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EpistemeLinks includes over 19,000 categorized links to philosophy resources on ... Category: Humanities\Philosophy


Silent Waters: cartoon-style sketches, video game reviews. Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Delange, Sylvain

French painter who died aboard TWA flight 800. Abstract paintings, ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Jonathan Clark Fine Art

Based in Kensington, specialising in Modern British Art. Includes information ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Blues Express TV

Trailers and information on episodes. Category: Television\Programs

Law & Order - Kevin Bacon Game Results

Extensive lists of all the actors who have appeared on ... Category: Television\Programs

Berger, Scott Everett

California based performer providing profile, show details and booking and ... Category: Performing Arts\Comedy

Foundation for Art Resources (FAR)

Facilitates the production and presentation of work not supported by ... Category: Entertainment\Organizations

The Front Porch Perverts

Alternative band from Brisbane, Australia. Influenced by Beck, Butthole surfers, ... Category: Music\Styles

Wheals, Tim

Official web site of this boogie woogie pianist based in ... Category: Music\Styles

Boogie Woogie

Boogie woogie MP3 and Midi files to download plus sheet ... Category: Music\Styles

Horn museum, trivia, study guides, artist profiles, and links. Category: Music\Instruments

Neeley, Patrick

MP3s, biography, and links. Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Pit Of Horror: The Changeling

Review of the original 1979 version of the movie. Category: Movies\Titles

ACME Animal House Page

Dedicated to the greatest campus comedy of all time. Pictures, ... Category: Movies\Titles

Apollo 13: the Mission & the Movie

Detailed narrative of the Apollo 13 Mission, with sound and ... Category: Movies\Titles

Shakespeare's Unorthodox Biography

Author's web site. Describes Diana Price's book "Shakespeare's Unorthodox Biography ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Was Shakespeare Italian?

Amanda Mabillard refutes Professor Martino Iuvara claim that Shakespeare was ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Shakespeare Authorship Roundtable

Aiming to offer an opportunity for the independent scholar to ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Shakespeare Authorship Mystery: A Beginner's Guide

A brief introduction to the key points and background within ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Penn Leary's Baconian Site

An introduction to a cipher system found in the works ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Baconian Evidence for Shakespeare Authorship

Summarizes the evidence that argues Sir Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeare's ... Category: Literature\World Literature

The Bacon-Shakespeare Essays of Mather Walker

Ancient wisdom themes are discussed, with additional essays on Shakespeare ... Category: Literature\World Literature

The Shakespeare-Bacon Theory

Analysis of the theory that the plays of William Shakespeare ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Francis Bacon Research Trust

Essay by Peter Dawkins arguing in favor of Bacon. Category: Literature\World Literature

William Shakespeare's Identity: The Authorship Problem

The mysteries surrounding the authorship debate, and the various theories. Category: Literature\World Literature

Renascence Editions: Shakespeare

Unindexed HTML of the complete works. Category: Literature\World Literature

Sir Francis Bacon Meets The New Advancement of Learning

Bacon's life and work. Includes an interactive map of London ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Francis Bacon Research Trust General Information

"The Trust is concerned with education in the life and ... Category: Literature\World Literature

About: Bacon, Francis

Biography of Francis Bacon explains his method of thinking and ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Biographies: Francis Bacon

A short discussion of his life and work. Category: Literature\World Literature

Our Civilisation: Sir Francis Bacon

A short biography and literary appraisal of his works, by ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Columbia Encyclopedia: Bacon, Francis

An entry from the encyclopedia, which focuses largely on Bacon's ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Classic Bookshelf: Francis Bacon

Java reader, indexed by essay title [requires cookies]. Category: Literature\World Literature

Essays of Sir Francis Bacon

Texts of some of Bacon's well known philosophical essays. Category: Literature\World Literature

Essays on Early Seventeenth-Century English Literature

Links to full-text essays. Distinguishes between student essays and professional ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Paraphrase Used in a Review

Excerpt from the Eric Griffiths review of William Empson's posthumous ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Renascence Editions

Editions from Everyman to Milton, by Richard Bear at the ... Category: Literature\Periods and Movements

Classic Bookshelf: H.G. Wells

The Time Machine, War Of The Worlds, and other works. ... Category: Literature\Authors

Rudyard Kipling

Four of the author's stories including The Jungle Book, Kim, ... Category: Literature\Authors


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