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The Glossarist

Searchable directory of glossaries and topical dictionaries containing terms and ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Glossary of English Grammar Terms

A fully cross-referenced dictionary of gramatical terms of English language ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

The Scriptorium

Writing-related creativity exercises, articles, author interviews, recommended reading, links, software, ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Glasgow - City of Sculpture

Over 200 biographies of sculptors and architects, with hundreds of ... Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Making Your Mark

Expressing yourself through someone elses words is just one way ... Category: Visual Arts\ASCII Art

Webopedia - emoticon

This page describes the term emoticon and lists other pages ... Category: Visual Arts\ASCII Art

Radio at

News and links to radio sites. Category: Radio\Resources

About Radio guide to the radio industry, including hosts, shows, stations, ... Category: Radio\Industry

Silverlight Photography Tutorials

Photography darkroom tutorials and resources. Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Complete Digital Photography

Digital photography guide that informs readers about new techniques and ... Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Still Journal

Offers news, articles, information for collectors and historians, and a ... Category: Photography\Resources

APS Camera Blues

A negative analysis of the Advanced Photo System and its ... Category: Photography\Equipment and Services

Vance's Fantastic Tap Dance Dictionary

A complete glossary of tap dance, including names of steps ... Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Greg Dean Comedy Workshops

Information about the Beginner and Advanced workshops offered in Los ... Category: Performing Arts\Comedy

Working Comic Workshop

Dave Schwensen, author and talent coordinator, offering workshops. Includes information, ... Category: Performing Arts\Comedy

Jewish Virtual Library - Gertrude Berg

Biographical essay by Seymour "Sy" Brody. Category: Performing Arts\Acting Life Of Reilly

In-depth interview about the actor's experience working with P.T. Anderson ... Category: Entertainment\People

The Singer's Workshop

The Singer's Workshop offers physical, breathing and vocal exercises, articles ... Category: Music\Vocal

Captive Audience

Sample-laden techno with industrial roots. Category: Music\Styles

Guitar Man Acoustic Guitar Tips

Advice on care and preservation, playing, and tuning. Includes photos, ... Category: Music\Instruments

How to Buy a Violin

A multi-chapter guide on how to shop for a violin, ... Category: Music\Instruments

Sanromá, Jesús María (1902-1984)

Puerto Rican pianist and recording artist associated with the Boston ... Category: Music\Instruments

Judaic Treasures of the Library of Congress: Jacques Halevy

Biography. Category: Music\Composition

DVD File: The Matrix

"...the disc rises above most of the competition..." By Jason ... Category: Movies\Titles

DVDFile - Carrie Review

DVD reviewed by Peter M. Bracke on October 12, 1998. Category: Movies\Titles

Film Sound Design

Theoretical and practical aspects on narrative sound effects in Film ... Category: Movies\Theory and Criticism

Classic and Vintage Film Posters

Searchable directory, with reproductions of posters shown. Category: Movies\Memorabilia

The Greatest Films

Reviews and commentary (with actual film dialogue) of hundreds of ... Category: Movies\History

Film History By Decade

Series of web articles to provide a comprehensive survey of ... Category: Movies\History

DVD File

Online DVD magazine featuring news, reviews, info on new releases, ... Category: Movies\Home Video

Time For DVD

Consumer resource with DVD and home theater tutorials, reference, buying ... Category: Movies\Home Video

Greatest Films

Detailed coverage of film genres, history and many classic films, ... Category: Movies\Genres

Film Sound

Sound theory and practice in film and TV with articles ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Enter Future Filmmaker

Explanation of the history, and processes of filmmaking. Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Hong Kong Film Net

General Hong Kong movie site with hundreds of reviews plus ... Category: Movies\Cultures and Groups

Quotation Collection: Mark Twain

From the Guide to Quotations. Category: Literature\World Literature

Quotation Collection: Henry David Thoreau

A selection of quotations by Henry David Thoreau, brought to ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Poetry Forms and Terminology

A list of links to sites that define, explain, and ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Gods, Heroes, and Myth

Listings by culture of people and places from legend and ... Category: Literature\Myths and Folktales

BobMoCo Middle-Earth Glossary

Glossary of names, places and other terms for The Hobbit, ... Category: Literature\Genres


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