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Materials for the Construction of Shakespeare's Morals

The selected materials reflect the texts that Shakespeare responds to ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Access: The Great Books

A compilation of classic authors and their works, along with ... Category: Literature\Electronic Text Archives

Plutarch's Lives

The complete online HTML text of A. H. Clough's English-language ... Category: Classical Studies\Roman

Plutarch's Lives with annotations to the Encyclopedia of the Self

The Dryden edition, as revised by A.H. Clough, extensively annotated, ... Category: Classical Studies\Roman

Shakespeare's Sources in Plutarch's Parallel Lives

A few biographies of ancient Roman and Greek heroes from ... Category: Classical Studies\Roman

Plutarch - His Life and Legacy

Who he was, what he wrote, and how he influenced ... Category: Classical Studies\Roman Plutarch

Unnannotated e-texts of John Dryden's translation of the Lives. Category: Classical Studies\Roman

The Quintilian Page

Interesting essays on Quintilian and the beginnings of a hypertext ... Category: Classical Studies\Roman

15 Ancient Greek Heroes from Plutarch's Lives

Abridged modern English version of the classic biographies. The most ... Category: Classical Studies\Greek

Ancient Greece Links

Annotated links to literature, archaeology, and associations from e-Classics. Category: Classical Studies\Greek


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