and books. Category: Music\Theory

Huygens-Fokker Foundation

Center for microtonal music. Promotes microtonal music in all its ... Category: Music\Theory

Steel Pan in Finland

Information about steel bands and pan players in Finland, with ... Category: Music\Styles

Clarke, Toussaint

Steel pan player, teacher and pan-builder based in Bath, England. ... Category: Music\Styles

Smith, Rudy

A Trinidadian steelpan player, now based in Denmark and touring ... Category: Music\Styles

Belle Eau Road Blues

Showcasing calypso and pan recordings from artists such as David ... Category: Music\Styles

Neanderthal Flute

Musicological analysis by Bob Fink of the oldest musical instrument, ... Category: Music\Styles

Stages in Evolution of Scales, Melody and Harmony

Paper about the stages in the origins of music and ... Category: Music\Styles

The Guitar Pre-1650

The guitar and its predecessors; a short history with practical ... Category: Music\Styles

Online Tuning Fork

Click to hear sustained pitches including C, E, and concert ... Category: Music\Resources

Pygraphics, Inc. - Pyware Music Software

Software for music educators ranging from drill design to student ... Category: Music\Marching


The Just Intonation Fingering Chart for the Clarinet, 31 tones ... Category: Music\Instruments

Casey Burns Flutes

American flutemaker offers Irish and historic flutes, specializing in ergonomic ... Category: Music\Instruments

Harp On! Harmonica Resources

G Maj has assembled some good links here. Category: Music\Instruments

The Diatonic Harmonica Reference

More than 100 pages of tips, techniques, diagrams, pictures, sound ... Category: Music\Instruments

The Diatonic Harmonica Reference

Reference includes tips for blues harp, techniques, music theory, improvisation, ... Category: Music\Instruments

Super Harmonica Site

Mark Lavoie produces custom harmonicas using laser cut titanium and ... Category: Music\Instruments

Zuercher, David

Trumpet instruction resources, links, biography, and upcoming events are shared ... Category: Music\Instruments

Tenor Drummer

The home of pipe band tenor drumming on the web. Category: Music\Instruments

Pitch Pipe Bagpipe Tuner

Real-time pitch detection tuning software for the great Highland bagpipe. Category: Music\Instruments

Mandolin Cafe

Mandolin lessons, tablature, builders, links and archives. Category: Music\Instruments

Simple Gifts Mandolin Tablature Archive

Includes MIDI files and mandolin tabs for classic folk songs. Category: Music\Instruments

Mandolin forum, artist interviews, links, reviews of luthiers and mandolin ... Category: Music\Instruments

Chordfind: 4-String Version

Chord calculator for four-stringed instruments, various tunings. Category: Music\Instruments

The Oud

Extensive introduction to playing the makams (maqams) on the oud, ... Category: Music\Instruments

Kanile'a 'Ukulele

Handcrafted standard to professional level ukuleles. Category: Music\Instruments

Harps Made by Man with Angels in Mind

Information and pictures about a harpmaker, his harps, and his ... Category: Music\Instruments

Summit School of Guitar Building and Repair

Offers training courses in repair and construction, covering acoustic, electric ... Category: Music\Instruments

Weninger Guitar Works

Full service guitar repair and fabrication facility that has been ... Category: Music\Instruments

Pace Guitar Repair

Guitar and bass repair and setup services. [Houston, Texas, US] Category: Music\Instruments

Morris, Sonny

Profile, licks, audio samples, tuning charts and gig-list. Category: Music\Instruments

East Texas Steel Guitar Association

Promotes the pedal steel guitar. Information about events, membership, and ... Category: Music\Instruments


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