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Greek Too!

Promotes the teaching of classical Greek in schools and offers ... Category: Humanities\Classics

The Classics Pages

You'll find well over 1000 pages of news, information, games ... Category: Humanities\Classics

Richard Tremblay

Centre de Création pour Musique et Danse supports his work ... Category: Performing Arts\Dance

1896 - Pheidippides... run again!

All about the award-winning opera, based on the first modern ... Category: Music\Styles


Chamber opera seeking a world premiere. Includes details of story, ... Category: Music\Styles

Shakespeare, Bacon and the Great Unknown by Lang

Ebook downloadable in several formats. Category: Literature\World Literature

Of the Pathetic Fallacy

Essay from 1856 "Modern Painters" volume iii, part 4 by ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Powers of Literature

Course by Gary Gutchess covering major works of Western Civilization ... Category: Literature\World Literature

A Major Minor

(in The New Criterion) by Donald Lyons, who obviously cares ... Category: Literature\Poetry


Links to epic poetry, criticism, resources Category: Literature\Poetry

Classical Myths and Legends

Summary of major classical myths and legends, with extensive name ... Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales

Hellenism: Mythology

Covering creation myths, heroic legends, and Homer's Odyssey and Iliad. Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales

From Myth To Eternity

Excerpts from a CD Rom presenting Greek mythology in stories ... Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales

Robert Graves and the Twelve Caesars

Gore Vidal's famous essay on Robert Grave's version of Suetonius' ... Category: Classical Studies\Roman

Torrey Philemon's Muses

Articles on mythology and ancient Greek/Roman literature, and resources. Category: Classical Studies

Allreaders Spotlight on Homer

Critical analysis of The Illiad and the Odyssey. Category: Classical Studies\Greek

Homeric Questions - The Great Homer Nodding

Theories on when the Homeric epics were written and whether ... Category: Classical Studies\Greek

The Iliad of Homer

Complete chapter indexed hypertext of Butler's translation, rendered into English ... Category: Classical Studies\Greek

A Collection of Similes from the Iliad of Homer

A searchable compilation of Homeric similes, including bibliography and links ... Category: Classical Studies\Greek

The Odyssey

Site originally created as a 9th grade English project, offering ... Category: Classical Studies\Greek


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