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Conner, Michael R.

Social justice and labor paintings. Works are on wood canvases. ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Ruud Janssen - A Mail Artist's Anthology

Artwork, mail interviews and information about TAM and the International ... Category: Visual Arts\Mail Art and Artistamps

Farrer and Co.: Briefings Archive: Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married

British law firm addresses the complaints received from 16 viewers ... Category: Television\Programs

Sonnenschein, Timm

The portfolio site of the contemporary German photographer. The Lifeboat ... Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

IATSE National

Official site for the IATSE, the union of professional stagehands, ... Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Training An Actor Will Need

Highlights the need for training for success in acting/performing arts, ... Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

The Actor's Checklist

A review of practices and practical information for starting and ... Category: Performing Arts\Resources

Bostonia Chamber Music Players

(Massachusetts, US) Music from Bach to Gershwin for parties, ceremonies, ... Category: Music\Styles

Movie Extras Resources & Registration

Resources for potential movie and TV extras and actors. Join ... Category: Movies\Education

Fledgling Films

Vermont based nonprofit media arts education organization that produces dramatic ... Category: Movies\Education

Moscow Writers

List of the Moscow writers with photographs. Includes official author ... Category: Literature\World Literature


Complete text of the 1885 novel. Translated by Havelock Ellis. Category: Literature\Authors

George Orwell's Animal Farm: Lessons for Today

Includes a synopsis, and an analysis and interpretation of Orwell's ... Category: Literature\Authors

Concha, Christina

Portfolio of a project manager, graphic design producer and presentation ... Category: Graphic Design\Personal

Docs Populi

View the home page of Lincoln Cushing, Cuban poster artist, ... Category: Graphic Design\History

Simpson, Carol

Single-panel humor and political cartoons about business and labor. Updated ... Category: Comics\Creators

Stuckism: Progressive or Reactionary?

Socialist Unity Network commentary on the British art movement. By ... Category: Art History\Periods and Movements

Breton, Jules: La chanson des blÚs

Jan Dewilde's, Curator of the Ypres City Museums, Belgium, detailed ... Category: Art History\Artists


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