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Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

The Museumís primary constituents are the University of Oregonís students, ... Category: Performing Arts\Education

Luna Nera

Site specific mixed media and installation art by London based ... Category: Visual Arts\Site Specific Art

Smolkin, Andrey

Russian impressionist presents a virtual gallery. Abstract oil paintings. Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Gayvoronsky, Ludmila

The artist shows a dreamlike style, combining past ages with ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Cherkas, Oksana

Naive-style oil paintings, floral works, and landscapes from the 'Unknown ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Russov, Lev

Portraits, nudes, and other figure paintings by the Russian artist ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Arkhipov, Anton

Figurative paintings by a Russian-born artist. Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Lyapkalo, Viktor

Portraits and nudes by the Russian artist Viktor Lyapkalo (b.1956). ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Lyapkalo, Viktor

Portraits, nudes, and landscapes in oil by noted Russian artist. Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Russov, Lev

Portrait paintings by the famous Russian artist Lev Russov(1926-1988). Selected ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Vasendin, Jurij

Russian art, landscape, storm, waves, forest, mystery, oil paintings. Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Zomb, Ilya

Painting and upcoming exhibition information. Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Semionov, Alexander (1922-1984)

Landscapes and cityscapes in oils. Images of selected works from ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Tatarinov, German

Landscape paintings in oil by Russian artist. Selected works from ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Evgenia, Antipova

Selected works by the Russian artist, born 1917. The paintings ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Chekalov, Vladimir (1922-1992)

Selected oil paintings by the Russian artist, dating from the ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

The Timkov Collection

The largest collection of Russian Impressionist paintings by a 20th ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Cherkas, Constantine

Presents the works of the Russian-American painter, emphasizing color, plane, ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Hades, Lena

Online gallery of paintings depicting the Nietzsche book "Also Spake ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Kotiantz, Gevork

Presents oil paintings from the 1950s to the 1980s by ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Myazin, Vasiliy

Gallery of works from artist working in acrylics, oils, and ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Peralta, Jo Ann

Painter and illustrator in oil. Subjects are romantic figures working ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Anichtchenko, Angela

A showcase of work by a Russian artist, now living ... Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

The Kolodzei Art Foundation

Kolodzei Art Foundation (est. 1991) organizes exhibitions of contemporary art ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Leningrad School Fine Art

1930-1990 Russian and Soviet oil painting from the Leningrad school ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries


Original oil paintings in impressionistic style by the contemporary European ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Age Fine Art

20th Century Russian realist and impressionist painting of the Soviet ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Art of Russia

Features√ā¬†realistic, impressionist, and avantgarde painters. Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Vail Fine Art Gallery

Vail, CO gallery offering decorative contemporary Impressionist and Realist style ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Meyerovich Gallery

San Francisco, CA. gallery specializing in works on paper and ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Jones-Terwilliger Galleries

Decorative contemporary art by various artists. Artist portfolios, calendar and ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Forster Art Gallery

Houses a private collection of realism and avant garde paintings ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Unknown Socialist Realism

Oil paintings of 1930-1990 from the Leningrad School artists. Selected ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Annely Juda Fine Art

Fine art gallery representing contemporary British, European, and international artists, ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Ouvarov, Ilia

Straight and digitally manipulated photographs. Includes self-portraits, still life, and ... Category: Photography\Photographers

The Russian Collection Dance Ensemble

Performance company based in California, USA, offering classic Russian art ... Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Feodor Dostoevsky and Petrashevsky's Case

Story about the famous author's imprisonment after the scandalous Petrashevsky's ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Olga's Gallery: Alexander Ostrovsky

A brief biography and portrait of the Russian author. Category: Literature\Drama

Olga's Gallery

Biography of the poet illustrated with her portraits by famous ... Category: Literature\Authors

Honore Daumier - Olga's Gallery

Collection of works of the French artist and illustrator with ... Category: Illustration\Historic Illustrators


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