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Concepts Community

The mission of concepts, the Concepts Community, is to bring ... Category: Graphic Design

Tinn Man

Daniel Hogan presents the story of a brilliant scientist Victoria ... Category: Comics\Online

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

Offers step-by-step tips for various writing assignments. Includes organizing, editing, ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Word Lab

A message board where you can request and brainstorm words, ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Poetry Express

An interactive site featuring activities and advice for making, sharing, ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Tamboli, Roy

Contemporary bronze sculpture in Memphis Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Heredia, Lopez

Floral abstractions by this French artist. Text in several languages. Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Media Visions Interactive TV Trade Reports

Articles and essays on interactive TV by Ken Freed. Category: Television\Interactive

Nathan Stubblefield

Kentucky farmer invents wireless telephone. But was it radio? Facts ... Category: Radio\History


A French street theatre company who create shows on water ... Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Kunst der Fuge | New classical Composers

Over 400 fugues and fugal compositions, included canons, from new ... Category: Music\Sound Files

Music Notation Modernization Association

An international organization of musicians, composers and notation inventors who ... Category: Music\Education

Kunst der Fuge: Fugal Compositions of the 16th Century

Inclusive list of fugues written in the 1500's, comprising all ... Category: Music\Composition

Fugues in the Nineteenth Century

List of works written in the 1800s with biographical information, ... Category: Music\Composition

Cramer's piano studies

MIDI files of real performance by Alessandro Simonetto. Category: Music\Composition

Kunst der Fuge: fugues of the 18th Century

Inclusive list of fugues written in the 1700's, comprising all ... Category: Music\Composition

Kunst der Fuge - 20th c.

Inclusive list of fugues and contrapuntal compositions written in the ... Category: Music\Composition

Kunst der Fuge - 17th c.

Inclusive list of fugues written in the 1600's, comprising all ... Category: Music\Composition

Bach E-Baroque

Electronic versions of various works for streaming and downloading in ... Category: Music\Composition

mfiles - Johann Sebastian Bach

Biography and music examples in the form of sheet music ... Category: Music\Composition

The official website of Frank and the Zappa family. Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Conceptual Continuity

Web ring of sites about or dedicated to Frank. Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Willy Wonka Candy Factory

Full of fun games, activities, screen savers, and other cool ... Category: Movies\Titles

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Online text of the book. Category: Literature\World Literature

Benjamin Franklin: An Enlightened American

A look at his life, including a biography, quotations, anecdotes, ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Muir, Sharona

Memoirist and author of 'The Book of Telling'; with a ... Category: Literature\Authors


Artist and graphic designer specializing in unusual objects as graphics ... Category: Illustration\Graphics Illustrators

Frank, Adam

Displays a growing collection of experimental fine art made specifically ... Category: Digital\Net Art

Pozdnyakov, Maksim

Israeli product and graphic designer. Resume, projects, contact information. Category: Design\Industrial

Carvings by Michael Parker

Showcase of a variety of hand carved caricatures. Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Allard, Joe

Colorist for Marvel Comics, Verotik, others. Portfolio of coloring work ... Category: Comics\Creators

Invention Convention

Features information about inventions, cartoons, machine examples, and history. Category: Comics\Creators

Pantheon Graphic Novels: Matt Groening

Publisher's site, with book catalog, mini-biography and links. Category: Comics\Creators

Da Vinci the Inventor

Describes the life, inventions, and notebooks of the artist. Category: Art History\Artists

Frank Lloyd Wright - Architecture, The Truest Record of Life

Biography, portrait photograph and quotations from Wright in two pages ... Category: Architecture\History

The Fuller Map

Buckminster Fuller's ideas about geometry, architecture, cartography, and cognition in ... Category: Architecture\History

Xerosoft Interactive Entertainment Co. Ltd.

Reviews, anime 3D imaging lessons, links, specialized software, and postcards. Category: Animation\Anime


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